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No photos, with my camera out for the count, but Thursday was a bounteous day on the lapine front. ^_^ First one pair, then another pair not far along, a bit later on, and finally, yet another, in a different field - this time, one completely relaxed, whilst the other groomed and massaged. ^_^ (But still alert enough to get by, which is just as well - that morning, we saw a small fox trot through the parking lot, no less wary of the twoleggers)

Yay! The other programmer will, with any luck, be able to bring back one of his Minolta A200s on Monday - so I'll be in a position to try taking some photos of the local lapines. Some of them might even feature vaguely recognisable blurs. ^_^

A snippet of SL humor over here; be sure to read the "update" footnote, and Pathfinder's comment. =:D

Wow. So.. this week was quite the intense introduction to SPI, I2C, and allied TWIs, and the CPU's SSC, SPI, PDC, and AIC units. Not to mention investigating some misbheavior by taking one component from a pre-production unit, by removing four microscopic SMD components and wiring the device to a CPU eval board, then hooking up another eval board to that, and rounding it off by monitoring ten important lines on the logic analyzer/scope. Interrupt City, yay! And the DMA engine's actually rather nice to use, though we're having to drive one crucial chip in a slightly funky manner. So nifty, feeling the project actually coming together, everyone putting in their final contributions as we head towards the finish line. Some fiendishly talented people, to be sure, the aforementioned coworker especially. Ingenuity is inspirational. ^_^
but Thursday was a bounteous day on the lapine front.

Oh wow, lucky you! It has been forever since I caught a glimpse of a fox, and every rabbit I've seen this spring has been going by at top speed. Though the last one I saw was no more than five feet away when he bolted, which was kind of neat.

And you really do find the cutest pictures.
It was just so gloriously random - we were chatting in the office, and Gareth noticed said voop through one of the windows, and dashed out for a better view, calling me out too. As soon as I realised why, I came out, rain be damned. ^_^ And there he was, trotting off, looking behind him as he headed into the neighboring field. (The business park used to be part of the adjacent farm - from what I can see, they just keep several sheep now, and a few horses and goats)

Ah, Shiuk does draw some fantastically warm-hearted pieces.. definitely the kind of art that keeps my own artistic aspirations alive. Hopefully I'll be able to indulge those again before too long, with the move intended for next weekend - that'll finally mean having the tablet and keyboard again. Even (?) with time so precious now, I feel that much more incentive to do something with that time - Hyzenthlay's not ideally suited to heavy duty Reason or Logic (so to speak), but it's still fine for just about anything else, especially the kind of noodling around I'd want to get up to, exploring the synthesis possibilities afforded by Logic's stock instruments, libraries like Acoustic Legends HD, and pure synthesis in Absynth especially.

It's a magical moment to be near wildlife. People don't experience nearly enough of a connection with their surroundings and environment, I feel, for which we're all the poorer. But such wonderful times happen nonetheless. ^_^