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Eudora fans (a certain NorCal ottah comes to mind =:) might want to check out the forthcoming Odysseus, which does indeed look quite promising. No more three-pane pain!

Meanwhile, folks at Stanford are setting up the Quake Catcher Network, using the accelerometers in post-2004 Apple laptops, with a Windows version to follow. "We're not trying to predict earthquakes, we're trying to measure them very rapidly and get the information out before damage is done to large populations." "Hundreds of sophisticated seismometers are already in place in California, but they're spaced relatively far apart. The new distributed network wouldn't replace those, says Paul Davis, a professor of geology at the University of California, Los Angeles, but 'it would fill in the gaps.'"

Maybe it's just me, but I found this Flash demo from NaniMoose quite captivating. It's just a pair of eyes, but they're highly configurable.. roundness, center balance, slant, eyelash weight, and so forth.

Koinup's running another Windlight photo contest, open until May 7, with three prizes of L$20k (~ US$75) up for grabs. I'd highlight the Merovingi Fashion Awards 2008, with category winners receiving a 20" iMac - the real thing, not an SL version - but nominations closed last month. It's now time for the showcase week. I don't follow SL fashion, but I'll admit I'm interested in seeing who's in the running in the furry category. (And not merely a celebration of design panache, but apparently raising funds for Doctors Without Borders, and the National Cancer Society)

Beer for the day: 1066 Country Bitter, from the White Brewing Company in Bexhill-on-Sea. A world apart from the usual wilting flowers of most bitters' hops, this pushes well into the league of ales.

Assuming I wind up landing the house I'm hoping for (and how!), I might eventually be able to give a home to a pair of bunnies. ^_^ What recommendations do you have for breeds, and general guidelines on rabbitproofing a home, and their general health, feeding, and welfare? This wouldn't be until perhaps the end of the year, and only once I'd researched everything well, so there's no hurry. (One breed that appeals is the Belgian Hare, but I imagine I'll simply go along to a shelter and see who takes to me)

In the meantime, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 is the current leading contender on the camera front. The emphasis is still on the automatic control of the camera, but it beats even the Ricoh Caplio R7, with a good quality Leica lens, and a hefty 10x optical zoom, in a similarly diminutive case. Ideal for wildlife photography, whilst still being suitable for slipping into a pocket, such as lunchtime today, when I was able to enjoy watching a pair of wild grey rabbits munching in a field near the office. ^_^

.. and it appears the aforementioned rental application was approved. =:D
Yay for rental application approval! Now you'll need to create your new digs in intricate detail on SL so everybody can come visit virtually. :)

I say yes, go to the shelter and pick up some friends. I've always been fond of the English Spot, but anybunny will be lovely, I'm sure. :)
*grin* I'll probably wind up taking a pile of photos (somehow, given the old A200 seems to've given up the ghost, hence the musings over its replacement) when I move in, and before it looks too.. *cough* lived in. =:) It's not a huge place, but easily large enough I'd be able to invite a few folks over comfortably for a barbecue. And the long, comfy leather couches will be perfect for sinking into after a long day, or just a good walk along the nearby trail, given the place is only a street or two away from the edge of town.. hopefully the new camera (probably not until June, though) will be seeing a lot of use. ^_^ (And rabbiteering could use perking up, ne?)

Awww! Jaci's Irish Nora in particular, over here in the page's photos reminds me of you. ^_^ Just something about that expression..
A200 as in the Konica-Minolta A200? I'm very familiar with the A2, which is a similar camera. :-)
The DMC-TZ5 has a smaller sensor (1/2.33" vs 2/3") with more pixels on it. That would usually mean noisier lower quality images. Also if the info on dpreview is correct, the DMC-TZ5 has no viewfinder - I find using an LCD to take photos outside on a sunny day just doesn't work for me. I can't see the screen very well and if I have to wear sunglasses, then it gets worse. Also, having used the A2, I really miss the electronic viewfinder when I use a camera that doesn't have one. There's just nothing like having an EVF after you're used to using one all the time. It's a smaller camera though, but maybe that's what you need - I haven't spent too much time researching compact digital cameras.
*grin* Ah, no, this A200. =:D Just a kind hand-me-down from giro_batol, initially really for taking some eBay photos, but it turned out to be ferpectly usable for general use, until recently, when a bad contact/dry joint somewhere turned it into something of a low resolution accelerometer/ghetto pedometer. *sigh* I'll probably get it apart and try fixing it, but with no zoom and a very modest 2MP sensor, I'm itching to land something better suited to wildlife photography anyway.

And what are these "sunny day" things you refer to?

It was worth taking a guess. :-)
Not like nobody else has used that letter-number combination before. At least I didn't confuse it with this A200, which would hopefully still be under warranty. ;-)
Or, indeed, this A200. Hey, it has a webcam!

Edited at 2008-04-23 11:03 pm (UTC)
Typing through a keyboard guard? O.o What, it has an original IBM PC keyboard? =:) (Beloved by some, but I can't stand the things - so noisy!)
So, back to the actual camera then. :-) The Lumix has one useful feature that is sadly lacking in any digital camera I own or ever owned - the ability to shoot HD movies at 30fps. That's something that I'd want. Interesting, especially in a compact. Best I can do is 544x408...
Very true! I could easily see myself taking advantage of that. A good still of a wild bunny or two is a delight, but a short clip showing them standing up, looking around, seeing how they actually move - even better. And with memory cards at current capacities, there wouldn't even be any need to worry about sucking up valuable space. All in a size I could slip into my pocket before going wandering along the trail, too.
Though, the coworker does actually have that A200 - indeed, a pair of them - I reshot the umpire tree using one a few weeks back. ^_^ Unfortunately, mine seemed to take umbrage at the infidelity..

Mm, it does seem a little odd not to have any kind of optical viewfinder - something I'd have to become acquainted with, given I'm really only familiar with very low end cameras. (Sadly, neither of my parents are especially interested in photography beyond basic snaps, so I grew up with basic 35mm, 126, and disc =:)

1066 Country Bitter? I wonder if there's any connection to the Battle of Hastings there. :)

Nice eye demo, too.

And good luck with the rabbits if you get some! :)
Heh. Coooouuuld be. =:) (For that matter, I wonder what beer around then tasted like.. as I recall, hops came along after then, with herbal combinations used previously)

I really should get into Flash sometime - the results can be so much fun, and I may well wind up using it in the salt mine later this year too.

*snug* Thanks. ^_^ As I said, I'd want to be fully prepared and educated before taking the plunge, but it seems like it could work out really well, providing they don't find the furniture too tasty. ^_^; I was just so pleased when the owners said they were cool with the idea! So often, pets of any kind are out of the question in rented accommodation, or if not, only maybe a cat and nothing else.

Hmm. Wonder if there are any houserabbit variants of the snowshoe hare..

*snugs back* Yeah, being prepared is definitely a good idea. ^^ And I'm sure the furniture will not be too tasty to them; my sister's rabbit, at least, never was interested in it as far as I know.

Mmm, getting into flash could be fun, yes. As for the salt mines, I assume that's your day job? :)

And yeah, it'd be interesting to know what beer was like then, but I'm not a big fan of beer in general, so I doubt I'd like it. :)
One thing I notived about the koinup contests, they're not "photos". They're digitally remastered, re layered, hyper-realistic representations of SL screen shots. Not a single "straight up photo" in the lot. Mine were all but ignored becasue of the soft-core porn and virtually airbrushed "bewbiez" around it.

I'll give it a go, I may re-take "home on the range" or something else just as surreal. Open theme but "higlight what windlight can do" is so strange a theme, basically it's going to be people taking water pics to sow the shine and such. But, I've got a plan, involving a bunny.
Oh, really? That's distinctly disappointing.. :-P I could understand perhaps the odd bit of use of enhancement, as you'll find in some of the New World Tableau submissions, where it adds an effect difficult to achieve with just the viewer, but a slavish devotion to post-processing seems like stretching the point somewhat, let alone the apparent affinity for cheesecake. Hey ho. Sounds like it wouldn't be a competition to spend a load of time on, but it couldn't hurt.

'Course, even the theme itself is a bit odd, given Windlight's part of the main viewer now.

If you need a spare bunny, I'm sure I could be persuaded. ^_^

I wonder what kind of percentage of the SL population furs make up.. probably not that big, in raw numbers, but maybe not that small either, given furrydom's one of the focus areas of Anshe Chung's business. Not that it really makes much difference, of course - the creative and fun sorts in SL make themselves known, one way or another, human, furry, robot, abstract, or anything else. All part of what makes the place quite so interesting..

Odysseus looks promising! Myself, I recently downgraded Eudora back to 5.2.1. I finally got fed up with v6's ssssloooow Check Mail function. Now there's hope I may be able to have Eudora functionality in Leopard! Thanks for the news!
I'll definitely be migrating, if it's got similar functionality to Eudora 5. I normally keep Mail visible all the time, but I don't like the window taking up too much space - which inevitably leaves the pane with the headers rather narrower than would be ideal. But widening that would make the message body pane too wide, and leave the window covering half the display. Then there's Mail's slow switching between large mailboxes, where Eudora would just be able to bring up the headers and any messages immediately.

Now, I wonder if they'll also be able to include top-notch importing from Mail and Eudora? The latter would be a nice bonus - then I might even be able to stitch together the few large archives, and have everything online again, though I'm not sure why I'd really want to. =:) (Wish I still had my Acorn email, but all that was from my floppy days, and those are no longer)

Like the author of that article, I was quite disappointed with Penelope - ultimately, not really much to do with Eudora, beyond some vague similarities, and I'm not much of a Thunderbird fan, offering the same awkward three-pane interface of Mail, but the typically clunky UI of a Mozilla app. Ah well. It's probably pleasing some people, and the more choice, the better.

Congrats on the approval of the rental application! How soon until things keep moving forward for that?

And that is quite the impressive photo-morph... if only I could start running into people like that in my day-to-day life ;P
Currently, I'm set to meet the agent again a week on Saturday, hand over a suitcase of unmarked bills, and receive the keys in return. ^_^ Oh, gods, it's going to be so good to have a place of my own again, for all the reasons you know so well. (Except you have someone special to share it with.. *phblltbt* =:)

Whilst I'd prefer perky ears, I can't say I'd mind in the least if I were to wake up like that someday.. though without a camera, how would I actually prove it? Just one more reason to get that Lumix (most likely, but I'll keep on researching the matter - but it does look like it'd be difficult to beat) Definitely a nice piece of work! I'll have to check their gallery offerings. (Yow, but time's been short lately.. still, not so bad a problem to have)
I do know exactly what you mean! Going back home just for the summer started to slowly drive me crazy...

Heh, yes and it's turned me into the little housewife... lucky for someone special I enjoy cooking!

So, nice place? You must tell me about it when you get the time... how's the kitchen? I think when Chris and I move, the state of the kitchen could well be the deciding factor for me where we end up!