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Well, I have to say, I don't often get presents from banks - but there they are, one bottle of 2005 Ruitersvlei Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc and one 2006 Georges Dubœuf Beaujolais Villages. I think this should happen more often. And they're not even my bank. ^_^

As brigus asked about food porn pics, here's a simple example (high res) from Friday evening. Basil papardelle with wild mushroom, caper, and artichoke sauce, asparagus, baby corn, and fillet steak (aka filet mignon). Photo courtesy of the very cool coworker and his amazing dancing Minolta A200, which I may take on a trip this weekend, if I can decide on where.

Poll #1192854 It's Eurovision Time!

Will you be watching?

With friends! And blackjack!
Probably. Cheesemas comes but once a year.
Going to a gathering, but mostly for the company.
Maybe, in the background.
Other plans!
I'll be busy pushing matchsticks under my nails.
The whosian whatsit now?

The Baltics will give douze points to:

whomever they consider the most worthy entrant

Like many others watching the British electoral scene, I was quite pleased with the recently Crewe & Nantwich result - whilst giving the Conservatives a leg up, it's sent a clear message to "New" Labour that attempting to eradicate the 10% tax rate for the lowest earners was one step too far, atop a litany of discontent with Blair, and Brown's utter failure to stand for any positive change away from those mistakes, so far removed from the promises that swept them into power. It's unfortunate the LibDems fared so poorly, but Clegg still doesn't seem to have stood for much inspiration either, seemingly also swallowing the line that the party must, for reasons unknown (and not voted for!), echo Labour's lazy - but lucrative, for those sufficiently connected - drift to the right.

Sorry about my slow replying to comments sometimes, especially those inviting a more detailed reply; they aren't forgotten.

Dalek Diary, part 1. Not a heavy-handed attempt, either.. a bit more Charlie Brooker meets mild-mannered Chris Morris. ^_^
I was quite pleased with it. ^_^ I'd originally intended to make it a more mushroomy sauce, with some shiitake, but the artichokes just called out (and it's really distracting when they do that), and then I wondered if the capers might work well too - and indeed, they do, providing a mildly piquant sourness that counterpoints the mellow artichokes and overall nature of the sauce.

And good fillet steak.. what more need be said? =:9 I'll have to add another package of that (two similar sized cuts) to the next delivery. Irksomely, I left it too late for a Saturday delivery, so all those slots are gone, as are Sunday, and I'm planning on meeting up with the coworker on Monday for a prowl around town. (All perfectly innocent =:) Much as I enjoy rummaging through supermarkets, there's a lot to be said for a good delivery option - no need to spend time, if you're busy, and the cost's much the same (or sometimes lower) as the bus, train, or driving. Great for heavy deliveries like diet cola, beer, and cider, too. =:D

Breakfast? I remember that. ^_^ I've actually never been huge on breakfasts - most days, I'm fine with just coffee (currently merely instant, until I pick up another espresso machine. I did get one a few weeks back, but that lives in the office, which had hitherto lacked such an essential option), with the occasional need for something like apricot mini shredded wheat. It's the nighttime when my appetite kicks in - always seems to've been that way, I think. I'm much more one for Spanish than French or German dinner hours. ^_^ (Such as one time we were exploring the countryside near Benidorm, a tourist ghetto, though with quite a pleasant old town. 10pm, and the night had set in, so we stopped at a random restaurant, nowhere near anything in particular. Fairly quiet, some other people around.. over the next half hour or so, the place filled up, with children and grandparents, and everyone else, ready to enjoy a good meal. That's how to enjoy food =:)