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How much electricity do you use? I was quite surprised to calculate my usage the other day, and realise I've apparently - somehow - gone through an average of 8.5kWh/day. And that's with nobody at home during the day, and just myself otherwise. I'm wondering if the fridge/freezer is using an abnormal amount of energy, as that's the sole device that's consuming any real energy permanently - there's barely anything else plugged in most of the time, beyond (sometimes) a DS and/or PSP charger, and the DSL modem/router. I do have a wattmeter suitable for plugging devices into, but the fridge's socket would seem to be stuck behind it somewhere.

Ah well - I'll just try noting the meter reading every day or so, and see if I can glean some clues from that.

One of atomicat's recent sunrise photos.. quite beautiful, ne?

You've all seen the bunny letter opener at work - but now, stand in awe at MIT's answer. Now let's see you canids do that!

mikesedge happened upon a German word that deserves far broader recognition: Morgenmuffel - "to be grumpy in the morning; not to be able to get going in the morning". [As schnee points out, it's actually a noun, not an adjective]

FA recently went down, as you're no doubt aware; the appeal for donations went out, with an initial target of $4,000, to purchase a new, high capacity, stable webserver. On Friday morning, I tossed in a few dollars, and the Amazon payments page was showing around $7k; by the evening, it was just under $9k - when word came that Amazon had apparently choked on the volume of donations. =:D Current estimates are ranging in the $15k region. ^_^ So, the webserver and database server will both be replaced by suitably burly boxen, most likely HP or Dell dual quad-core Xeons with 8 or 16GB of memory. I wonder if we can make it $20k by Monday.. the hardware's taken care of (although more fast disk space and memory never hurts), but with bandwidth costing FA over $1k/mo, none of it'll go unused.

So, Saturday turned out to be quite a busy time - picked up some bits and pieces for dinner, as the coworker was going to be around for the Doctor Who finale. When he arrived, he brought with him a cute collapsible screen for his projector, a DVD player that works quite nicely as a surround amp, and speakers - and a rowing machine, slam man, and some light weights. That took a little time to get set up in the garage, by which time, we had to zoom off to pick up the boss' old fridge, which he's bringing back home. That then landed on my driveway, while we zoomed off down to his current place, to pick up various belongings, and a cycling machine, which joined the rest of the instant gym in the garage. The car was then reloaded with the fridge, which, surprisingly enough, fit perfectly into the car, a plain ole VW Polo. They might not look large, but their cargo space is deceptive. ^_^

You know, it's quite surprisingly strange when you're engrossed in a season finale, only to realise a closing scene was filmed across the road from where you once lived. (Which, in my case, doesn't narrow things down very much =:)

Blah. 'Srainy. Though I'm not sure where I'd actually want to go, even if it were a more summery day.
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