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Well, if this isn't a reason to get a DS.. lightsaber stylus packs. Detailed miniatures, and they light up. ^_^

Has anyone made large posters of SL pics they've taken? I'm curious to see how well they can come out, even if the resolution's necessarily not going to be as high as one might like, for something like A0 or 40"x60", but still - around 3200x2000 would be on the order of 80dpi, so probably fine from normal viewing distances.

A positively superb public information film, by way of circuit_four: Foxes: Know Your Limits. =:D

France! Land of cheese, deserved pride in cooking, and a fortuitous proximity to Belgium. Now, they bring the world USB Wine.

For rifkafox and rabbitvalley's fourth wedding anniversary, quelyntr created this utterly charming piece. ^_^

Even if you're not a car fan, you really might want to see the transformation one AC-goer's chariot underwent, chronicled here, that arakinuk noticed - I shan't say more, but the magic word is "piñata".

The 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator is.. absolutely wonderful! First impressions were good, with a surprisingly hefty base, so there's no concern about nudging it off-balance, smooth top, and lightly matte-effect neck - and teh shiny. =:D But it's when you hop into Google Earth and take it for a spin that you realise just what a nifty controller this is - it's as intuitive as you could hope for, with just gentle fingertip movements affording you complete 3D freedom. It's nicely configurable, and officially supports a range of apps, including Potatoshop CS2 & 3, Maya, and the usual suspects. SL too, it seems, with four tutorials from Torley, exploring the possibilities. For further support, there's apparently an in-world group for the device, too: "3DConnexion Space Cadets".

patch_bunny noticed the Atheist Apocalypse. *giggle* No, not exactly subtle, but a pleasant contrast to some of those other tales of yore. ^_^

The Loco Pocos looks like being a lot of fun - and lapine themed, too. "The storyline really makes use of all the elements and invites visitors to learn more about the history of the place. It's seamless and doesn't seem forced. The background is part of the large puzzle of the island - you get small insights into why the giant tree exists and where the abandoned ship or lighthouse areas fit."

"Yesterday, Adobe posted Beta 2 of Flash Player 10 to Adobe Labs. According to Adobe engineer Tinic Uro, the latest beta has significant performance improvements for Mac OS X. Based on testing using GUIMark, a benchmark designed to test UI rendering speed of various runtimes, this version of Flash Player should be up to three times faster than the current Flash Player 9."

And Presto, the Pixar short showing with Wall-E, is now available on the US iTunes Store - yours for $1.99. Hopefully it'll show up on the other stores as their national release dates roll by..

See what you make of this track by Másfél - heavily sax & bass guitar driven, highly funky stuff. I'd strongly recommend headphones or good speakers, rather than internal laptop speakers.
Why are you linking pictures on FurAffinity when the site is down?

Also your entry displays differently on my friends list and on the reply page. I just noticed that. On my friends list the top two pictures were both on the top left, next to eachother. Here on the reply page, the bunny and wolf pic is on the right side.
Because my entries tend to be composed over a matter of multiple days, and things sometimes change in the interim.

So, Science is Richard Dawkins, Equality is Christopher Hitchens (and *giggle* at the equals-sign pin), but I can't place the other two. Assuming they're meant to be actual people and not just accidental resemblances...
'Tis apparently but a scratch these gentlemen - the aforementioned, plus Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris. I admit, I'd been thinking along the lines of PZ Myers. =:)

There are some fun little details.. *grin* I love the transformed flyer behind them: "Would you like a free dictionary? Call the Gideons on…"

Ahh, to have someone like Obama wear an equality pin.. but with his recent embrace of the "faith-based initiatives" program brought in by the Bush administration, I'm not seeing quite so much compatibility or scope for meaningful change. (Not to mention his apparent fondness for the House-passed FISA legislation - a shameful development)
I'm a liitle embarrassed I didn't spot Dennett, since of the four he's the one whose work I'm most familiar with, and have a faint, indirect personal connection to. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean I know what a cartoon Dennett looks like. *wag*

The assignments seem a bit backward, too. As the philosopher I'd think Dennett would be Reason, and as the more worldly writer Harris can be Progress. Come to think of it from what I know of their respective political backgrounds I'd be tempted to make Hitch the avatar of Progress and let Harris have Equality... </overthinking>

I don't know what Obama's particular motivations might be for embracing "faith-based initiatives". One can hope it's a piece of electoral strategy that will be duly forgotten once elected (although I think the notion of Democrats appealing to the "center" by making religious noises is just a little insane and completely self-defeating), but it's still worrying, as is the FISA bill. I'll be watching whether he keeps his promise to fight telecom immunity, at least.
Mmm, USB wine.

Heh, and that car transformation was cute. ^^

And yeah, I liked the atheist apocalypse comic, too. :)

Mmm, I hope the speedups for the new Flash will not be confined to OS X!

And the Másfél track is very nice. :)
I wish I could buy a functional USB Wine. =:D Mmm, now there's something I should pick up for the season finale of Doctor Who tonight.. not sure what to cook, though. I've got a leaning towards pizza, but I do have some quite delicious aged fillet steak in the fridge.. would be a fair way of thanking the coworker, who'll be around for the show, and to drop off a spare rowing machine he's got lying around, and punching bag - those'll be in the garage, helping burn off some of said calories. ^_^; (My problem's really just snacking.. lots of little munchables, especially of the crunchy variety. Maybe it's a rabbit thing =:)

I loved the surprise nature of the car TF. Brilliant! And the 'suit was the perfect topping to the prank. Think I'd have to decorate my car like that, if I owned one. And drove. *grin* Could make the "paper" out of sheets of latex, though cleaning it all might be awkward, unless it could all be removed for separate washing.

Oh! Damn, I must've missed that mention - understandable, though, as that was right about the time when I was starting this gig, so time was really short, and with no net.connection in the evenings at all. Laying my paws on the 3G modem made a big difference.. great little device. Wish the credit didn't expire after 30 days, though - I don't need it much now, so paying even the minimum £10 top-up isn't really worth it. As a result, I haven't added credit to it since moving in, just over two months ago. Their cunning plan has been foiled! At least it's on a plain pay-as-you-go basis, so there's no contractual obligation. I'd love to pick up an iPhone at some point, especially if O2 follow through with the rumor of permitting it to be used as a modem, but it's back to the old choice of a fairly substantial purchase without a contract, or a very affordable device with an 18 month obligation at £30/mo (or so - I've not been following the matter closely).

Adobe and Macromedia could really use speed optimization as an overarching priority, but especially with Flash - couple inefficient code with the lousy scheme plugins have to use, basically forcing the app to keep calling it often to give it execution time, and it's a fairly painful mix. Not to mention what advertisers generally use it for, of course.. layered text moving towards each other, gradual zooms, everything constantly moving around.. =:P I could block *.swf files, but then, there are plenty of places where I don't mind its use as well.

I'm definitely going to have to find out what they've got available - I'd particularly go for a DVD or two, or better yet, a good concert video download, saving the need for delivery and materials usage, when all I'd do is rip it and stuff the disc away in a drawer. Come to that, I should pick up Banco de Gaia's "Two Thousand and 4" as well - really fun album, and one I've enjoyed many times. (Bah! PayPal again.. =:P Maybe I'll do that tonight - the coworker's got an account)

Come to that, I wonder if Másfél might be in the UK any time soon.. though I've no idea how widely known they are, outside of Hungary. I need to see more live music again, all the same - the sheer energy of a really good gig's just wondrous.

I doubt it's just a rabbit thing - I'm similar. ^.^ I really enjoy having something to munch on all the time, which is also why I don't actually do so (since I'd just gain too much weight that way), and which in turn is one reason why I always have a bottle of something to drink around.

Mmm, credit that expires in 30 days sucks - all credit that expires does, of course (there's no real reason for it, either; you paid, so why shouldn't you get what you paid for?). In fact, one of the reasons I selected my current mobile phone company (I've got a pre-paid plan) is that they don't expire your credit, unlike most competitors.

Yeah, Flash really could be a bit faster. I just watched Krinkel's "Madness" series again on Newgrounds, and when there's a lot of action, you need to watch in medium or even low quality for the animation to actually stay smooth. Granted, my computer's seven years old, but still... you'd think a 2.6 GHz Pentium IV should be able to display an animated cartoon.