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How much electricity do you use? I was quite surprised to calculate my usage the other day, and realise I've apparently - somehow - gone through an average of 8.5kWh/day. And that's with nobody at home during the day, and just myself otherwise. I'm wondering if the fridge/freezer is using an abnormal amount of energy, as that's the sole device that's consuming any real energy permanently - there's barely anything else plugged in most of the time, beyond (sometimes) a DS and/or PSP charger, and the DSL modem/router. I do have a wattmeter suitable for plugging devices into, but the fridge's socket would seem to be stuck behind it somewhere.

Ah well - I'll just try noting the meter reading every day or so, and see if I can glean some clues from that.

One of atomicat's recent sunrise photos.. quite beautiful, ne?

You've all seen the bunny letter opener at work - but now, stand in awe at MIT's answer. Now let's see you canids do that!

mikesedge happened upon a German word that deserves far broader recognition: Morgenmuffel - "to be grumpy in the morning; not to be able to get going in the morning". [As schnee points out, it's actually a noun, not an adjective]

FA recently went down, as you're no doubt aware; the appeal for donations went out, with an initial target of $4,000, to purchase a new, high capacity, stable webserver. On Friday morning, I tossed in a few dollars, and the Amazon payments page was showing around $7k; by the evening, it was just under $9k - when word came that Amazon had apparently choked on the volume of donations. =:D Current estimates are ranging in the $15k region. ^_^ So, the webserver and database server will both be replaced by suitably burly boxen, most likely HP or Dell dual quad-core Xeons with 8 or 16GB of memory. I wonder if we can make it $20k by Monday.. the hardware's taken care of (although more fast disk space and memory never hurts), but with bandwidth costing FA over $1k/mo, none of it'll go unused.

So, Saturday turned out to be quite a busy time - picked up some bits and pieces for dinner, as the coworker was going to be around for the Doctor Who finale. When he arrived, he brought with him a cute collapsible screen for his projector, a DVD player that works quite nicely as a surround amp, and speakers - and a rowing machine, slam man, and some light weights. That took a little time to get set up in the garage, by which time, we had to zoom off to pick up the boss' old fridge, which he's bringing back home. That then landed on my driveway, while we zoomed off down to his current place, to pick up various belongings, and a cycling machine, which joined the rest of the instant gym in the garage. The car was then reloaded with the fridge, which, surprisingly enough, fit perfectly into the car, a plain ole VW Polo. They might not look large, but their cargo space is deceptive. ^_^

You know, it's quite surprisingly strange when you're engrossed in a season finale, only to realise a closing scene was filmed across the road from where you once lived. (Which, in my case, doesn't narrow things down very much =:)

Blah. 'Srainy. Though I'm not sure where I'd actually want to go, even if it were a more summery day.
"Morgenmuffel" is a noun, actually, describing someone with the aforementioned traits. :)

Cute bunnies, too... well, naturally.

Edited at 2008-07-06 02:52 pm (UTC)
Aah, they're misleading us! Well, at least it's not quite "my hovercraft is full of eels". What's the adjective form?

I loved the way he didn't just open the letter, but removed the surplus tab too. ^_^ Hopefully the paper was reasonably tasty - some paper additives can be quite bitter. (Though it's actually been quite some time since I habitually nibbled paper. Quite a few of my school notebooks had tiny bits missing from the corners of some pages)

I feared you'd ask about that. ^^ I'm not sure there really is one - you could say "morgenmuffelig", but hardly anybody actually would do that. (As for the site, yeah, it's a bit misleading. If you look closely, you'll see that the translation they give is for "ein Morgenmuffel sein" ("to be a Morgenmuffel"), but it's not readily apparent, of course.

And yeah, I loved that, too. ^^ I wonder if one can train bunnies to do this, or whether they just do it naturally (or not).
The usage would be "Du bist solch ein Mogenmuffel," or "Sei nicht solch ein Morgenmuffel!" (You're such a morning grump. Don't be such a morning grump.) The translations sound funny to English ears, which are accustomed to hearing phrases such as, "don't be so grumpy!"

Schnee, gestern habe ich das Artikel in Wikipedia.de über Elven gelesen. Ich wußte nicht, das auf Deutsch eigentlich Alb das richtige Wort für Elf ist. Und jetzt ist alles klar: Ich bin ein Albwolf. :-)
Mmmhmm. :) Ja, "Alb" is wohl das ältere Wort; ich kenne mich da auch nicht so aus, aber bei den skandinavischen Völkern gab's ja anscheinend die álfr (bzw. álfar im modernen Isländisch), aus denen dann im britischen Raum die Elfen entstanden sind, obwohl die Alben eigentlich gar nicht besonders "elfenhaft" gewesen zu sein scheinen.

(Ich erinnere mich auch daran, mal gelesen zu haben, daß Tolkien extrem von den verniedlichten Elfenklischees des viktorianischen Zeitalters genervt war und in seinen Werken auch bewußt davon abgewichen ist. Insofern ist es auch immer wieder schön, daß in den Büchern "elf" tatsächlich als "Elb" übersetzt worden ist und nicht als "Elf".)
I've got a Killawatt power meter - still haven't checked out the fridge in the basement, which being of a certain age would probably be better replaced by a modern chest freezer. But I *have* used it to calibrate my soldering iron - it's the sort that just controls the power going to the iron instead of the more expensive temperature monitoring model, but out of the box it only sports a rather useless '1-5' scale on the front. Now, it's marked in 5 Watt increments from 0 to 40, and amply illustrates that the progression is nothing like linear.
5 Watt increments from 0 to 40, and amply illustrates

The pain, it hertz!

That's quite a creative use indeed. ^_^ Though I wonder how difficult it would be to retrofit temperature sensing to an existing iron.. might not actually be worthwhile, though, given the price of a new unit vs making the modifications. I was quite surprised to see the comparative price of 1TB drives the other day - eBuyer have naked 1TBs for £95, or 1TBs in USB2 external cases for £100. Mmm, storage.. {Homer gurgle}

To measure power use around here I recently picked up this wattmeter. Though I got it more for the geek factor than saving power. It lets me know that my computer uses 8 watts when off, and 40 watts when in S3 sleep mode. Power factors suck on many devices here too.


As for FA, do they run on more than one server? The forums mention a colo. With that amount of donation they could play around a little with extra redundancy, but hopefully will bank some in a rainy day fund.
Hoo! Hefty difference. And still not exactly negligible even in "off" mode, which is rather disappointing.. wonder where all that energy's going?

*giggle* Looks like the same basic model as this one. ^_^ Though it doesn't seem accurate at the low end - might just be this particular one, though, as the one in the office seems to perform more rationally; this will report an empty socket as drawing 4W. =:P Pity, as I'd been curious to see what the DS and PSP chargers take, when they're not plugged into their respective devices. Would be rather cool if the electricity meter could both show power consumption, and on different circuits, to be able to keep easy track of lighting consumption, or water heating.

There are two FA servers - tiamat and bahamut. One's the webserver, the other's the database server. (ISTR the latter's actually still up, so http://data.furaffinity.net URLs still work. I don't have any handy, though) I do hope FA at least becomes self-sufficient - one of the admins let slip that whilst donations and such do cover the $1k/mo costs sometimes, some months are quite different, and they have to cover the shortfall themselves. So that's sparked much discussion on the forum about what kinds of features people might get above the standard feature set, for some kind of nominal subscription. (All entirely unofficial, one must note, but I can't see the current situation as tenable - the site's costs certainly aren't going to go down, after all, short of relocating it in South Korea =:)

(Deleted comment)
I'm a bit surprised about that, yes - ideally, I'd even prefer having duplicate setups in different colos, with DNS balancing out between them, protecting against the inevitable backhoe incidents that befall any subterranean data cable, or even widespread power outage, as happened last year at 365Main in San Francisco, taking down much of SL with it.

Rainy here too which is why I'm inside with a fire and time to post the other dripping waters pics I got. Thanks for the plug!
A suitable time indeed. ^_^ The rain's stopped, though it's still fairly windy - maybe I'll have a little wander along one of the nearby pathways out of town. Maybe I'll stumble upon a bunny haven along the way..

I have been a bit dismayed at the people trying to make themselves more 'green' when they use things like the Internet. They forget that they have web servers in data centers eating up far more power than the bathroom light or your Xbox in standby mode.

Right now, I have no hard numbers, but my guess is that the Internet is the biggest electricity gobbler out there. It's very existence demands we make more of our devices be ALWAYS on. It snowballs, as more data centers are turned on, more computers left on all night to download movies, and more routers that will always be consuming electricity until they are retired are always being turned on.

Frankly, I don't think we should be thinking along the lines of limiting our electrical use as much as coming up with inventive and new ways to free up energy so we can not limit ourselves with issues of power consumption but rather issues of how to make our lives better and more peaceful.
It amazing how much electricity we can burn through. Evil things like "wall warts" are usually the culprits of mystery energy leakage, but I'm sure you are aware of that. Also, machines that go into "standby" rather than "off" make me suspect as well.
My house, with three people, typically uses just less than a kilowatt. That's an average taken from the monthly power bill. It's more when people are working at home or leaving CRT monitors on all the time. Over the past several years I replaced all computer CRTs with LCD panels, but I also acquired a lot of stealth consumers. What I ought to do is put the gigabit switch in my work room, all the experimental servers, their KVM switches and monitor, all my USB devices, and my computer and monitor on switched power strips. I think three or four strips should do it.

In the Room Under the Stairs I have a few servers and various networking gear. Replacing the collection of switches with one smart gigabit switch that can be subdivided to make one roommate happy would be a good step. One positive side effect of reducing the power consumption of your networking infrastructure is that any given UPS capacity will take you through a longer outage.
I was astonished to find that my two new 28" LCD monitors draw a whopping 120 Watts each! Each monitor draws as much power as my PC does at idle.

My favorite German word is Kojotekolbengeschlecht.
"coyote piston gender"? o.o
Band name! =:D
*chuckles* ^^
"Coyote Butt Sex"
That'd be "Kojotenarschsex" or so, then. :)
Yipe! That's impressive. Are they set to be fairly bright? The boss has a similar size monitor/TV on his PC, and we measured it the other day at about 74W - still a fair bit of juice, but about what you'd probably expect for moderate brightness over that kind of area.

(By comparison, in normal use, Hyzenthlay takes about 44W in total =:)

That's at full brightness, which is the default setting from the factory. Saying the screens are blinding at this setting is putting it mildly. It should be equipped with the warning, "May cause superhero mutations."

With the brightness turned all the way down, which is about as bright as my last monitor running full blast, they consume about 45 Watts each.