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Hey, akira114, are you out there? Can anyone else who knows him confirm he's still alive and squirming? [Edit: all clear! A great relief, even if there remains some geographical repositioning to be accomplished]

I'm curious - what made you choose your species? Is it a life-long affinity, or something more blown across by the winds of fate? If you've changed species, do you know why that happened?

otter3 noticed the latest in SCEA's PixelJunk series, Eden. Very odd, very interesting looking; reminiscent of Loco Roco as if designed by Drum Machine's creator in a mellow mood. I may yet have to put a PS3 on the wishlist.

Ooh, I may have to pick up a few shirts - Rabbit Valley's currently running an offer via FA for $5 delivery on orders over $50. (Shirts can't be digitally delivered, whilst comics can, so I don't mind ordering the former, especially when the Coyote River, FurAffinity: United, and Obey the Ferrox ones are just calling out for good homes) You'll have to visit FA to find out the coupon code, though. *grin* (On which theme, does anyone have recommendations for furcon shirts? ISTR MFM having some good designs, but I can't find anywhere on their site to buy previous ones)

Tired of the 1998-style "portal" that the Dilbert site recently transmogrified into? Here's the fast version, crisp, crunchy, and almost Googlian in simplicity.

And the music? Over here - and there's much more where that came from. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
But with some lapine sympathies, ne? =:)

Ooh, FM! Maybe I should pop along there someday again.. it's been ages since I went MUCKing anywhere. It'd be FT I'd call in on first, of course.

Feel free to take inspiration from the Shere Khan pic, needless to say - the world needs more lycra furriness. ^_^ Maybe once I've shed some poundage, I'll try something nicely fluorescent, like that recent bunny trio - a lovely basic design to begin with, but those colors were just faaaaabulous. ^_^

Are the Catians canon now? A quick Wiki suggests not, sadly.. hmm. Clearly, we need to infiltrate the crew of the current ST movie..

(Deleted comment)
Maybe I should pose a similar question in another entry sometime, but enquiring after people's "secondary" species - the ones they aren't, but they keep peeking out here and there, just as I'd been using lapine usernames for a few years before I actually changed.

Mmm, I know how that goes - policy aside, I'm usually just too occupied during the day to indulge in even LJ, let alone something like SL. That said, it's a tempting idea to be around in SL - though it can be asking for trouble to be AFK for too long. =:)

'Course, my next step is to actually be in SL more, and try shattering this daft shyness that seems to've descended. I think that'll be improving naturally anyway, with the new gig doing a good job of providing cerebral stimulation again. ^_^

Ha! I'd love to know first-hand, but I imagine nobody will say. Definitely would be nice to have some real furriness in the ST universe, even if that does necessarily complicate the prosthetics and CGI. (Thinking of which, wouldn't a movie adaptation of Spellsinger be fun? Seems perfectly suited to the big screen, too. But for something awe-inspiring, the Chanur saga or Vernor Vinge's "A Fire Upon the Deep"..)

(Deleted comment)

No, the Kzinti themselves were pulled in for ``The Slaver Weapon'', the adaptation of ``The Soft Weapon''; they were also referenced in a few other episodes. This was done, mind you, with Larry Niven's full awareness and reasonable eagerness. About the same time he also wrote for Land of the Lost, which was also being made through David Gerrold's effort. (In fact, the Kzinti existing in the Animated Trek universe meant that as Filmation collapsed this threatened to complicate efforts to license spinoff projects for both Animated Trek and for Known Space, which very likely contributed to the infamous memo about not using Animated Trek references in tie-in products: it wasn't as clear who had rights to what as would be convenient.)

Anyway, the point is, the Caitians were put in because it was finally no particular budgetary cost to have more aliens in the cast, and it opened up the show's scope, and cat aliens are always popular. Early tie-in stuff tried to put in a link between Caitians and Kzinti, which probably reflects awareness that Lincoln Enterprises and Larry Niven knew if they could sell the same stuff to two fanbases they were making both richer.

As for my species: basically, as I was thinking of characters -- I had the name picked out first, actually -- I realized I really quite liked raccoons, but would prefer something stranger. So I was looking about in the Encyclopedia-on-CD which came with my Performa 6115 and ran across a picture of the coati: an animal very much like the raccoon, but stranger. Perfect. Haven't looked back.

I started as a perfectly normal coati, but allowed the transformations other worked to have their effects. As a result on Spindizzy he's perfectly elastic, and silver-furred (a side effect of Shiny Weekend). On Furry he's gigantic, with glowing, minty fur. On the lamented FurToonia, he's a clay elemental. I'm sorry I can't roleplay with that more.

(Deleted comment)
*grin* No problem! It's definitely a nice promo - delivery costs are something of a hindrance with physical items, after all, and I've been eyeing a few shirts lately anyway. ^_^ Seems odd, I feel, that not more artists choose to produce shirts - I know I'm much more likely to buy a good image as a shirt than a print, but, maybe I'm just strange.

Don't forget to give him some help with that mailbag! =:)

Whoa. From the thumbnail, I thought that tiger was a Michele Gault sculpture on an acrylic base. But no, it's people!
*grin* It is rather deviously posed, ne? I admit to adding to the appearance by cropping out the stand to the left, which is what caused a few additional neurons to go "hey.. wait a minute. Why would someone make a model camera stand?"

(I daren't think how awkward posing in skates must be. Eep!)
what made you choose your species?

It's because of something that once happened in my bedroom, unsuitable for discussion in a public post.

As for why I'm in the Fandom, that has to do with the US Government and its refusal to grant me an exit visa from what is supposed to be a "free country", which made me feel like a beaten-down dog.  But I won eventually!
I am, of course, duly intrigued. =:D

Sadly, it does sometimes rather seem the avaricious and fear-mongering have the upper hand at the moment - on the other paw, judging by the dismal condition of the Republican base lately, that may be something in the past. Far from over, though, given the horror the Dems exhibit at the prospect of investigating the multitudinous constitutional violations and war crimes the administration's been so proud to promote as policy - what need for cover-ups when it's far more profitable to be proud of such deeds, free from any fear of retribution?

what made you choose your species?

That's an easy one layered on a more difficult question. Darac, as well as a number of other alts of mine, are from the novel I was once writing. Sadly, I've just not done anything with that novel for ages. Not from lack of ideas, more from lack of time. I hope I've got the drafts around somewhere, though.

The more difficult question? Out of the species in my novel, why did I plump with nisabE as my main persona?
What made me choose my species. Hummmm.

Well, I started off as a dragon. "Dunkelzahn" to be precise? I totally ripped off the character from Shadowrun and had no shame about it. Then, around 96 or 97, I lost my dunkelzahn hotmail address. Seems some folks didn't like an email I sent and got it killed. I was pretty upset about that, since I had a few Abe Groter originals in there, but what can you do?

Anyway, I decided I needed a new persona, and the otter stood out. But I wanted to be unique, so as to stand out from the other otters I'd seen. I chose white fur, with blue lighning bolt patterns. Then I figured, river/sea otter crossbreed.

I gave him a backstory that was more like a small novella and began to live that novella out. And the funny thing is, the more I played him, the more like him I became. I guess I liked the way people reacted to him.

What I never really understoon until a few months ago, is that I wasn't becoming more like him, I was shedding the crap the kept me from being the good, upstanding person that I envisioned him to be. It's been a bumpy road though.

Currently, however, I'm exploring bats as a alter-ego. I rather like bats, of all shapes, sizes and species.

I also like bunnies. Well, lemme be honest, I absolutely adore bunnies. Big, lovely feet...fluffy tail, long floppy ears...*melt*.

What's odd, however, is that I don't feel any kinship with them. I just find them to be exceptionally beautiful, cute, loving and worthy of worship. Guess I don't feel worthy enough to be one, though.
Me, I've just had a life-long love for rabbits. (Can you blame me? *g*) I was raised on Winnie the Pooh, shared quite a few formative years of my life with a wonderful Netherland dwarf named Oreo, etc., etc... by the time I turned 11 and read Watership Down for the first time, the whole thing was entrenched enough for me to recognize that I loved WD so much not because it was an amazingly well-wrought adventure story, but because it was about rabbits.

What about you? What made you turn into a rabbit after years of red panditude? Don't think you're going to get away without me asking you that question! =;)
"I'm curious - what made you choose your species?"

It found me. Always knew, and just took a while to flesh it out over time.

Puppy is another story. The Bunny is a solution to a problem of "furry bike riding". And others that found me, but there's more to it than I wanna get into at the moment. :)
True, your furry genesis is quite a saga! Might be worth a long LJ entry someday, as and when you feel up to it. Though I suppose anyone who's known you for more than a year or two has some understanding of it all, and anyone else, I've no idea whether you'd feel comfortable, or indeed, any actual need to explain.

I admit, I've been really quite tickled to see how Bunny's grown on you, at least judging by your SL (and YouTube!) entries. ^_^ Reminds me, I need to watch that surfing vid. And maybe even pop into SL, if I wind up not running out of time.. evenings seem to have this habit of suddenly skipping forwards by an hour or two, apparently. Maybe I need a Doctor. =:)

Skuff is almost licence to say anything really. Fursuits are cute, and if you perform half decently in one you can get away with a lot. Like giving another fursuiter bunny ears. Or making social commentary and rendering peole unable to make a comeback statement because they were just 1-upped by a BUNNY.

On SL, the bunny is fun to play around with, but almost impossible to work into some sports becasue of lag/scriping. I'm wokring on it, and in fact there's a comp this weekend I'm thinking of using the bunny in, just to change it up a little. They all seen the cat, time to shake things up a little. Plus it's an Irish sim, irish lop anyone?
Now that I have a debit card again, I actually have a chance to purchase Coyote River sometime. The bunneh co-star looks delicious. ^_^
Oh, it's a fun series! Definitely recommended, at least on the basis of the first two parts. I just wish there were sanctioned digital distribution of the title - I don't buy paper any longer, having moved around too many times to make that at all attractive a prospect. The premise is maybe nothing radical, but the writing style works well, and Chris McKinley's artwork carries it off ideally.

And good news on the card front! Was that the bank's idea of a birthday present? =:)

the card was neither's idea. It's a pre-paid charity card where you pre-load funds onto the card with Paypal or a mobile phone and then can spend what you put on the card as though it was a normal Maestro debit card. I saw the ad in The Mirror. A percentage of each transaction goes to the Aspinall Foundation to help save gorillas.
(Deleted comment)
Heh! Amusing that you wound up falling for a rat.. ^_^ (Or did he fall for you? Maybe difficult to tell, I suppose - like a dance, it only really works if both are in step)

I actually began as a raccoon myself, based on Alan Dean Foster's character in Bloodhype, one of his minor potboilers. (Wish I still had some of my early artwork - one pic I'm thinking of had three 'coon kits balancing on each other's shoulders, reaching up to the cookie jar on a high shelf =:)

It's interesting to contemplate that sensation of belonging, when a species fits somehow. Maybe not as powerful as that revelatory moment when you realise others feel that way about anthropomorphics too, but no less welcome, and welcoming.
(Deleted comment)
Hee! Not such a bad introduction to furrydom. ^_^ And indeed, TTA was part of my intro to the net as well, and the route to falling in love. (I'd say "for the first time", but you know how it goes.. it only counts if the other person can reciprocate that pinnacle of feeling, which hasn't been the case since that time)

Wish I had my copy with me - I could just go for rewatching HISMV today. ^_^

If you had to choose another species, would it be difficult? Any you'd be more or less inclined towards? (It's difficult to imagine you not as a bunny, I'd admit, but if anything else, how about a skunk? Not for their toony characteristics, but as a morph in general)
Life-long affinity for bunnies.