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I really can't add anything to timberwoof's Tale of the Frozen Gorilla.

Again with the cooking questions! Just one this time, though: when you take a pizza out of the freezer, do you put it straight in the oven, or do you feel compelled to augment its supplied toppings?

You all know about the dog in the manger, right? Have a gander at this lapine clip. (Only twenty seconds long, and worth every moment =:)

Quite a fascinating career change, I felt: one of SL's original architects, Cory Ondrejka, who left the company a couple months back, has apparently just taken up a position with EMI, as Senior VP of Digital Strategy. Whilst EMI is one of the "big four" labels, they've also been comparatively forthcoming about offering their music without "protection".

kuma_chan can probably verify the accuracy of Scary-Go-Round's look at how to become a postman.

Damn.. Bob's Foam Factory burned down. Not just an excellent resource for 'suiters, but Bob himself is just a fantastically enthusiastic, helpful guy. I hope they're able to set the business back up again.

So, the 3G iPhone's officially on its way. Of note, beyond the device itself, has been O2's confirmation, unofficially, that they will permit using it as a Bluetooth modem for laptops, and officially will be offering it on a prepaid basis, rather than strictly contract-only. No word on the PAYG pricing, but contract pricing ranges from free to £99 for the 8GB model, or up to £159 for the 16GB, depending on the tier.

On the P.A.Semi front, apparently His Steveness has confirmed the, or at least, a role for the new acquisition: the design of bespoke chippery for the iPhone/iPod family.

It's been officially confirmed that s3 of Torchwood will be five one-hour episodes, forming a single story. Perhaps more interesting, though, is the news that Chris Chibnall, responsible for the execrable Cyberwoman (and not much better "42" in Doctor Who), has departed the show, vacating his position as lead writer. (And you've probably noticed Russell T Davies, responsible for bringing the Doctor back, has been awarded an OBE! True, the honors don't mean as much as they may once have done, but still quite nifty to see such tacit acknowledgement of the show =:)

After a long Friday (8am to midnight) in the salt mine, the coworker (crashing for the night, given the hour) and I finally got back to the warren, and it seemed like a good opportunity to use up the good margherita pizza I had sitting in the fridge. Damn, did that turn out well. ^_^ First, some herbiness - plenty of garlic powder, some herbes de provence, asafoetida, and piri-piri relish. Then, meat - three slices of lean free-range bacon, and a diced chicken breast. Finally, capers, six sliced mushrooms, and at his suggestion, some finely chopped pickled red cabbage, which I actually have in the fridge, courtesy of the owners. ^_^ It turned out to be a little too large for the microwave (in convection oven mode), but the situation sorted itself out with a little drooping off the metal platform, leaving the crust typically perfect, though I did need to finish it off with a couple minutes microwaving, as I'd lowered the temperature a little to allow for the added toppings. There wasn't so much as a niblet of crust left at the end. ^_^

(He also suggests starfruit or kiwi fruit as a very good accompaniment to steak. Has anyone tried that? I'm going to, needless to say. Fruit can complement meat in cooking so well, yet it's largely ignored in Western cooking, beyond "Hawaiian" pizza - for my money, peaches work much better with ham than pineapple on a pizza)

And as for what we're working on - well, it's still pre-release, so I can't say much about it, but here's one of the boards I've been working on recently, with a variety of lines being monitored, using a combo oscilloscope and logic analyzer. Soldering onto that scale of SMD component is a little tricky, but surprisingly feasible, even if a hot air pencil will always do a much cleaner job than soldering irons. Still quite a bit to be done, but the end isn't far off. ^_^

when you take a pizza out of the freezer, do you put it straight in the oven, or do you feel compelled to augment its supplied toppings?

Any frozen pizza I bake must make a stop between freezer and oven for flavor augmentation. Usually it's just a liberal application of various herbs and spices, but sometimes I'll add to the toppings, too.

s3 of Torchwood will be five one-hour episodes, forming a single story

This is good news, of course, even though I would like to see a full third series. It'll be interesting to see if the new story is set after 'Exit Wounds' or if they'll be examining some other time in the career of Captain Jack with Torchwood. I read another recent article about it (the link escapes me at the moment, alas) in which Julie Gardner is quoted as saying that the five episode arc might air in a single week on five consecutive nights. In any case, with only 5 episodes of Torchwood and 4 Doctor Who specials coming up, 2009 is shaping up to be a lean year for my favorite ongoing television series...

[Edit: Found the link to the article at TVGuide.com, with news that the 5 episodes will air next spring in a single week on BBC1. It also has the hopeful note that there might be more episodes, even though these 5 are the only ones approved so far.]

responsible for the execrable Cyberwoman (and not much better "42" in Doctor Who)

I may be in the minority, but, in the grand scheme of things, I didn't think 'Cyberwoman' (or '42', for that matter) was all that bad. Granted, there were a lot of problems with the episode, but I still find it quite watchable from a "turn off your mind and don't think about things too much" standpoint. Besides, a bad episode of Torchwood or Doctor Who is still better than about 97% of what's on television today, IMHO. With the exception of 'Love and Monsters', that is ;-)

Edited at 2008-06-14 06:47 pm (UTC)
Mmm, I've never quite understood the recalcitrance of many manufacturers to make their wares tasty, for the very modest cost of a sprinkling of a few herbs. (Rosemary's one I need to pick up sometime - always good for that Mediterranean touch on a pizza)

Indeed, will Toshiko and Owen really be no more, or might this mini-series explore some adventure in somehow rescuing them from the fate shown? I'd quite enjoy seeing it over five consecutive nights - it'll apparently be airing on BBC One, too, which seems like quite an ambitious promotion.

Don't forget about the Sarah Jane Adventures! ^_^ There were, of course, some stories that paled against the others, but overall, a very worthy and welcome addition to the TV culture Doctor Who has brought us.

I read on Wired some speculation regarding a spinoff featuring the Doctor's daughter, but despite the entry's title, it did seem to be nothing more substantial than "some fans like the idea". That said, I'd like to see them consider the idea in earnest; she proved, in one episode, that she could easily carry on the spirit of the Doctor.

Indeed, I'm happy with just about any Who or Torchwood, with only a few exceptions. ^_^ Curiously, people's least favorite eps do seem to vary a fair bit - I was quite pleased with "Fear Her", f'rex, which many folks panned.
when you take a pizza out of the freezer, do you put it straight in the oven, or do you feel compelled to augment its supplied toppings?

I do it less now than I used to. Though every pizza I touch gets crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese. I also like to liberally add onions, even if it already comes with onion.

In Wisconsin I usually got Jake's pizza. As a lightweight pizza I usually added turkey, extra cheese, and onion. I'd sometimes try other things, though not too exotic. I considered the small pizzas to be just a base.

In Ontario we get a much heavier pizza, at 840 grams. It cooks up quite nicely without doctoring. Though if available I'll still add extra cheese and onion.

Have a gander at this lapine clip.


kiwi fruit as a very good accompaniment to steak.

Never thought of that combination. Only fried onions touch my steaks (notice a theme).
Is that a lack of time, or inclination? Getting easier to please? =:) I should try adding good cheese now and then, just for the flavor - but with only me in the house, cheeses don't tend to get used up at all quickly. (That said, I did manage to rescue four little tubs from the other office fridge yesterday - supposedly well out of date, but that rarely makes a negative difference to cheese =:)

840g for a pizza? Whoa. That's hefty. 'Course, the main thing is that it's good. ^_^ I'm actually not much for going heavy on cheese - I lean much more towards ensuring the meat quotient's sufficient.

Of the onion family, my soul belongs to garlic. =:D Though I really ought to pick up a good onion or two sometime, and try some Indian experimentation - they're very handy in some curries, like Jalfrezi. Come to that, I should get around to a good Thai style concoction again - something nice and hot, with a nice dose of basil, and a dash of mint.

840g for a pizza? Whoa. That's hefty. 'Course, the main thing is that it's good. ^_^

*chuckle* According to the box, the frozen pizza I baked last night weighed in at 991g ;-) That's enough for 3 meals for me. And not only is it good, it's cheap, too - the grocery's in-store brand which not only tastes better than the big-name brands (after my spice/herb treatment) but also costs over a third less.
Is that a lack of time, or inclination?

The pizza we get now are pretty good out of the box, so there isn't much need anymore. I also tend not to experiment much because I'm content eating the same foods by habit (must be a canid thing).

I had a Hawaiian pizza tonight that weighed in at 921g (before onion). I ate 2/3rds of it myself, and the rest are leftovers since a certain kitty doesn't like pineapple or onion.

I'm OK with light garlic. For a while I was turned off from it because a former roommate would use it in bulk.
On the theme of onions, doesn't this French Onion Soup sandwich sound (and look!) delicious?
Lose the mushroom stock and it does look good.

Maybe I'll try a simpler version here in the near future.
Have a gander at this lapine clip

*Grins* As the commenter there says, Jaws has nothing on these bunnies! Shame the top two entries in the "Related Videos" section are of rabbit shooting, though. =:(
Of course, you have to wonder just what he was doing in there - perhaps living out many creatures' dream of wallowing in nummy munchables. ^_^

Ack! Indeed so.. I suppose it's excusable, but still, Google and eBay can be quite astonishingly dense in their handling of advertising keywords as well - I exclude "ugg" from my searches for boots on eBay, for example, and now see advertising links for Uggs at the bottom of every search page. You might expect they'd understand that if someone's excluding a search term, they're not going to be a prime audience for advertising about it.. I wonder if YouTube might be responsive to a note pointing out the awkwardness of such recommendations in this instance.
LJ would be annoying to use for me if it weren't for Adblock Plus. The Google ads that show up on my page always have something fox fur related.

YouTube still follows the rule that 90% of what you find on the internet is crap. However it's more visually disturbing.

I need MORE than that!!
Oh. "over five one-hour episodes." OKAY BUT I HAVE MY EYE ON THEM!
Add things. Banana is nice...
When it comes to frozen pizza, I add spices the majority of the time and bulky toppings if they're available.

Cabbage on pizza? Starfruit of kiwi with steak? Peaches and ham? All these culinary combos never cease to amaze me.

Wow, you even have to do some soldering and oscilloscoping in your work. That's pretty cool.

That bunny looks poised to dash.
I rarely look at LJ now, rather be on SL ...

But yeah on the Postie thing pretty much [My training on a delivery was "Its behind the Dentists..." ]
That was a cute video. *chuckles* I hope the poor bunny wasn't too startled.

Yeah, I agree about fruit being ignored too much in our cuisines, too. Red cabbage tastes great if you add a bit of apple to it, and game is often served with pear half filled with Preiselbeeren here, but those are about the only example I can think of myself right now (in addition to "Hawaii" pizza, "Hawaii" toast, and so on, of course). It's a real pity, too, since I myself generally like fruits much more than vegetables.

I don't think I've ever used an oven for pizza. Cooker grill, every time. Then again, I never buy pizzas that are of a quality that merits a good old oven heat - just the crappy multipacks of cheese and tomato for about 99p!