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ZOMG, Latvian dancefloor pirates! Brilliant. =:D

Other than that, it'd have to be Albania's guitar-backed female soloist, and Croatia's seemingly Romany-inspired entry. Iceland's guy was cute, though. =:)

And death metal from Finland again? They're no Lordi.

Added: oh, Azerbaijan's in the ESC now? Very, very easy on the eyes, too. ^_^ Not a bad track, either.

Spain's Casio Elvis shall live forever.

Who will I vote for? Tricky.. there are a few strong contenders. It's probably down to Latvia, Croatia, and Albania, for me.
assuming they tally all calls, not just the last from any given number

Good question, actually. The rules just say that "Each Participating Broadcaster shall do its utmost to prevent fraudulent voting in the Shows", which would seem to rule out multiple votes for the same country, but don't seem to specify whether multiple voting is allowed for different countries. I have, though, seen somewhere that only the first phone vote is counted by the BBC. If so, you got registered as Spain-supporting only.

I voted only once, for Latvia. They just seemed to be having fun, and not doing one of those "la la la" dirges that so many countries go in for. I was tempted by the completely bizarre Bosnian washing-line-and-knitting entry, though. The UK did not deserve to come last; I think it was a midfield runner at best, but should have picked up 50-60 points.

And did you hear Sir Terry at the end? He's got seriously browned off by the political voting now, and there must be a slight question mark over his future participation unless something is done about the voting system.
I'd like to find out - I'm just one bunny, but there are surely plenty of Eurovision parties where people will want to cast multiple votes, even aside from a wish for proportional representation. I'd hope such anti-fraud measures would be limited to actual abuses, like robocalling, though I'd be surprised to discover anyone's that determined to undermine the ESC.

I suppose I'd be fine with being counted as supporting Spain, though. ^_^

The UK wound up last? Erg. Not a good showing at all, though, ultimately, some entrants must wind up at the back, just as not all doctors graduate at the top of their class. I was entirely unimpressed with the British entry, and find its placing quite deserved, give or take just how bad it was. Similarly, I could easily have done without the Greek and Russian entries, equally undeserving of more than a polite sneeze whilst ordering a good cappuccino.

I'd watch without Terry, given I've lately done just that, courtesy of the EBU feed. He's great fun, but sometimes, he could do with his inner voice reining him in a bit - we don't need solid commentary at every moment when music or a presenter isn't up.

I do like the idea of some kind of bloc voting. That might work quite well - after all, it's hardly surprising some countries will have a big impact, but that oughtn't feed through to this kind of bizarre monopoly we've been seeing.

Interesting times. ^_^