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rabitguy in particular might enjoy perusing the SproutCore weblog, on matters of web programming - if you can geek out on JavaScript and DOM paradigms, this might be fun.

You might recall me mentioning djinni's furry adaptation of the classic Dracula a few weeks back; at the time, the artist was (for two days only) offering free icons to anyone who responded in time. (Thanks to huskyteer for pointing the thread out!) And here's mine, in suitable cooking attire. ^_^ (Edit: they're all done, and you can see the entire collection over here)

sockscatt is entering a benefit event in SL for the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" - "The Flynn Sheridan Invitation Surf Contest". Want to show your support with L$ donations? The entry fee is only L$500, but the idea is that furs can show how we can help, by going rather beyond that.

Edited to add this: "Just so folks know, I'm selling a box in world for L$125 that has a lot of swimwear in it. All proceeds go to the RFL people. We tried to set up a vendor just for them, but the vendor box didn't like it ever much. So, I'm doing immediate transfers. You can find these at my shops on Sunset Bay and Topanga Beach (damage enabled, warning). There's also a box at Sifton, next to the fishing pond.

I'm happy to announce that the furry community alone has raised over L$16,000 for this RFL event, and I'm gonna keep on canvasing 'till the 21st. And if you want the limited edition gear, you gotta get it now. I pull the plug on the 21st. And a LOT of people have been donating significant amounts, and thank you all! I literally log in and drop it off first thing before I even do anything else. Christine is literally FLOORED at the support. so thank you all." (Larger donations can be sent directly to Socks Clawtooth, accompanied by an IM to note the reason)

I'm no percussion connoisseur, but this clip bohor linked to is quite worth enjoying, showing Carl Palmer, two sticks, and one snare drum.

I think I'll have to explore the M.C. Escher Relativity House sometime. =:D

Quite a nifty (but regrettably brief) thread on linguaphiles: favorite proverbs from around the world, eg:

猿も木から落ちる。- "Even monkeys fall from trees." (Even experts make mistakes)

Umwege erhöhen die Ortskenntnis. - "Detours increase the knowledge of a place." (Repeated trying and going astray teach you more about a thing than handling it in an efficient, straightforward manner)

IBM's been involved in SL for a while now, most recently leading to the creation of a private grid for IBM use. Microsoft, meanwhile, is also taking notice, in a different direction, potentially getting involved with the open source server clone project OpenSim. For more detail, UgoTrade has a full interview over here.

Urgh.. this week or two's been as draining as I'd feared, but hopefully it'll all be worthwhile. I could so easily use a week or two off, though.. time to recharge. Still, it's better to be too busy than to have too little to do.

Here's a happy little accident - for some reason, I rezzed without hair the other night, and this cropping of one photo just seemed to work quite nicely. I'm thinking it'd make a good banner image for the site, with the name over to the left, especially given the current one's been up for a couple years now.

Wow, wish I got on board for those wonderful free icons. I Loooove ninjahijinx's art!

And that SL bunny AV is really cute! I'm hardly ever on anymore, but who/where did you get it from? :D
It's a pity the window was only open so briefly, but it's easy to see why that would be so, given the sheer volume of applicants that flooded his doors. ^_^; That was actually my introduction to his work, too - he's got quite an eye for expressions and body language, even aside from his technical aptitude.

It's the "Kani" rabbit, from Lost Creatures - I've not actually visited their new main vendor location, though I've been exploring the sim a bit. *grin* They used to be in Sables dAlliez, but now in Lost Furest. I just wish I had more time to actually spend in-world - every time I'm around, I'm quickly reminded of quite how relaxing it can be, just enjoying some quiet exploration, admiring the creativity of a good build, or simply appreciating the view. Not to mention the events (concerts, lectures, etc), though for those I tend to feel I'd prefer having company.

I wonder what Ninja Weasel's current lapine is like.. though any other contender would have to compete with the Kani's fluffy feet. =:D