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DIDI-7 Brand Religion™

I thought this visual search was rather neat, even if the demo doesn't really push the tech very far. Basically, it shows them taking a photo of the Finding Nemo DVD cover, with a hand deliberately obscuring part of the cover, and sending the image to their server. That recognises what's being presented, and returns various relevant links, including a YouTube clip, the soundtrack's page on the iTunes Store, a synopsis of the movie, and so on. They make a point of the fact the image can be partially obscured, at an angle, skewed, or upside down, so there's no requirement the image presented be clean and tidy.

The perils and benefits of being a poodle, as discovered by neonbunny. ^_^;

Not, unfortunately, the wonderful lapine version as created by Bunn, but you can pick up a free Iron Man av, and optionally enter their photography competition, with the winner picking up L$100k, and a runner-up receiving L$25k; entries in by May 7. Or, of course, you can just have fun. ^_^

Of techie SL interest: a photo from an internal developmental version of the viewer, showing direct shadowing.

Geek humor in very poor taste over here. rabitguy will get this. =:D

Meanwhile, zrath recommends this and this as superb examples of LOLfashion, Parisienne style. ^_^ (Hey, vandringar!)

Friday turned out to be a particularly bright day for rabbiteering, with several to be seen, including a group of four in one of the favored spots, alternately chasing each other in acrobatic style, and casually nibbling away; meanwhile, others felt relaxed enough to just let the spring breeze caress their fur. I may have to work out a way to get my paws on a Lumix before next month, at this rate.. still, I doubt they're going anywhere. ^_^ It's about as good a home for them as it gets, with some on farmland and the rest neighboring it, so even the occasional fox is probably going to be made to feel unwelcome, though it clearly pays to keep an eye out regardless.

The superbly talented Chris Goodwin would like you to have a paper "print out, cut, and fold" bunny. ^_^

If you have a couple minutes to spare, I'd like to share one of my old favorites from Not everyone will get the style of humor, but if you're reading this.. =:D
> A sin, an instant of rebellious pride of the intellect, made
> Lucifer and a third part of the cohort of angels fall from their glory.
> A sin,an instant of folly and weakness, drove Adam and Eve out of Eden
> and brought death and suffering into the world.

And now this sin can be washed away easily using the NEW DIDI-7 Brand Religion(tm)!!
Geek With Fake British Accent: Look at this, Sue! A dirty, filthy soul!
Bland TV Personality: Goodness, Mike... you'll NEVER EVER get that one clean! Might as well just throw it away!
GWFBA: You would think so, wouldn't you? That would be typical of the post-modern nuclear consumerist American disposable society, of which people watching TV at 3am are DEFINITELY members.
BTVP: I agree, Mike! So where's the trash can?
GWFBA: Just one second, Sue. This soul looks pretty dirty right now, doesn't it?
BTVP: Yes, Mike, it does. Those stains will NEVER come out! Right, audience?
BTVP: But... what are you doing with those Deadly Sins, Mike?
BTVP: Oh NO, Mike! You've spilled Greed and Lust all over the soul! Well, that's it: that soul will NEVER be clean! Will it, audience?

.. and thus it proceeds. ^_^
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