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So.. the season finale was impending. It needed a proper viewing environment.

Cue the coworker. =:D

Or, more specifically, his spare surround setup, projector, and screen, to be deployed with haste. ^_^ (The screen, shown on the floor, was then secured in front of the LCD TV)

.. and it was glorious. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
It's all simple stuff, but it works nicely. ^_^ The LCD TV on the wall belongs to the owners - most of the time, though, I wind up watching TV on Hyzenthlay, given the 32" on the wall subtends about the same angle at Hyzenthlay's 17" on my lap. I may well use the projector more, especially for SL, if I can work out a proper place or two for the projector and either the collapsible screen (it just folds together, the screen material pulled onto two reels at either end. Quite nifty =:) or something homebrewed, like a white sheet with some weighting, such that it's in a convenient position, and I can then still actually use H. Being rented, I don't really want to go drilling holes everywhere. ^_^;