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A mélange you'll need to see for yourself - some highly creative food, trees, and barbed wire.

SL Discoveries, for when you need to know about lobster shoes, a toon poking stick, or a crotch cannon (no, I mean literally).

Quite a surprise - I've long enjoyed Birdy the Mighty, a 1997 anime with a TG TF theme (and plenty of form-fitting attire), but it never went any further than the two pilot episodes. (Briefly, an alien agent winds up on Earth, pursuing a fugitive; in the course of the chase, the other lead character is critically injured. To save him, they wind up merging the two - so he spends most of the time as himself, but transforms into Birdy as required) Now, there's a new thirteen episode Birdy Tetsuwan Decode. ^_^ What's next for the league of forgotten anime - a full season of Fairy Princess Ren?

tgeller noticed this word animator. Enter a name, or any word, and let it rearrange it in 3D.

So, I got to see Presto in full the other day - and it's as wonderful as I could have possibly hoped for. True, Pixar have excellent technology, but most importantly, they have writers and animators who truly understand and love their craft. This is the kind of thing Termite Terrace might have turned out - sharp, witty, beautifully timed, and music that plays its part in the show just so. And it stars a bunny. What more could you ask for?

Oh, and there was Wall-E as well. =:D It's technically the best Pixar's ever managed, the editing is tight, even if the background story does require hefty suspension of logic — it's quite remarkable how the two lead characters genuinely grow on you. Ratatouille remains their best, but this is a solid second, alongside The Incredibles. (Again, the sheer talent in both timing and cinematography is quite stunning - occasionally distractingly so, but they're good about giving you just long enough to appreciate those moments of awe)

So, let's see.. just how much power can Hyzenthlay draw, if I really try? Here goes: full CPU load, maximum screen brightness, and the battery's charging.. 69W. Which would be why the PSU's listed at 70W. ^_^ Down to low brightness, and it's about 64W.. quit BOINC, and it's about 44W. Light use, no charging, and it's down to about 23W.

And here's a little lapine triptych. ^_^ The three photos were taken sequentially, showing the bun first reaching up for a munchable, then quite satisfied with it, and finally a guest appearance by a bunny tongue. =:D I wish the originals were higher resolution, but that'd require some fur-raisingly expensive equipment that could probably be mistaken for surface to air weaponry.

Well, there were these teleportation experiments..

(Oh, to have a real Star Trek style teleporter! Of course, I've no idea how such a thing could work, but if I did, I'd already have one. Imagine the freedom of being able to jaunt to the other side of the world, perfectly casually. How wonderful to be able to meet up with friends, wherever they might live, as easily as walking down the street..)

Hare became Fear (hmph!), but Rabbit remains Rabbit. How very philosophical. ^_^

That would be nice, yes... for that matter, having a Star Trek-like replicator would be nice, too, although I have a feeling that our societ(y|ies) might not be ready for either.

(Hmm... "bunny" becomes "onany". Is that even a word in English? Similarly, "fox" becomes "sex" - maybe the site's just feeling frisky right now, although thinking about it, both species do have a certain reputation. :) And "hyena" becomes "hymen". Given the rather... well, peculiar anatomy of female spotted hyenas, I can't help but wonder if they even have got one (or whether such thoughts are appropriate for this entry/comment/journal to begin with). As for myself, "schnee" becomes "hearse" (eeek!), while "schneelocke" is too long a word, alas.)

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