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They're.. bunny slippers.

I was tickled to notice the graffiti on a subway wall in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire - half an hour from London - in elegant stencilled copperplate script, "Jostle". It has no local significance (club, etc) I'm aware of. Is cool.

Civilisation meets Cardiff! Well, okay, more. The city will be gaining.. a sushi restaurant!. In May, when I'll be gods know where, possibly much further east anyway.. but still. It's the principle. (For those of you playing along at home, it's just to the right of the Queen's Street station, around the corner) Might be interesting for anyone local to see how it turns out.. the UK does sit in some good (well, until the overfishing kicked in big time, followed by griping from the industry about nasty bureaucrats imposing horrible quotas) fishing waters, but obviously, yielding quite different fishies to those of the Pacific Rim, east or west. (Although there's no shortage, mercifully, of mackerel.. speaking of which, here's a recipe for good nigiri saba. )

Response by Alison Chaiken on

=== (Bazile) writes:
> 1. Lightly score the saba in a cross-hatch (skin-side).
> 2. Sprinkle the saba with salt and sake.
> 3. Let it marinade for 15 to 20 minutes in the fridge.
> 4. Lightly rinse off the salt/sake.
> 5. Broil, turning, until brown on both sides.
> 6. Lemon slices, daikon, shoyu, etc.
> My friend cooked this on the BBQ grill, but I've since made it
> countless times in my toaster-oven.

We made this and it was delicious:

By pure good luck 99 Ranch 99 had "Norwegian mackerel" on sale on
Thursday night and this nearly four pounds of fish was only $4.36

> What a difference the quick salt/sake rub makes.

No argument from me. We used nigori (unfiltered) sake just because it
was already open and it gave the fish a pleasant sweetness, almost
like a coconut milk sauce.

If you try this, please let me know, in all its mouth-watering glory, just how good it was.. ^_^

And zoom! - I'm off again. Fastest panda in the West! (Well, okay.. not really. But we are very cuddly an' foofly)
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