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How's this for a 'bot av, by Winter Ventura? (Not available for purchase yet, but should be very soon. Be aware it's (almost) purely prim-based, not sculpties - so it weighs in at a bit over 400 prims. But just look at the loving detail in the full-size images!)

If a situation means you can't wear latex, the creative souls at Urban Apothecary can offer rubber fragrance. =:D (Curiously, they'll only deliver within the UK)

So, here's the teaser trailer for Sonic Unleashed. I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but I'm leaning towards thinking I'll enjoy the hell out of it, even if it'll tick off many. =:D

A potentially interesting development in the US hullabaloo in actually accepting gay marriage: Massachusetts may repeal a 1913 law that "prevents Massachusetts from sanctioning marriages that are not legal in the state where the couple lives. The law was enacted in part to prevent interracial couples from evading their own state's ban by traveling to Massachusetts to marry. It was a little-used and rarely enforced law until opponents used it to prevent out-of-state gay couples from getting married in Massachusetts after the state legalized same-sex marriage in 2004."

I can't really say much about it, but this analyzer display made me very happy on Friday. ^_^ We'd been encountering some odd discrepancies in talking to an SPI device, but I finally gained a clue and resolved the issue, which makes everyone here happy. That's good. ^_^

Hmm. Apparently there's a Babylon 5 roleplaying sim, at Epsilon 3.

What could have been.. apparently, at one point, Tom Baker was under consideration for providing K-9's voice. ^_^ (Though it's unclear whether they're talking about the original series, or a spinoff)

Could be fun.. a Harry Potter con - in San Francisco. ^_^ Azkatraz, July 18-21 2009. Hey, patch_bunny..

Call me domesticated, but there's a special pleasure in fresh laundry. ^_^ I ran one load on Saturday, but then remembered I hadn't put in my main leggings (easily washed, being lycra, but still) - but I obviously didn't want to use the machine again for a light load. Then I thought I'd try the heavy coat as well - very good against surprise summer rain, or even heavy winter storms, and see how it fared in the dryer. No problem at all. ^_^ So all the bedding, clothes, and towels (kitchen and bathroom) are perfectly fresh again. It's no special accomplishment, but it's still a pleasant note upon which to close out the weekend. All I'd really want now is a Westvleteren Abt.12, but I suppose that'll have to wait until I can get back there in person. Supremely wondrous.. =:9

Dinner: pizza! Here we see a pair of Before and After photos. ^_^ First, naked out of the box, and then, on the table, with nothing more than a few simple additions in between: a little (too little, really) garlic powder, herbes de provence, asafoetida, slices of ham, piri-piri marinated chicken, and thickly sliced mushrooms. Not, I think, quite as good as the M&S pizzas I'd tried a while back, but still well worth enjoying. ^_^ (The salad's a simple affair - romaine, plus a mixed rocket salad, and Sultan's Jewel tomatoes from Waitrose, which I'd especially recommend. Very tasty)

Okay, now to get this posted before I'm cast back into the salt mine. ^_^;
Herbes de provence make everything better. :)
It's a deserved classic. ^_^ Works so well on pizzas, or on many meats. Herbs are wonderful things - just leaves, but they're so often the key to unveiling the essence of a dish. So simple! But then, I love cooking - it's like painting with flavors. And I never do anything by numbers. =:)

Oooooh, your logic analyzer is so much sexier than mine :3 What model is it?
I'll check on the morrow, when I'm cast back into the salt mine. =:) It's a few years old (and actually not the company's, but a contractor's - he's been key to the project, and this is but one of the ways), but still, a damned useful piece of kit. Two analog channels, 16 digital, something like 100Msamples buffer, with all sorts of helpful configurability, like triggering on a low-active pulse of more than 200ns.

Getting the grabbers onto the chips can still be a royal pain, though. Often "easier" to just solder onto the pins, ultimately - and less risk of shorting two pins together, which can lead to all kinds of merriment when debugging. ^_^;
'Tis an Agilent 54622D, going up to 100MHz, with 200Msamples capacity. Quite a handy critter. ^_^

I think that, about the only situation I can think of when you couldn't wear latex, is at a nudist resort. Like wearing ladies underthings, latex should be sufficiently covert that one could wear it most of the time. Or at least I would have thought.

Have I mentioned the theory that DH and I have with regards to "Analyzers" et al? We believe there is a distinct heirachy going Meter -> Scope -> Analyzer. As one moves along the list one not only recieves more information about the item being measured but the device also becomes considerably more expensive.

Thus a logic analyzer will be expensive and will allow you to determine flows of code, etc. A Logic scope would give you full access to, for example an address bus, but you'd probably only be able to tell what information was on it at any particular time (though you'd be able to freeze that on screen etc). A Logic meter would simply tell you how much logic there was on a bus.

Thus one can imagine what a speed scope would look like (as derived from a speedometer) and how much a speed analyzer would cost.
Ooh, if only this did protocol analysis! Even at a simple level, of being able to define a fixed header and seeing the payload as hex values, would be most convenient - though it's surprising how easily one can read a serial data stream after a little while. (And dammit, did I really need to wake up on Sunday having dreamt about burst read access over SPI.. =:P)
Oh wow, that's a nice Avi.
Definitely. I really hope she leaves it modifiable - I'd love to make a lapine version. =:D

Really is quite a work of art.. the amount of effort that's gone into its design is quite obvious. (Thinking about avs, I should probably pick up a copy of Rukario's giant chocobo.. for some reason, that's always appealed to me =:)

Let me know when it comes out, I've been looking for a nice bot to use on Sasta Delorean. Or maybe I'd create another.
The picture of your pizza before and after reminded me of this site:

I should explain because it's German... it shows pictures of food in the box, then what it REALLY looks like.
I quite like the contrast in this brioche.. I can see myself wasting a bit of time here. ^_^ Some pics aren't so very different, beyond some *cough* careful choice of lighting in the packaging photos, whilst some are a bit more divergent. Wonder if they'll look at McDonalds/Burger King - those pics always portray the burgers as being these mountains of fresh salad and thick, juicy burgers. (FWIW, the only chain I've tried which actually makes really good ones has been MOS Burger)