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Ma Baker, she thought it was fun

worthyadvisor might get a kick out of this cover zrath encountered, of the Beastie Boys' "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn", Babylon 5 style. =:D But for something that's purely its own self, scamper along to DJ Balor: Groovy Jungle, a fantastic blending of styles, with JMJ peeking in once or twice.

Apparently, in RL terms, WoW's territory measures out at about 112 x 112km.

Project: Make McCain Exciting — Grey Ambition. Only 48 seconds long, and not the best compositing job ever, but still.. Vogue has never been more fun. =:D

Work continues to be.. busy. Given the bootloader's feeling pretty solid over USB now, the next task's to improve the quality of one feature that's pretty much unique in the device's market, to the point of perfect reliability, even in the face of substantial packet loss. So, that'll be much of the weekend taken up - I'd sooner get it underway in ideal circumstances (ie in perfect peacefulness and solitude) than the usual office circus. (Yet so many companies spend so much on offices. Humans, eh?)

Huh! I got busted for using my own card. =:D I'd tried to make an Amazon purchase, but encountered some problem in getting the payment processed; then, same thing with eBuyer. Of course, with the nature of card processing, they couldn't say what was up - they're only told Y/N. Finally got to calling the bank back home (the office phone system's on some flaky VoIP setup that has problems talking to some other places also using VoIP, annoyingly including my bank - winds up I can hear them, but they can't hear me), and wound up getting routed to the fraud department, whereupon they ran through recent purchases, with everything checking out normally. All quite humdrum stuff, nothing expensive or exotic. (Though I've heard mumblings about the card processors Linden Lab use causing problems for some folk, and that was the final net.payment I'd been able to make - the card must've only been barred from mail order, as it's been fine for in-store and ATM transactions throughout) Still, they agreed nothing was up after all, and ten minutes later, the eBuyer purchase was through - main item being a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator, which looks like being quite a lot of fun for SL and Google Earth.

If you're looking for a cute little home with a low prim count, Sarah Nerd's got an Acorn Gazebo up on SLEx and OnRez for the princely sum of L$0, complete with copy/transfer perms.

I had to include links to these two superb examples of lapinity arbutus found - one by Dark Natasha, who has an exceptional talent for our kin, and the other by Nduli.

I'm wondering how many other peeps enjoy the same comics. ^_^

Poll #1212643 Hey, kids! Comics!

Which of these daily strips do you read?

Little Dee
User Friendly
Speed Bump
Non Sequitur
Over the Hedge

.. and of the once or twice a week brigade?

Ozy & Millie
Scary Go Round
Dandy & Company
Bag of Toast
Slow Wave
Last Resort

(There are others I read, but they're more occasional, like Fur-Piled, or ones I'm only erratic in keeping up with)

I think I may have to try printing out In the Garden of NPIRL Delights from my last entry - the coworker's lent me a surplus HP inkjet, and that's surely a fairly good way to test its color fidelity. I'm actually quite tempted to find a copyshop that can print it out poster-size - I could use some furry art for the house, given the pieces the owners left are rather more conventional in style. =:)

So, I've finally got the opportunity to jump ship for an ISP with much faster throughput - yet, I feel oddly reluctant to leave, as Zen have been quite exemplary, with solidly reliable service, an utter lack of commercial drama (see PlusNet, BT, Virgin, Tiscali, AOL, etc), and staff who answer phones quickly, and with only light accents, providing you're equipped to handle those from the netherlands of Yorkshire. For a non-LLU ISP, they're as good as it gets. But, they can't offer local loop unbundling, leaving them stuck with BT Wholesale's offerings at the core - a maximum of 8Mbps down, 448kbps up, compared to Be's ceiling of around 16Mbps down, 2Mbps up (or more down, less up, if you don't take advantage of ADSL2+'s Annex B). Lower sticker price, but they're strictly a bare-bones provider; but Usenet's not much of a priority, email's taken care of by Google Apps, and webspace has infinite possibilities, courtesy of timberwoof. Given I'm on 2M/256k at the moment (the faster offering would mean a lower quota), having an outbound channel as fast as my current inbound would be quite palatable.
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