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So.. the season finale was impending. It needed a proper viewing environment.

Cue the coworker. =:D

Or, more specifically, his spare surround setup, projector, and screen, to be deployed with haste. ^_^ (The screen, shown on the floor, was then secured in front of the LCD TV)

.. and it was glorious. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
It's all simple stuff, but it works nicely. ^_^ The LCD TV on the wall belongs to the owners - most of the time, though, I wind up watching TV on Hyzenthlay, given the 32" on the wall subtends about the same angle at Hyzenthlay's 17" on my lap. I may well use the projector more, especially for SL, if I can work out a proper place or two for the projector and either the collapsible screen (it just folds together, the screen material pulled onto two reels at either end. Quite nifty =:) or something homebrewed, like a white sheet with some weighting, such that it's in a convenient position, and I can then still actually use H. Being rented, I don't really want to go drilling holes everywhere. ^_^;
Oh, I bet it was glorious :-) I just finished watching the season finale, and it was fantastic...
I had tears running down my face. ^_^;

(And the ratings seem to concur - apparently 9.4m viewers, for a 45% share, making it the most watched programme for the day)

Such a tragic end for Donna, but how brightly she shone, so briefly..

I thought it was like a pantomime of all the seasons charas etc, I'm REALLY not feeling New Dr Who at all

*Sticks to New Battlestar Galactica + waits for Ashes to ashes series 2*
Tonight's episode on KTEH was not at all season-finale-like; it was about the Abzorbaloff. They mentioned Torchwood, which I finally realize is a Dr. Who thing, and the copyright date was two years ago. I think I'm in a time warp or something. Somebody splain what's happening? What's Torchwood?

I'm crossposting this to two friends of mine who follow Dr. Who, gypsylady and porsupah.
Eek! Rather a tragic contrast of episodes - that's "Love and Monsters", new season two's "Doctor-light" episode.

Torchwood sprang from the werewuf ep in the same season, wherein Queen Victoria decreed the foundation of the Torchwood Institute, to guard against alien threats. It covered a few centers by the time of "Doomsday", but all except Torchwood Cardiff were wiped out in the joint progress of the Daleks and Cybermen. It's the Cardiff brigade we follow in the Torchwood series, headed by Captain Jack, whom you'll recall from The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, and into Parting of the Ways.

KTEH isn't the broadcast source of the most recent episodes - that's the Sci-Fi Channel, who run about three weeks behind the BBC this year. The most reliable, immediate source remains the net, either BitTorrent or Usenet.