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Well. O.o

I'm getting the projector set up for the finale, I think. ^_^

As someone pointed out on doctorwho, though - wasn't it a little odd that (avoiding spoilers) one person kept introducing herself by name and title, and pointedly presenting ID? Could this be some variant of the Doctor's "psychic paper".. ? But, perhaps more likely, is this speculation regarding Donna Noble's true identity. There's clearly more to be told there, given the loud telegraphing they've engaged in throughout the series, not to mention the way she and the Doctor originally met (from our perspective), which was never really explored.

Watching the Confidential last night, they noted the new Davros was also previously the traveling fair manager in Torchwood. Also of note, even if surely irrelevant, was the way that Sylvester McCoy appeared in Doctor garb. A good edition, actually - they paid a lot of attention to the prosthetics design, and the design of the original Daleks, including giving their original designer (not Terry Nation!) a tour of the current workshops and set. Quite amusing to see the Dalek voice actor attends the script readings with ring modulator in hand.. =:D

And if you'd like to be Davros, the Radio Times is running a competition to win the mask used on the recent cover, made by Neill Gorton of MilleniumFX.

I might have to get along to Kew again sometime - this does sound well worth a trip. "The Xstrata Treetop Walkway, which opened at the end of May, is the latest design from London Eye architects Marks Barfield. Rising to a height of 18 meters and stretching across 200 meters, visitors can walk between 50 of Kew's mature broad-leafed trees." Come to think of it, I really ought to get along to the Eden Project again - I've only seen the place while under construction, and it was impressive enough even then.

A couple places that seem worth visiting: Sanchez - spanning five sims - and Desperation Vivienne.

And if you'd like something to drive around Sanchez et environs in, how about a Land Rover, with the proceeds going to Nothing But Nets, a charity devoted to issuing mosquito nets?

Good transcript of the recent Extropia Core interview with Charlie Stross, touching on the nature of older and newer science fiction writing, trends, publishing, and more.

I think I'm going to have to try this out for size: a pachinko game where you're the ball. =:D (Of course, it's a Japanese creation)

Naturally, I liked this lapine-themed lolscience entry.
(Deleted comment)
Mm, she always introduced herself, but was the ID also a prominent feature? Might just be a red herring, but I can't help but wonder about the possibility of her (now) being the Master in disguise, using that to help solidify the illusion. Might Archangel have simply been renamed to the network they're now using? I'll be a bit surprised if this is actually the last we've heard from her.

Of the new seasons, I'd say this has been the best so far, with not a single clunker, not to mention some top-flight episodes, notably SitL/FotD, Midnight, and The Stolen Earth. (And the ratings seem to agree! Oh, it's going to be a long 2009..)

(Deleted comment)
True enough - I'm watching Kaiba, on the anime front, but DW's the only Western TV I'm regularly - eagerly! - looking forward to at the moment.

Oh, I almost forgot the Sarah Jane Adventures! I believe season two gets underway in September. It's had its ups and downs, but quite engaging all the same, not least because of SJS herself - quite something, really, that she was the Doctor's companion, what, thirty years ago now, and now she's back, even if without the Doctor himself. (But with the occasional guest appearance by K9 =:)

Oh, good grief.. even the Wall Street Journal's getting in on the act!
(Deleted comment)
But did she always wave the ID? Might've done, but I don't have my DVD-R archive with me yet - hopefully, we'll finally be able to take care of that this weekend, which'll also mean getting hold of my M-Audio keyboard again. =:D

Then again, there's always surfthechannel.com.. hmm.
Yep. As people have mentioned, Harriet Jones has always had a penchant for flashing her ID at people. I believe the explanation is that she started as a lowly MP for somewhere and that she basically had to flash her ID because, otherwise, people wouldn't recognise her.

As for Donna, it's possible. It's nice to see elements from several series ago coming back, though. Bad Wolf, for example. I am a keen fan of the idea of seeding an idea in one show and then, perhaps not using it again for several years. You know that with a fan-base like Doctor Who has, a large chunk of people will LOVE the reference when you invoke the Rassilon Imprimatur or toll the Cloister Bell.

I suppose, though, you need to balance that urge with the idea that Doctor Who IS mainstream. People WILL be going "What the hell's a Medusa Cascade? How's the Shadow Proclamation a place? Who's that guy in the blue suit?" (That's the Doctor, Grandad.) So I suppose you will get moments of "Well, duh" as well as "Wow, Neato!"

Sadly I don't get to explore SL much these days. Battery life on Ginger's down to about an hour and I can't run him on mains without the power connector.... Oh dammit, I'm going to geek-out for a moment. Hope you can keep up.

The Power Matrix on my PortaComp degrades at a finite ratio until it extinguishes in around half a Centar. I can't engage the power coupler due to excessive thermal resistance resulting in a percussive thermal decoupling. Until the central computer's interface is fully accelerated, though, normal service is restricted.
I'm getting the projector set up for the finale, I think. ^_^

*chuckle* I'll get to see the finale on Sunday, I hope, thanks to the power of YouTube ;)US broadcasts on the SciFi Channel are now 4 weeks behind the BBC (FotD just aired last week, and there is no episode this week because of the 4th of July special programming).

It'll certainly be interesting to see what RTD comes up with for the grand climax next week. If what I've read is true and RTD is trying to reset the Doctor Who Universe of all the changes he's made, I was thinking last night that he could pull something really extreme out of his hat like, for example, the appearance of Peter Davison earlier on was actually that of the true Doctor and that everything from "The Caves of Androzani" onwards has been just a dream/illusion... ;-)
Eek, YouTube! Such horrible quality! Far better to fetch them from a good torrent or usenet. (Of course, Sci-Fi could push for simultaneous transmission, or the BBC could offer them live on a modest subscription basis, but that'd be a little too much like offering people what they're wanting. I wouldn't mind the BBC insisting, Ghibli-style, that no cuts be made. Drop ads entirely, have fewer ads, break the schedule up finer than 30 min periods.. but then, the sheer weight of ads on US TV's why I basically gave up on US TV. Curiously - and genuinely without intent - the few TV shows I do tend to catch, as and when their times roll around in the year, almost exclusively tend to be from the BBC; as far as UK TV goes, very little from ITV, C4, or 5)

I'm hoping it won't be quite that big a reset. =:D We've probably got to have some kind of loop back/reset wrt Donna, if RTD wants to explain how she wound up on/in the Tardis to begin with, back in The Runaway Bride - but the degree they've been telegraphing it all feels as if they're about to make some bigger revelation about her true identity, or somesuch. Ah well.. not too long, I suppose.


Is it Saturday yet?

he could pull something really extreme out of his hat like, for example

..."stop fretting, Barbara; Susan will be fine, I'm sure. Now, never mind this bloody junkyard, how about we go for a drink down the Swan?"

Personal favorite lapine lolcat/sci... thing:

Definitely a classic. ^_^

(If I can get this HP F2180 to accept data, I think I'll have to print that one out for the hallway. It'll be fair warning of the nature of the rest of the house =:)

Wow, is that the grammatical equivalent of a triple pointer?

I love the psychic paper theory, especially as it would just make too much sense :D
Sadly, yes! Ah well. I suppose RTD wanted to redeem her (though, certainly, in the eyes of some, she was the one wronged by the Doctor) - and that was a fine way to accomplish a meaning in one's life.

(Just finished watching Journey's End.. wow. I've got that So Good I'm Overloaded buzz =:)

*grins* glad you enjoyed it. I cannot wait til Christmas now, of course.