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I thought circuit_four might be similarly warmed by this touching tale of porn tipping. ^_^

Telepathique: Eu Gosto is well worth a try. I'm not sure who to compare the project to, but maybe if you reanimated Paul Oakenfold with Amon Tobin and Fatboy Slim's sensibilities, you'd be somewhere in the right place. "Neither fish nor flesh, neither electro nor rave nor funk nor punk, but a cluster-fuck of all. Their 2006 debut ‘Last Time On Earth’ earned much respect in Portugal and Spain which led to a tour through the region, playing many festival gigs and sharing stages with Diplo, Hot Chip and Massive Attack."

On a more familiar musical note, ristin spotted this rather spiffy Red XIII. =:9

A noteworthy weblog, if you're interested in the artistic possibilities afforded (and there's no shortage of shinies): SL Conceptual Creations. Even if you've no interest in SL per se, it's quite visually engaging.

Here's a mind control/hypnosis story that's particularly well written: Undertow. Hypnosis is only of peripheral interest to me, inasmuch as it might aid the sensation of occupying another physical form, but this story's focus isn't on the act or process.. or maybe it is, but in a somewhat more oblique manner. Either way, it's worth reading.

Behold the Butter Wizard, just in case your kitchen is lacking in geegaws.

As the price had dropped considerably, I finally went ahead and picked up a shiny new 250GB drive for Hyzenthlay. ^_^ (Not quite uneventful getting it in place, as it seems the final revision PowerBooks include a magnetic shield, fairly securely affixed to the drive - we wound up carefully slicing away the tape used. Getting the 'book apart was quite easy, just involving quite a few screws) So nice, suddenly seeing everything still present as before, but now with 120GB or so free. ^_^ That, coupled with a key success at the salt mine, and getting the application off for the house I'm hoping to rent, has made for quite a happy bunny. ^_^ (And as before, if anyone willing to wear multiple programming hats wants a job, we'd love to help - you'll need to be ready to leap in, as there's no shortage of tasks ahead. C/C++, VB, C#, Delphi, Cocoa - it's all good. Analog electronics would be very cool, too)
I simultaneously have no idea and a perfect understanding of why. ^_^;

You never know - that might wind up landing Peggy a raft of commissions. =:D (Of course, that also depends on there being a good local pizza emporium or two, lest you wind up with eagerly delivered Domino's[1])

[1] Which is not to imply you'd actually patronise them. Or Little Caesar's, for that matter. Oy! Pizza Hut's okay as chains go, but when I gave up on them, their crusts always seemed to be half a step away from fried bread. :-P Mmm, another reason to long for a kitchen of my own - then I can set about creating Chicago style stuffed pizza again. (Though I can imagine having trouble with the dough - I'm fine with beer and wine yeasts, but bread yeasts seem to take one look at me and curl up their toes)

See, the issue is that even though she's utterly clueless about anything else involving the kitchen "food room," Peg actually makes the second best pizza in town herself.

Sometimes I really hate Boston. :)