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This is, in the non-colloquial sense, quite awesome: singing tesla coils, via barberio.. not so much electronica as electrica. Fantastic!

And as rabitguy noticed in this two minute clip, anyone can be twelve years old again. *giggle* (Keep watching - it begins solo, as it were, then a visual chorus =:)

Music for the day: djbalor's Ilmatar's Dance, a nicely bouncy track, yet with a hint of melancholy, and touches of 80s VGM. It's not a genre-buster or redefiner - just a track to play and enjoy. On a slightly gentler ambient note, meanwhile, eliki's "She Forgets" is a delightful piece, at the top of the playlist over here.

I must thank neonbunny for noticing a forthcoming ballot initiative, on the grounds that "on matters ranging from foreign relations to fiscal and environmental stewardship, no other president in American history has accomplished so much in such a short time": "Should the City and County of San Francisco rename the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility the George W. Bush Sewage Plant?" =:D

A cheery verse or two on Zimbabwe.

Very silly: the manly iPod dock (and combination gas meter). =:D

w00t! One nice little side effect of swapping the drives is I've now got a usable external drive for Time Machine - not just the extra space, but the 2.5" case previously held an older 60GB drive, which Hyzenthlay couldn't power unassisted over USB. Checking the drive showed it was rated at 5V @ 700mA, and USB only offers 500mA. The displaced 120GB, however, only requires 420mA, and works perfectly in the 2.5" case. ^_^ (And Time Machine finally works as quickly as it should - my guess is the gigantic file exclusion list is what was slowing it down before)

So, why did I feel such a quiet thrill at riding at the front on the top of a double decker bus? =:D Not the most nimble means of transport, but there's just something fun about them. ^_^

Of course, at the Wetherspoons, I had to go for Badger's Hoppy Hare ("Bound to Please" =:). A good choice, too, not a million miles from Bath Ales' Wild Hare, though the latter remains the better beer, in my meagre estimation. I wonder if Bath Ales need a mascot.. =:)
(Deleted comment)
Or, of course, cute bunny boys. =:9

Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to getting a kitchen of my own again.. I certainly don't mind having to partake of kebabs and sandwiches for many meals, but I take great pleasure in cooking, not to mention enjoying keeping my nutrition under control - with all the walking this gig involves, I'm beginning to get back into shape again, but it's hindered somewhat by having to rely on others to cook for me. Still, there are worse problems in life. ^_^

Ahh, library activity in SL! You might find fleetfur helpful - not a professional librarian, but he's been quite involved in the SL Teen Grid's library activities, and the SL education scene generally. Emergency staging? Now that's a fascinating use indeed.. might you have a link or two, perchance? Certainly could work, getting people accustomed to the checklists they'll need to run through, and even the layout of the buildings involved, without the need to pre-empt use of the actual venues. Even some of the equipment could be simulated, so people are used to the layout and commands available on a handheld's keypad, I'd imagine, perhaps even as far as simple message protocols used.

I think you might quite dig SL, actually. The interface is a bit clunky, and the client will devour any processor and graphics card you care to throw at it, but you don't have to look far beyond weblogs like SL Conceptual Creations, Not Possible in Real Life, or Charlot's Web to receive an idea of the possibilities, whether fantastic or practical. This is all happening in real-time, after all, with whatever anyone creates being immediately visible by anyone nearby - it's not a pre-rendered, canned world, but one anyone can add to, temporarily or permanently, with others potentially building upon your work. A subtle shift, but an important one.

Edited at 2008-04-19 09:10 pm (UTC)
Ooooh nice Zeusamaphone concert thar. Thank you. <3

Good music, too!

Here's a strange question, have you seen this Children's Show?

It's really quite good, they're adorable, teach well, and don't make rediculously long pauses waiting for the 'kids at home' to shout at the t.v. ^.^
It's something I really should try replicating. Maybe if I land the house I'm angling for.. gods only know what the neighbors will think - then again, there's a 132kV pylon not too far away. =:D

Ooh, that does look like it could be fun! Got any clips handy? (The site's in 1999 mode - Thou Shalt Use Only XP and WMP and cookies on, dammit, because we say so!) Speaking of children's TV, have you encountered the rather surreal, trippy "In the Night Garden"? I know I had a good clip around, but I can't seem to find it at the moment.. there are some on YT/GV/et al, all the same.
I tried looking for clips before I asked you but I couldn't find any, anywhere. Even on that site their video section doesn't have any. That site has a few art clips so you can see how cute they are, and the stylized mitten-hands they use are just perfect.

I actually get the channel I linked to there, so I've seen it before on that. ^.^;;

And no, that doesn't sound familiar. What is it about?
Oh, that's a nuisance! Such strange thinking on the part of the web designer, or more likely, the marketers responsible for what's Authorized™ to be (horrors!) viewable by the public. As you note, a quick check shows no clips on YT/GV.. any idea where it's shown in the world? Maybe the broadcasters are a little more forthcoming, or possibly capturing/torrenting, though kids' shows tend to receive less attention than the usual primetime stuff, at least on public trackers - it seems like anything outside the US primetime niche tends to be better served by specialist trackers.

What ItNG is about.. hmm. No idea. =:D Here's their BBC home, at any rate. kuma_chan might be able to help. ^_^
I wasn't able to find any video online of The Longhouse Tales when I went looking for it, either. But that one's not even in Wikipedia, save for a broken link on the producer's page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tele_Images_Kids

There's a ton of stuff I'd like to have/find but I don't know if it's even out there. Sometimes it comes up, sometimes not. Earlier today I found out that there were a couple Cuteification scenes on the old Beetlejuice cartoon show. I looked it up on Wikipedia, it's amazing that show went for like four seasons.
I believe one of the other furs had 'Hoppy Hare' at a mini get together we had a few weeks ago, as with a name like that who could resist. =:P Shame I'm not a drinker, or I might have been tempted myself!