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Inherently Rezzable

Well, if this isn't a reason to get a DS.. lightsaber stylus packs. Detailed miniatures, and they light up. ^_^

Has anyone made large posters of SL pics they've taken? I'm curious to see how well they can come out, even if the resolution's necessarily not going to be as high as one might like, for something like A0 or 40"x60", but still - around 3200x2000 would be on the order of 80dpi, so probably fine from normal viewing distances.

A positively superb public information film, by way of circuit_four: Foxes: Know Your Limits. =:D

France! Land of cheese, deserved pride in cooking, and a fortuitous proximity to Belgium. Now, they bring the world USB Wine.

For rifkafox and rabbitvalley's fourth wedding anniversary, quelyntr created this utterly charming piece. ^_^

Even if you're not a car fan, you really might want to see the transformation one AC-goer's chariot underwent, chronicled here, that arakinuk noticed - I shan't say more, but the magic word is "piñata".

The 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator is.. absolutely wonderful! First impressions were good, with a surprisingly hefty base, so there's no concern about nudging it off-balance, smooth top, and lightly matte-effect neck - and teh shiny. =:D But it's when you hop into Google Earth and take it for a spin that you realise just what a nifty controller this is - it's as intuitive as you could hope for, with just gentle fingertip movements affording you complete 3D freedom. It's nicely configurable, and officially supports a range of apps, including Potatoshop CS2 & 3, Maya, and the usual suspects. SL too, it seems, with four tutorials from Torley, exploring the possibilities. For further support, there's apparently an in-world group for the device, too: "3DConnexion Space Cadets".

patch_bunny noticed the Atheist Apocalypse. *giggle* No, not exactly subtle, but a pleasant contrast to some of those other tales of yore. ^_^

The Loco Pocos looks like being a lot of fun - and lapine themed, too. "The storyline really makes use of all the elements and invites visitors to learn more about the history of the place. It's seamless and doesn't seem forced. The background is part of the large puzzle of the island - you get small insights into why the giant tree exists and where the abandoned ship or lighthouse areas fit."

"Yesterday, Adobe posted Beta 2 of Flash Player 10 to Adobe Labs. According to Adobe engineer Tinic Uro, the latest beta has significant performance improvements for Mac OS X. Based on testing using GUIMark, a benchmark designed to test UI rendering speed of various runtimes, this version of Flash Player should be up to three times faster than the current Flash Player 9."

And Presto, the Pixar short showing with Wall-E, is now available on the US iTunes Store - yours for $1.99. Hopefully it'll show up on the other stores as their national release dates roll by..

See what you make of this track by Másfél - heavily sax & bass guitar driven, highly funky stuff. I'd strongly recommend headphones or good speakers, rather than internal laptop speakers.
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