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Via huskyteer, I recently encountered a webcomic new to me, easily worth passing along: Dracula, a furry adaptation of the classic.

In light of the curious nervousness from some progressive quarters, following the recent California Supreme Court decision, dakhun made some excellent points over here.

Anyone who's been watching the recent seasons of Doctor Who will know Stephen Moffat's name - the writer responsible for some of the most (deservedly!) acclaimed episodes, including The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace, and Blink, has been appointed as lead writer for the show, taking over from RTD in 2009. "My entire career has been a Secret Plan to get this job. I applied before but I got knocked back 'cos the BBC wanted someone else. Also I was seven."

Oh, gods.. that was the best pizza I've had in ages. Marks & Spencer mushroom & maple bacon, gently defrosted first (it recommended[1] it was best cooked from chilled, rather than frozen), and a few shiitake sliced on, some garlic powder, herbes de provence, three quartered artichoke hearts, two oak smoked slices of bacon, and a few thinly cut segments of sundried tomato, into the microwave on convection oven mode for fourteen mins at 170C, then another four at 200C. It could've done with slightly longer, or a minute or so of 900W microwave power, but that just meant it wasn't as hot as it might be - the base and toppings were all perfect, with the base as tasty as you could want, and the toppings all in harmony.. well, there went the intention to have half today and half tomorrow. ^_^;

[1] Not in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe sense.

And at long last, I've finally been able to contribute to rabbiteering. ^_^ The coworker brought along his Minolta A200s, so I'm now able to bring one along on my lunchtime amblings along the nearby pathway, in an attempt to capture a little of the life of this warren. Most of the (many =:) pics were simply pleasant to look at, but this one stood out as worth sharing. ^_^

"I'll even split it with you."
Will it keep that long? *rimshot*

"We's quite proud of our ears. =:D"
And rightly so. Long, fuzzy and nomable... We -are- still talking about ears, right?

"So much of it's just luck, of course..."
Quite. I researched and selected a new digital camera for Pee & Em and I must say I'm rather impressed. It's the best I could find for the lowest price. It paid for itself on the first use. Anyway, I've tried a couple times to capture lightning with it: it works perfectly well, but you get a ratio of 10:1 brightly lit sky/lightning. It only has a manual exposure of 15 seconds, which is probably the most obvious flaw I could find.

"Bunny comic on Indiana Jones."
*Giggle* Somewhat less formidable now.

Agent Cooper reminds me of James Stewart's character, Elwood P. Down, in Harvey. Unashamedly pleasant, easy-going, friendly: innocent.

Eating a fillet is like eating a meaty cloud. Salt and a garlic-butter & parsley is the staple base for eating one. Doesn't need much. So tender, so juicy.. *drool*

A real cider flavour in a commerical cider, now that is something rare.