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A mélange you'll need to see for yourself - some highly creative food, trees, and barbed wire.

SL Discoveries, for when you need to know about lobster shoes, a toon poking stick, or a crotch cannon (no, I mean literally).

Quite a surprise - I've long enjoyed Birdy the Mighty, a 1997 anime with a TG TF theme (and plenty of form-fitting attire), but it never went any further than the two pilot episodes. (Briefly, an alien agent winds up on Earth, pursuing a fugitive; in the course of the chase, the other lead character is critically injured. To save him, they wind up merging the two - so he spends most of the time as himself, but transforms into Birdy as required) Now, there's a new thirteen episode Birdy Tetsuwan Decode. ^_^ What's next for the league of forgotten anime - a full season of Fairy Princess Ren?

tgeller noticed this word animator. Enter a name, or any word, and let it rearrange it in 3D.

So, I got to see Presto in full the other day - and it's as wonderful as I could have possibly hoped for. True, Pixar have excellent technology, but most importantly, they have writers and animators who truly understand and love their craft. This is the kind of thing Termite Terrace might have turned out - sharp, witty, beautifully timed, and music that plays its part in the show just so. And it stars a bunny. What more could you ask for?

Oh, and there was Wall-E as well. =:D It's technically the best Pixar's ever managed, the editing is tight, even if the background story does require hefty suspension of logic — it's quite remarkable how the two lead characters genuinely grow on you. Ratatouille remains their best, but this is a solid second, alongside The Incredibles. (Again, the sheer talent in both timing and cinematography is quite stunning - occasionally distractingly so, but they're good about giving you just long enough to appreciate those moments of awe)

So, let's see.. just how much power can Hyzenthlay draw, if I really try? Here goes: full CPU load, maximum screen brightness, and the battery's charging.. 69W. Which would be why the PSU's listed at 70W. ^_^ Down to low brightness, and it's about 64W.. quit BOINC, and it's about 44W. Light use, no charging, and it's down to about 23W.

And here's a little lapine triptych. ^_^ The three photos were taken sequentially, showing the bun first reaching up for a munchable, then quite satisfied with it, and finally a guest appearance by a bunny tongue. =:D I wish the originals were higher resolution, but that'd require some fur-raisingly expensive equipment that could probably be mistaken for surface to air weaponry.

Aw! I was all looking forward to a bunny conquest of the planet, too. Though I think I'd go more with Tetsuwan Birdy uniforms - the "collar and cuffs only" look's never really appealed to me, even if many a Hanna-Barbera star had to make do with such. (And ties, for some reason. Now there's a garment that never makes sense on anyone)

I was watching a documentary on human sexuality and sex appeal one time and they found that ties make men sexier. The reasoning they figured out was that it was a surrogate for the penis. It's long and thick and hangs down.
I wonder how ethnocentric the study was - it'd be quite interesting to see just how broadly traveled that perception is, such as within Asia Minor and East Asia, where ties are relatively recent imports. Then again, I suppose they're not all that old anywhere, though I could well be entirely mistaken - they're, what, an 18th Century creation?

Hrm. Now I've got visions of a Christian biopic with Reservoir Dogs-style bad guys.

I'm not really sure. I don't think they did to much of that 'rigor' thing... I think they only performed each experiment in one place on about a thousand people.

Some other things they found were that people are more likely to help a college student who drops her books if they're hot. Only like ten percent of people helped the girl when she was wearing plain clothes and no makeup, but like ninety percent helped her when they had her done up by a high class stylist.

Also they did an experiment where they had someone looking at a map next to a sexy car and next to a dumpy car, and people offered directions much more to the person with the sexy car. Also they measured how often people touched the sexy car, compared to the dumpy car, and found that most people touched the sexy car but nobody touched the dumpy car.

Oh yeah and they figure sunglasses make you sexy because they make your face more symetrical. Symetry is sexy!

I don't like wearing a tie, they're uncomfortable and I have a sensitive neck. They were gradually being phased out of business attire as people switched to 'casual business' but they're becoming more popular again as the class divide grows wider and uniforms are coming back in style.

I had to wear a uniform for a telephone service job, you know? White dress shirt, black dress pants, black shoes and tie. Oh and white socks; and the pants have to be high enough to show the socks. That was the uniform. BUT WE WERE DEALING WITH CUSTOMERS IN ANOTHER COUNTRY WHO WOULD NEVER SEE US! We weren't even supposed to let people know we were in Canada, it was a secret. Isn't that crazy? XD