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As you may well have seen elsewhere on your flist, the California Supreme Court announced its reversal of the Court of Appeals' decision to ban gay marriage. ^_^ The decision was, with a modicum of irony, announced on the anniversary of Jerry Falwell's death, and will take effect on June 14, conveniently in time for for San Francisco LGBT Pride 2008. ^_^ Naturally, the knuckle-draggers are pledging to bring another ballot proposal up in November - the Governor has declared he won't support any such measure, although I'm uncertain whether his consent is required. (SFGate) From the JMG comments: "I live in SF and was instructing a class at work. Upon hearing the news, I started crying. My class stood up and clapped."

As neonbunny noted of a landmark case in Virginia, in 1963 - not so very long ago - which led to the threat of 25 years imprisonment, if the newlyweds didn't leave the state, never to return, as one of them was white, the other black; Mildred Loving was reported last year as saying, "Government has no business imposing some people's religious beliefs over others. Especially if it denies people's civil rights. I am still not a political person, but I am proud that Richard's and my name is on a court case that can help reinforce the love, the commitment, the fairness, and the family that so many people, black or white, young or old, gay or straight seek in life. I support the freedom to marry for all. That's what Loving, and loving, are all about."

There's obviously been some tan rabbits in the area, as some of those in the nearby warren have some interesting markings as a result - one, for instance, sports a broad stripe down the back of his head, in marked contrast to the rest of his more usual grey-blue. Another was posed in an elegant profile, with shading as if drawn in pointillism, with each major facial and body muscle group clearly defined.

Whilst the buses may not be much use in the mornings (though that hardly matters any longer, given I'm all of a fifteen minute walk from the office - partially out of choice, as I usually aim to keep the commute short, as glorious as the two hour ride from University City up to Carlsbad was, but mostly out of luck, given this would've already been taken, had the owners not been quite particular about not letting the place to anyone who smokes), I'm pleased just how easy it can be to get nicely stocked up on the groceries front, with one route running past the office, letting off within a minute or two's walk of Sainsbury and M&S, with the stop on the way back not much further from home. ^_^ It's now a matter of balancing out doing that during the week, versus letting them just deliver to the door for not much more cost. (But I like wandering around, seeing the items in person, not to mention you can't take advantage of marked down items online, or the occasional generosity, such as the Waitrose butcher, who slashed the price of some delicious beef sausages, finally giving the remaining ones away =:)

Thursday: beef meatballs in a weird and wonderful sauce, on basil papparedelle. =:) I was feeling in a mushroomy mood, and started with some instant mushroom & madeira soup as a base, except I added spicy lentil. Well, no matter. A pile of sliced mushrooms later, and it's fairly fungal. Spices and miscellaneous augmentations.. oh, Sichuan pepper, Greek basil, garlic powder, sherry vinegar, capers, smoked paprika, wasabi (including real wasabi!). And a good amount of chopped broccoli and much mangetout for vegetabliness and crunch, added a couple minutes before serving.

Poll #1188528 In which we prepare some foods of the proletariat

Carrots, mangetout, green beans

Hot and crunchy
Middle of the road
Boiled into submission
Other (say more!)

Bacon (or preferred vegetarian simile)

Crispy (grilled or fried)
Juicy (grilled or fried)

Fried eggs


Scrambled eggs


Eggs (other)

Boiled (firm)
Boiled (runny)


It's been introduced to the photograph of a flame
Medium rare
I call this charcoal "Bob"

Your benevolent dictator has tired of you. What will your final dessert be, assuming the best it can be?

Carrot cake
It is a good day to diet
Sadly, boiled into submission and then drowned in butter is the only method of preparation that turns me on. I think I was abused by a hospital cafeteria when I was young.

Also, the eggs poll needs clarification. Some people cook eggs to have runny whites. That's just...not right. But runny yolks are welcome.

And I got really confused when you started talking about tan bunnies with funny markings...for a minute I thought it was a complicated metaphor on the same subject as the preceding paragraph!
Eeek! *faints* Although butter can work wonders, it has to be said. I don't tend to use oils in cooking (there's usually enough on or in the meat, and if not, something like soy sauce, lemon juice, or other liquids are much more fun anyway), but a little butter is a wonderful thing, be it salted or unsalted. ^_^ Works especially well on asparagus, I find. =:9

I did wonder about clarifying the poll, but of course, LJ polls can't be modified once posted. Runny whites is surely some kind of psychological marker.. but I'm quite surprised to see how relatively popular solid scrambled eggs are, versus their runnier cousin. Perhaps the texture's unappealing to some, or it could well just be a regional thing - almost nobody who chose runny scrambled eggs is (more or less) from the US. This warrants further research. SCIENCE!

Well, bunnies have been associated with loving each other - although some are less choosy than others. =:)