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What's your function in life?

Okay, that was a Damn Good Episode™. I will admit to taking exception to the annoyingly tired device of an insignificant character being ignored (to, of course, everyone's peril, her own included. I don't feel the Doctor would do that, frankly), but there were some seemingly major plot questions set up - yes, the evil Grand Moff has presented the world with a two-parter. Whose resolution awaits us presently!

Via avon_deer, The Ladybird Book of The Policeman. =:D

Duchy Originals Cornish pasty: good stuff. ^_^ Still not up to the ones I have in mind (but you'll have to bribe me heartily to find out where the best pasties in the world can be found), but of the nationally available ones I've found, amongst the best. Plus: actual chunks of named meat, not ground beef, let alone any kind of Ginsterian peppery pulp. Minus: not actually big enough, overall. Plus: fiendishly good smelling pastry, and the right kind. (ie not puff, but not really shortcrust either) Other than these, the ones found at the Cornish Pasty Company can often be good, too - cunningly, the company's realised train stations are a good lair to find people wanting something convenient and filling, so you'll find them in Marylebone and Cardiff Central, amongst others.

A seriously funky track, easily recommendable: That 1 Guy - Buttmachine. Groovalicious. (Wouldn't this make a fantastic soundtrack for a machinima? A load of editing ahead, though..)

More ejumacation on iTunes! University College, London will join iTunes U, apparently beginning with 'material about neuroscience, the university's "lunch time lectures" and an audio news round-up'. Braaaiiins.. Additionally, 'The Open University is promising to make available 300 audio and video files with material from current courses. Trinity College Dublin is promising lectures from journalist Seymour Hersh, scientist Robert Winston, author Anita Desai and politician Alex Salmond.'

A most interesting first step, akin to the first link taken between two HTML pages residing on different hosts: Zha Ewry relates a first step in sim interoperability, with the first teleport to a OpenSim region from one in SL. ^_^

Take one bored artist on a long flight, and an armed pen - voilà! The Don't Barf Bag. ^_^;

discopanda might like this Nixie tube the coworker spotted.. =:D

Dinner! Chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) in a starring role, with cubed steak, and a sauce begun with a vegetable chowder soup mix. Then.. garlic powder, asafoetida, herbes de provence, Sichuan pepper, and a tiny bit of chili powder. On the vegetable front, chopped asparagus, yellow bell pepper, broccoli, and artichoke hearts. Oh, and a little bit of onion chutney, the last of the partial jar the owners left waiting for me in the fridge. =:9

Friday's dinner, meanwhile: diced chicken breast and pork & beef sausage slices, in a sauce based on cream of asparagus soup, on top of red pepper & chili tagliatelle. Making the sauce a bit more interesting: garlic, asafoetida, oregano, pepper, a Kashmiri hot pepper, a couple shiitake, chopped broccoli, sliced sundried tomatoes, and snow peas.

Busy, busy time in the salt mine, but Friday saw (I believe) a breakthrough in a matter I'd been bashing my head against for a few days, blocking my progress on the bootloader. And all it seems to've been is a matter of ensuring that the exception vectors don't reside in flash while a flash write's in progress anywhere else on the plane, so that if the ARM does feel an urgent need to peek at an exception vector, it can do so without that read access itself causing an abort. Just a matter of shoehorning in 64 bytes at the beginning of SRAM, in front of the main code region, copying the vectors over from zero page, then giving MC_RCR a beep on the nose. Voilà! Vectors safely residing in SRAM, ready for action any time, anywhere. Busy weekend to come, too.. and week ahead, for that matter.

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