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They're.. bunny slippers.

I was tickled to notice the graffiti on a subway wall in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire - half an hour from London - in elegant stencilled copperplate script, "Jostle". It has no local significance (club, etc) I'm aware of. Is cool.

Civilisation meets Cardiff! Well, okay, more. The city will be gaining.. a sushi restaurant!. In May, when I'll be gods know where, possibly much further east anyway.. but still. It's the principle. (For those of you playing along at home, it's just to the right of the Queen's Street station, around the corner) Might be interesting for anyone local to see how it turns out.. the UK does sit in some good (well, until the overfishing kicked in big time, followed by griping from the industry about nasty bureaucrats imposing horrible quotas) fishing waters, but obviously, yielding quite different fishies to those of the Pacific Rim, east or west. (Although there's no shortage, mercifully, of mackerel.. speaking of which, here's a recipe for good nigiri saba. )

Response by Alison Chaiken on ba.food:

zenibaz@yahoo.com (Bazile) writes:
> 1. Lightly score the saba in a cross-hatch (skin-side).
> 2. Sprinkle the saba with salt and sake.
> 3. Let it marinade for 15 to 20 minutes in the fridge.
> 4. Lightly rinse off the salt/sake.
> 5. Broil, turning, until brown on both sides.
> 6. Lemon slices, daikon, shoyu, etc.
> My friend cooked this on the BBQ grill, but I've since made it
> countless times in my toaster-oven.

We made this and it was delicious:


By pure good luck 99 Ranch 99 had "Norwegian mackerel" on sale on
Thursday night and this nearly four pounds of fish was only $4.36

> What a difference the quick salt/sake rub makes.

No argument from me. We used nigori (unfiltered) sake just because it
was already open and it gave the fish a pleasant sweetness, almost
like a coconut milk sauce.

If you try this, please let me know, in all its mouth-watering glory, just how good it was.. ^_^

And zoom! - I'm off again. Fastest panda in the West! (Well, okay.. not really. But we are very cuddly an' foofly)
Are you in Cardiff? O.o
I'm to be found in many places.. ^_^ But as I type this, in the Chapter, in Cardiff. Canton, to be exact. Though I'll be off again shortly, returning probably on Monday or Tuesday. (No connectivity back home, frustratingly, but this iBook's destined for the family anyway, and I'm pushing home the utility of a landline, if they actually want to get online.. and supposedly the local exchange is serving DSL)
*waves to you from a few stops up the Valley Lines, in (sunny?) Penrhiwceiber*

How nice to have someone else in (at least sometimes) the local area.
Ahh, not too far away from where I spent a few years, a hop away from the Porth stop! (Well, for values of "hop" equating to a really pleasant long walk up a decent hill, with the steepest gradient kept for the very top..)

Is there some sort of WalesFur group? Furclusters seem to be springing up all around, even in strange, exotic territories like Southampton, let alone London.

Wonder if any local furs enjoy good beer? ^_^
There used to be, but all the members grew up and moved away.. so did I, but I moved back :D
But out in the country? Still, as long as there's DSL, that's the main thing. ^_^ I could see myself living in Cardiff, perhaps, though a job might come in handy first. The programming industry's sitting in the toilet, but maybe I could withstand somewhere like Richer Sounds for a while without throttling a potential customer with an interconnect cable..
Pah, all this fancy nice cooking. Why in my day, we only used to have ready meals and oven chips. Okay, so that's because those like me are a) Poor and lazy and b) Don't like to stop in the kitchen for long, as the rest all smoke, but er...um... look over there!

*runs off, proving he's faster than the floofy panda*
Don't like to stop in the kitchen? Egad. Well, I suppose being born in an inn (with restaurant and small dance hall; might've had a manger or two as well) has rubbed off on me.. ^_^ You might've noticed I love spending time working on some interesting new dish or other.. although, that's not to say any more time is required to illuminate what might otherwise be a tedious dish - like brussels. Just cook them in some orange juice and coriander, and they spring to life. Metaphorically. Though all they'd be able to do would be roll around the place, and they'd quieten down again once in the freezer, so there's really very little to worry about.

I could just use a really good pasty. But outside of Cornwall, that's not a hopeful prospect. (May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the management of Ginsters for bringing this fine county into such disrepute!)

See, Skyler never gets turned into a giant and tended by an underdressed woman who's really not as sexy as the photographer seems to think when he's a pair of bunny slippers. At least, they never told me about it happening.

I wonder what it'd be like to be worn? (As opposed to "out") Or being a liquid, and then consumed.. hm. I recall Hedonism writing a few off-beat tales along those lines, come to think of it.

How come no macrofurs ever wear anything on their feet? You'd have thought boots with good soles (or heels) would come in wonderfully handy when stomping puny cities into dust. (Destroy make some suitable styles, f'rex)

I've wondered about being worn. My elastic and clay forms (Spindizzy and FurToonia) lend themselves to it, but they're not really clothing; they just mould well. Skyler liked it, but people tended to shy away from putting them on; I think there's a tendency to try leaving people alone. I do fantasize now and then about being liquid, but not being drunk by others.

Some macrofurs do indeed wear shoes, or boots, or (in one giant cavy I know) sandals. I almost got stomped in the Giants Club for pushing one 150-foot-tall fellow with knee-high boots; my question was just whether he gigantified an ordinary pair of boots, tanned the hides of a macrocow, or stitched together thousands of hides to get the boots. I still think it's a fair question.