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worthyadvisor might get a kick out of this cover zrath encountered, of the Beastie Boys' "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn", Babylon 5 style. =:D But for something that's purely its own self, scamper along to DJ Balor: Groovy Jungle, a fantastic blending of styles, with JMJ peeking in once or twice.

Apparently, in RL terms, WoW's territory measures out at about 112 x 112km.

Project: Make McCain Exciting — Grey Ambition. Only 48 seconds long, and not the best compositing job ever, but still.. Vogue has never been more fun. =:D

Work continues to be.. busy. Given the bootloader's feeling pretty solid over USB now, the next task's to improve the quality of one feature that's pretty much unique in the device's market, to the point of perfect reliability, even in the face of substantial packet loss. So, that'll be much of the weekend taken up - I'd sooner get it underway in ideal circumstances (ie in perfect peacefulness and solitude) than the usual office circus. (Yet so many companies spend so much on offices. Humans, eh?)

Huh! I got busted for using my own card. =:D I'd tried to make an Amazon purchase, but encountered some problem in getting the payment processed; then, same thing with eBuyer. Of course, with the nature of card processing, they couldn't say what was up - they're only told Y/N. Finally got to calling the bank back home (the office phone system's on some flaky VoIP setup that has problems talking to some other places also using VoIP, annoyingly including my bank - winds up I can hear them, but they can't hear me), and wound up getting routed to the fraud department, whereupon they ran through recent purchases, with everything checking out normally. All quite humdrum stuff, nothing expensive or exotic. (Though I've heard mumblings about the card processors Linden Lab use causing problems for some folk, and that was the final net.payment I'd been able to make - the card must've only been barred from mail order, as it's been fine for in-store and ATM transactions throughout) Still, they agreed nothing was up after all, and ten minutes later, the eBuyer purchase was through - main item being a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator, which looks like being quite a lot of fun for SL and Google Earth.

If you're looking for a cute little home with a low prim count, Sarah Nerd's got an Acorn Gazebo up on SLEx and OnRez for the princely sum of L$0, complete with copy/transfer perms.

I had to include links to these two superb examples of lapinity arbutus found - one by Dark Natasha, who has an exceptional talent for our kin, and the other by Nduli.

I'm wondering how many other peeps enjoy the same comics. ^_^

Poll #1212643 Hey, kids! Comics!

Which of these daily strips do you read?

Little Dee
User Friendly
Speed Bump
Non Sequitur
Over the Hedge

.. and of the once or twice a week brigade?

Ozy & Millie
Scary Go Round
Dandy & Company
Bag of Toast
Slow Wave
Last Resort

(There are others I read, but they're more occasional, like Fur-Piled, or ones I'm only erratic in keeping up with)

I think I may have to try printing out In the Garden of NPIRL Delights from my last entry - the coworker's lent me a surplus HP inkjet, and that's surely a fairly good way to test its color fidelity. I'm actually quite tempted to find a copyshop that can print it out poster-size - I could use some furry art for the house, given the pieces the owners left are rather more conventional in style. =:)

So, I've finally got the opportunity to jump ship for an ISP with much faster throughput - yet, I feel oddly reluctant to leave, as Zen have been quite exemplary, with solidly reliable service, an utter lack of commercial drama (see PlusNet, BT, Virgin, Tiscali, AOL, etc), and staff who answer phones quickly, and with only light accents, providing you're equipped to handle those from the netherlands of Yorkshire. For a non-LLU ISP, they're as good as it gets. But, they can't offer local loop unbundling, leaving them stuck with BT Wholesale's offerings at the core - a maximum of 8Mbps down, 448kbps up, compared to Be's ceiling of around 16Mbps down, 2Mbps up (or more down, less up, if you don't take advantage of ADSL2+'s Annex B). Lower sticker price, but they're strictly a bare-bones provider; but Usenet's not much of a priority, email's taken care of by Google Apps, and webspace has infinite possibilities, courtesy of timberwoof. Given I'm on 2M/256k at the moment (the faster offering would mean a lower quota), having an outbound channel as fast as my current inbound would be quite palatable.
(Deleted comment)
Or, indeed, a cabbage. =:9 If I wander along to the supermarket today sometime, maybe I'll pick one up - haven't had any since I moved, actually. Wonder if they might have red cabbage.. some vinegar, sugar, and cloves makes it absolutely wonderful.

I'll have to check if the gazebo has modify permissions - might not, which would be rather a pity. Still, perhaps I should try my paw at some sculptie modeling.

For $10 extra, that seems like a fairly easy choice. ^_^ Definitely would be handy for seeding, or simply sending big files directly to one's ftp nook - as is, I can manage about 100MB/hour. Not bad at all, but eight times that would be an eighth as bad.

'Course, SL will still only send textures at 400kbps or so regardless, and in whatever jumbled order of priority it sees fit at the time. =:)
Every day, in order, regardless of update schedule:

El Goonish Shive
Vinci and Arti
I Drew This (It's actually a political blog now...)
Kit n Kay Boodle
Macropod Madness
Order of the Stick
Ozy and Millie
Penny Arcade
Silent Kimbly
Sluggy Freelance
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
The Wotch
VG Cats
Zebra Girl
Subject to Change (for goodness sake enough with the giant puppy! TF someone else!)
Sugar Bits
Urgent Transformation Crisis
Simulated Comic Product
The Jennifer Diane Reitz Hour

I used to read Sinfest, but stopped for no reason I can remember. Maybe I'll start again, sometime. DMFA looks good but it's so massive, I couldn't read it without going to the start, and the more I procrastinate the longer it gets. I used to be on staff for Bob and George but I haven't even bothered reading it in years.
Mmm, a few good reminders in there! EGS especially - I've seen it a few times, but as with so many strips, the sheer weight of archives made me fear I'd never be able to catch up with it. That said, it's rare that actually proves to be much of a handicap - there's still plenty I don't know about DMFA, f'rex, but it's enjoyable all the same. (Megatokyo, though, I did wind up giving up, as there was too much I felt I simply wasn't getting)

Zebra Girl I should pick up again, too - I used to read it regularly, but it's another that just randomly fell by the wayside.

A few there I do read, but when making up the poll, I was only looking at the ones in my comics workspace in OmniWeb - there are several more, like XKCD and Penny Arcade, which I read within LJ as syndicated feeds, and others I leave either in Vienna (pure RSS reader) or OmniWeb (browser with RSS awareness), like SCP.

UTC? Ooh, that looks like one I'll have to add to the roster. ^_^

Sugar Bits, The Wotch, Nivlek, and TAoDN I've not encountered at all, or so say my memory, which has been known to mislead on occasion.

*grin* Agreed on the giant puppy. =:D A fun enough idea, but really, only good for a short sequence, I'd have thought - not an epic, where there's actually not much transforming going on. Pity, as I thoroughly enjoyed the previous one - cute ending, too. ^_^

He stopped updating Zebra Girl for like, half a year, so you probably stopped bothering to look at it.

I don't use RSS for anything, I barely understand what it is, and there's no easy way of finding out. It just suddenly EXISTED one day, and everybody knew about it but me. ;.;

Urgent Transformation Crisis is pretty good but he's on a break right now. You probably already looked it up but the url is http://urgentcrisis.comicgenesis.com/ Obviously it's a TF comic. ^.^

Sugar Bits is by the same guy who does that epic Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. It's hard to really put into words. Um, the main characters are a Gingerbread Man Superhero, a Bunny Princess, a Sheepette Superhero, a more normal Princess, and Hell Spawned Monsters From your Darkest Nightmares. Though I probably had you at Bunny Princess didn't I? http://sugar.snafu-comics.com/

I'm surprised you've never heard of the Wotch, it's probably the most popular transformation comic around. It's kinda fluffy and kiddy. It's the sister-comic to El Goonish Shive; they tend to share a fanbase. Also they're responsible for making *ka-girl!* a household word... among transformation households. http://www.thewotch.com/

Nivlek is Kelvin the Lion's snow-leopard alter ego. It's also the name of his more adult comic, compared Macropod Madness. It's kinda goofy but fun. http://www.bibp.com/nivlek/index.php

The Adventures of Doctor McNinja is the most insane comic book on the internet. It comes in comic book format, rather than syndicated strip format, so each update is a page of the book. Doctor McNinja is an irish-american ninja, who is also a medical doctor. I highly reccomend it. http://drmcninja.com/index.html

I don't know why he's going on with the puppy. I mean, it's his comic, he can do whatever he wants... but what's the deal? Why does he want that? XD
Heh! Even before you replied, I'd gone through the complete UTC archive. *grin* Pity it's on hold for now, though - hopefully he'll be able to resume around the time anticipated. (I thought the style looked familiar, and then the answer arrived: he'd posted one particular page on FA, at various stages of completion. I stumbled upon that while performing one of my occasional searches for TF works)

SB definitely has a pedigree, then! I was as impressed as anyone else by that doujinshi. (And, yes =:)

I'll have to drop Picklejuice a line, and see what's in store. ^_^ I'd enjoy seeing some lesser used species especially - though even lapine TFs are comparatively unusual.

I'll give them all a try, certainly; but first, This Stolen Earth, the run-up to this year's Doctor Who finale. ^_^ Sounds like edge of seat material, from the murmurings I've read so far..

A friend of mine downloaded Stolen Earth already and she's watching it right now. I'm gonna wait untill tomorow and watch the high quality version, I think.

She already spoiled the credit roll for me though. I had seen some of the teasers, and they actually do name ALL the stars who appear in it; all the stars who have appeared in all of the Dr. Who eps the last four years!
When it comes to ISPs you need to consider both the bandwidth and the contention-ratio. Most consumer- ISPs will typically have a contention of 50:1 - which means that even if they offer you a "20Mbit/sec" service you're contending with 50 other downloaders in the evening and your throughput will be like a sloth swimming through treacle.

ISPs aiming at the SoHo sector will typically offer broadnabd with 20:1 contention - and their target-market doesn't work evenings or weekends, which means even if you've only got a 4- or 8Mbit/sec service it will have a chance of actually giving you something near that at evemings/weekends. SoHo ISPs may charge a bit more, but as in all these things you get what you pay for.
Comic-wise, I also recommend Penny Arcade (well, to an extent - it's not that great, but sometimes gets a chuckle out of me; e.g. pennyarcaderss), Beaver and Steve (currently on hiatus; beaverandsteve), Calvin and Hobbes (the reruns), Cectic (cectic), Nemi (nemicomic, in English; there's also feeds for the original Norwegian), Darths & Droids (darthsanddroids, Nichtlustig (de_nichtlustig, in German), Foxtrot (OK, not that great, actually), Freefall (freefall_feed2 - how could you forget this?), Get Your War On (gywo_rss), Hagar the Horrible (OK, that one jumped the shark long, LONG ago, too, but still), I Drew This (also by DC Simpson; idrewthiscomic, although I recommend the full idrewthis_feed including political commentary, especially since the comic doesn't update that often anymore), Irregular Webcomic! (irregular_comic), Everybody Loves Eric Raymond (lovesraymond; also rarely updated, and maybe dead), This Modern World (modrnwrld_comic; feed may be dead), Perry Bible Fellowship (pbf_comic_rss, but the feed's most likely dead), The Peanuts, Tales From The Pit (talesfromthepit, VG Cats (vgc), and xkcd (xkcd_rss). At least. :)

(I'll read the rest of your post later on.)

Edited at 2008-06-28 05:11 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
It did? Bah. :(

*looks* But yeah, that one seems interesting, too - thanks for the link! :)
I advise including a "none of the above" box in future polls, since LJ otherwise doesn't record one's vote.

Eventhough I don't care about WoW, I do care about exploration, so I watched the little video about the RL size of the WoW game world.
Funny stuff!
It's a good reminder that when game companies talk about building worlds, they're really talking about building cities or counties.
Actual worlds are much much MUCH BIGGER! :D

Re: "Groovy Jungle" by DJ Balor
Did you, by any chance, notice that the whole thing was built on the theme music from the old Electronic Arts 8-bit gaming classic "M.U.L.E."?
And that nobody commenting on FurAffliction caught it?
Damn fool kids today! They don't know nothin'!
With their Nintendo and their Sonic and their Japanese everything... :)

What's even more interesting is that nobody noticed he'd stolen the entire track. Oh well.

Tell me more!


Just went down a couple of days ago.

What a sad sad little man...

Wow! We've got 6 readers!

(starts drinking again)
And don't forget, I check EVERY DAY whether you update or not!
If your ISP's service's good, I'd stay with them. Having a ton of bandwidth is overrated, for the most part, anyway; sure it's nice, but it's not essential. I'd always go for a slower connection from an ISP with better service over a faster one from a crappy ISP.

I'd like to get my SpaceTec controller working with SL but there seems to be a problem with the latest driver not supporting older models. It appears to me that they intentionally disable support for the older models because you can easily snag one on eBay for between $10 and $30 and the older ones have the same features.

I have 6 different versions of the SpaceBalls and none are recognized by the drivers on their website. When the controller fires up, it spits out it's model number but the protocol appears to have not changed. It's a shame too, since the older models are extremely solidly-built and an IBM model I have actually has a lot of movement (most models are more rigid and move maybe a quarter of an inch at the most).

A big problem with the older, serial-port models is that they are powered by the serial port, therefore do not operate with a USB serial-port dongle.
I forgot to mention that there is plenty of unofficial source code and information available to get the older models working, and some support already under Linux.