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Next week, Orange will be hosting a week of gaming, over on Orange 4, with listed discussions including "Midgar & World of Hogwarts", "Roleplaying in SL", and "From Games to Contemporary Art", amidst game installations including En Garde, Phrase Invaders, Vector Zone, and Zombie Meltdown, and traditional games such as sudoku and chess.

Have you considered a springhaas as a household companion? (Caution: Comic Sans ahead)

The LiveJournal Advisory Board election is underway, closing on Thursday; here's a posting linking to all the candidates' positions - and there's this posting for a potted version of their fannishness. =:) Anyone whose account was created before March 11 2008 can vote - it's not only open to paid users - and the poll involves giving your first, second, and third choices. There are quite a few good candidates - including legomymalfoy, jj_maccrimmon, rm, fuzzface00, and squeaky19 (who also runs GreatestJournal), and several others - so the choice will be a little tricky, but if it can help avoid debacles such as Strikethrough and Nipplegate, and lead to the development of further useful LJ features, it'll be a worthwhile step.

For matters chocolatey, Chocolate Bar Review seems well worth keeping up with. Amongst other things, they note a chocolate Ferrari - full scale, made of 4,405 pounds of Belgian chocolate; and Cadbury are bringing Wispa back permanently. Though as far as Cadbury's wares go, I'll always belong to their Caramel. ^_^ Now, if they were to bring back the bunny..

The unique bradhicks brings us his analysis of Ayn Rand's political thoughts, in Atlas Shrugged 2: Shrug Harder.

Not a new pic, but one of my favorites from socks_on_sl - naked surfing. ^_^

The US pet food companies, hit by toxic gluten last year, leading to the deaths of many pets, have reached a $24m legal settlement. "Under the terms of the deal announced Thursday, pet owners could be reimbursed for all reasonable expenditures, including veterinarian bills and burial or cremation costs. Pet owners could also ask for the fair market value of their deceased pets, if that is higher than the costs incurred. Owners who do not have documentation of their expenses can get up to $900 each."

Not something you see around often: Vietnamese teas and coffees, including artichoke tea.

Damn, but the second half of this season of Doctor Who has some fun in store.. here's the trailer. (7MB, 60s)
The US pet food companies ... have reached a $24m legal settlement.

Took them a while, didn't it? It's nice that people will finally have a chance to recoup some of their expenses, though $900 for watching the family pet die of kidney failure still seems like a pretty raw deal to me.
Indeed, it won't provide - and nothing can, of course - any comfort for their real loss, but at least it'll be a small step towards attempting to put things right. I do wonder, though, if there have been material changes in the supply chain since then - do the producers routinely test the ingredients now? (It'd probably be futile to expect the Bush FDA to go enforcing any rules, though, let alone issuing any fine - those are seemingly reserved for serious matters like exposed nipples)

That Springhaas reminds me of this critter. Cool!

That bit of Brads is just friggin' awesome. I find it astonishing (or maybe just head-shaking depressing) that people can take her shit seriously. Anyone who's truly "Objective" should be able to step back and figure out the logical consequences of her "philosophy". Did you check this link? Yes we're human, yes we cooperate for the common good.

Oh, those ears are almost worthy of a lapine! ^_^ Lovely auburn hue, too. How far away was he? Gives the impression of being quite close, but I'd have thought most sqrls would scamper off to a nearby tree if approached by a human, though ones living on University campuses and the like can be remarkably blasé about all that.

BH did an excellent job - better even than JL, I'd say, in highlighting the horror of such a pure, simple political philosophy. But people do like clarity, and therein lies much of its appeal - easy answers are easy to sell, even if the results are predictably disastrous, whatever the ethos.

The pic was taken at the zoo so I was very close. Unfortunately there was glass, shine, crossing light, a host of problems that made for crappy photography (and my legs/hips were friggin' killng me!). I think every photographer must wish at some time or other that they could mind-control their subjects. now wouldn't that be nice!

Oh it's a very attractive "philosophy" (note the quotes) for anyone who's got theirs. But yes, Rand herself said she knew nothing of psychology and it shows. In that thread on my LJ I had these dicks actually say things like they would rather starve than steal (Oh really? Let's put that to the test!) and insisted that they'd go so far as to march themselves down to the morgue with the last of their energy because of the strength of their moral purity. In fact though, given a society comprised of nothing but adherents to this philosophy you'd get back-stabbing anarchy in no time as everyone came to distrust the 'purity' of their neighbors and worked to secure their own safety.
That Wispa press release is dated 10th April - how did I miss it at the time?! Interestingly, there seem to be some other potential retro-relaunches in the works, too. Opal Fruits are definitely coming back (for a very limited, ASDA-only, edition) and the Drifter bar - which most people didn't realise had been discontinued! - is returning too. On top of which, Mars have apparently re-registered "Marathon" as a trademark. Hmm...
The Springhazen seem cute... ^^ I'd still prefer a dog, but I'd definitely rather get one of these than a hamster or so. (Well, assuming I'd be able to provide a proper habitat and all that.)

Chocolate is always good, too - I'd love go to out and buy all kinds and then do taste tests and write reviews and the like and create a searchable DB, but it'd be good for neither my weight nor my wallet. x.x

*grin* Ah, the canid comes to the fore.. ^_^ Mm, I've never been all that taken by guinea pigs and hamsters.. nice enough, but nowhere near as adorable as bunnies. I'll have to try asking the owners about a fourlegger or two sometime in the future - once I've been here for a year, and not wrecked everything, perhaps they'll feel more comfortable that I'd be careful not to let everything get nibbled. (Damage on the couches probably wouldn't be cheap..)

I wonder if there are such chocolate review sites.. I had a quick try at finding some about that Rococo bar, but with little success - even the site I mention only has a placeholder page for it, with some rather dubious ratings. With the rate you're burning calories, the odd bar wouldn't really be an issue - the cost might be, though. But, I suppose that's the price of small-scale production, and being very fussy about the beans involved, compared to the massive scale companies like Lindt work in. (Frustratingly, Ritter Sport's become fairly easy to find in the UK, but not the yoghurt variety, which is easily my favorite of theirs - the rest are fine, just unremarkable. I'd love to find Ghirardelli, though.. delightfully rich in cocoa for a milk chocolate. I should try to remember to pick up a haul when I'm back in the City next)

Try Aldi for the yoghurt Ritter Sports. I've certainly seen the small bars as part of a 12-small-square assortment in the Kidderminster branch.

I wonder if there are such chocolate review sites

I have vaguely thought about it myself, but I decided in the end that I don't want to be "structured". I much prefer just writing about the bars I buy as and when I eat them. =:)
Ah! I'll give them a try when I'm next near one.. I believe there's one in Eastbourne, albeit a bit away from the center, so I'd need to hop on a local bus to get there. Wonder if the Poundstretcher ever has them.. great place to pick up multipacks of crisps and suchlike, though, with things like 12-packs of Mini Cheddars and four port USB hubs, all for a pound a pop. =:D

I'm thinking of reviews more in the general sense, rather than the detail - much as I do with movie reviews, just to gain a rough impression of whether it's worth pursuing. But at the end of it, even unremarkable chocolate is still chocolate. =:9 (Unfortunately, the Waitrose was out of that Malagasy bar yesterday, but I picked up three other interesting ones, which I'll have to cover in my next entry, even if it'll basically be a paws up/down thing)
*s* Yeah, I guess it's the canid in me - but dogs, from what I can tell, are companions more than other animals, anyway, and that's something I'd like. ^^

I agree about guinea pigs and hamsters, too. We had a guinea pig when I was young, but it wasn't all that interesting. But then, I suppose she didn't exactly had a happy life, either, poor thing. (I still feel guilty about her, even though it was my parents who should've known better, not me - I was too young really.)

Might be worth asking the owners about it some time, though, yes. :)

As for chocolate... I was actually about to say "I've seen a few such sites", but then I thought about it again and realised that while I've seen general chocolate sites and chocolate blogs, I haven't seen a rating/review site or a chocolate database. Maybe I should start one some time... :) (In the meantime, http://www.theobroma-cacao.de/ has a good overview over manufacturers, at least.)

But yeah, price is an issue, of course - even if it's not much and even if it's just an occasional expense, it's still an expense, and I really need to watch how much I spend these days. It's annoying, but if I want to have a bit of extra money available every now and then at all for unforeseen expenses (like, say, the new blender I'll have to get, or the gym clothes I bought a while ago, and so on), I just have to cut down on everything that's not necessary. Ah well - such is life.

Strange that Ritter Sport's yoghurt varieties aren't available in the UK, though. o.o Ah well, at least it's not New Zealand; it's not sold there at all, so I'll probably have to send greytail another package with more bars some time. ^.^

Edited at 2008-05-25 08:59 pm (UTC)
Ooh.. They have weasel and civet coffee. I've always been curious about coffee that's been passed through an animal!
Well, they say "weasel", but that's just a colloquialism - 'sjust civets. Caffeinated weasels are a bit of a scary prospect. =:)

I admit, I'm tempted to pick up a pack, just to see what it's actually like, though ISTR columnists in the past saying it's pleasant enough, but ultimately, not anything radically special. But it's obligatory to continue one's gastronomic explorations, what? ^_^ (I did remember to photograph the chocolate bars before opening them today. Damn good stuff, too - and Rococo's packaging is whimsically amusing, showing off 19th Century French chocolate molds used by Letang Fils. Oh, that cinnamon aroma..)
You tempt me with that pretty surfer-bunny.

"...reached a $24m legal settlement."
Not sorry; too low. It's time to set fire to the executives. Except Dick Van Patten.

Artichoke tea, hmm? And I thought fungus tea was odd enough.
Okay!!! I'll get more pics of that bunny for ya! :)
Can't say I'd mind seeing something of a gallery as well - looking at that travelogue, it seems like you've built up quite an attractive wardrobe. =:)

you might say that....

Edited at 2008-05-26 03:31 pm (UTC)
Hee! Quite the spread indeed. I really should build up something of a wardrobe sometime - I don't think I've changed from my Weather Channel and Jump's Dive Shack diveskin freebies in months. I do keep them washed, though. ^_^ But shininess suits me so well..

Oh, they're taking the place away? Eep! Hopefully not indicative of any major changes there.. gods know, I've been terribly out of the loop.
I'm sure the anticipation of more pictures is a widespread and most agreeable one.
YIPE!!!! My pic surfing naked is published on the web!!! OH NOEZ!!!! :)
I would love a spring hare. I think the next critter I acquire will be a degu or three, though.
It's interesting to see just how strongly social degu seem to be - makes sense, of course, for all the reasons their Wikipedia entry mentions. Good that it makes note of their communicative abilities, too - so often, humans regard themselves as somehow unique in being able to pass on specific information, but we just happen to be especially good (and sometimes quite awful) at it. Prairie dogs, for example, can recognise not just predators as a class, but specific individuals.
Hey! I just saw a cottontail on my street! I guess all I had to do was say there are no bunnies here to guarantee that one shows up after all. ^^
Oh, cool beans! Did you have a camera handy? (Though lapines tend not to hang around for photo ops)

Reminds me, did you mention you were after some means of importing your Hi-8 footage into the digital realm? I'm wondering if roohbear might be able to help.
Unfortunately, no camera. Poor thing seemed lost, too, sorry to say. He was just sitting there in the middle of the street both times I drove by. I'm afraid a car or the neighboring cats will get him before long. That may be why they're so rare hereabouts in the first place...
I had an arcade on SL with those mentioned arcade games like Zombie Meltdown and Phrase Invaders until recently. Nobody played them. I guess once you've played the expensive games like Quince, Tringo, Pizza etc then you just can't go retro!

The surfing bunneh must have nutty windchill! So lovely though!