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So, the bathroom has two light switches. One - turns on the lights. The other? Some gentle blue lights inset around the base of the bath, some blue LEDs around the main ceiling lights, and these, illuminating the bath's plughole and its control.

I'm sorry. It's been a very long day. ^_^

I think I'll have to give it a try, now I know the extent of the effect. ^_^ I always have Hyzenthlay with me, of course, so I could always leave a good iTunes visualiser running as well, for additional hue effects. Only problem is, it's not actually a very long bath, so I can't completely lie (mostly) flat - but long enough to be able to relax and catch up on my RSS feeds.

(The water heater's really nifty, too - just a heavily insulated small cylinder, operating purely on an on-demand basis. Turn the tap on to run the bath, four seconds later, hot water's there, as much or as little as you want. So nice not having to ensure there's a hot tankful - would be ideal for multiple people wanting to have baths, of course)

*noddles* Hmm... I've got to admit if I was lying in the tub, catching up on feeds would probably be the last thing on my mind. :) Not to mention that I wouldn't want to take a laptop in there with me unless it was totally waterproof. c.c

(That being said, my tub's really got the same problem, too: I just don't fit into it. I'm pretty tall, and the bathroom's pretty small, with no room for a bigger (wider, longer) tub, so...)