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Hey, akira114, are you out there? Can anyone else who knows him confirm he's still alive and squirming? [Edit: all clear! A great relief, even if there remains some geographical repositioning to be accomplished]

I'm curious - what made you choose your species? Is it a life-long affinity, or something more blown across by the winds of fate? If you've changed species, do you know why that happened?

otter3 noticed the latest in SCEA's PixelJunk series, Eden. Very odd, very interesting looking; reminiscent of Loco Roco as if designed by Drum Machine's creator in a mellow mood. I may yet have to put a PS3 on the wishlist.

Ooh, I may have to pick up a few shirts - Rabbit Valley's currently running an offer via FA for $5 delivery on orders over $50. (Shirts can't be digitally delivered, whilst comics can, so I don't mind ordering the former, especially when the Coyote River, FurAffinity: United, and Obey the Ferrox ones are just calling out for good homes) You'll have to visit FA to find out the coupon code, though. *grin* (On which theme, does anyone have recommendations for furcon shirts? ISTR MFM having some good designs, but I can't find anywhere on their site to buy previous ones)

Tired of the 1998-style "portal" that the Dilbert site recently transmogrified into? Here's the fast version, crisp, crunchy, and almost Googlian in simplicity.

And the music? Over here - and there's much more where that came from. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Heh! Amusing that you wound up falling for a rat.. ^_^ (Or did he fall for you? Maybe difficult to tell, I suppose - like a dance, it only really works if both are in step)

I actually began as a raccoon myself, based on Alan Dean Foster's character in Bloodhype, one of his minor potboilers. (Wish I still had some of my early artwork - one pic I'm thinking of had three 'coon kits balancing on each other's shoulders, reaching up to the cookie jar on a high shelf =:)

It's interesting to contemplate that sensation of belonging, when a species fits somehow. Maybe not as powerful as that revelatory moment when you realise others feel that way about anthropomorphics too, but no less welcome, and welcoming.