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The Visit Mexico sims do look worth experiencing, recreating elements of Quintana Roo, Chiapas, Campeche and Tabasco. Obviously, no substitute for visiting the real regions themselves, but a lot easier to fit into a busy day. ^_^

The inevitable happened: sooner or later, any device winds up running Quake of some variety. Here's Quake III on an iPod touch. ^_^

Though for WTF factor, the news that Sonic Unleashed will feature a werewolf form of our blue hero probably takes some beating. Hee!

Want $2000? (US$, not L$ - even with the American Peso in its current condition, that's still plenty of broccoli and rocket) Enter TWiki.net's YouTube contest, deadline April 14th, as pointed out by jharish.

Toshiba's beginning sampling a somewhat novel graphics engine in the form of the SpursEngine SE1000, based on the Cell architecture. It's aimed more at video decoding, on first blush, rather than geometry tasks.

Nissan's island looks like being a pleasant distraction, with a surprisingly large number of freebies on offer, including some fairly bizarre contraptions and creatures.

On the subject of sims, I was quite pleased to note that Linden Lab recently dropped the setup fee from a fairly hefty $1675 to a rather more bearable $1000. Monthly maintenance remains at $295. Nice to see the barrier to entry lowered, all the same.

Nothing new, but the IMF's just come out with some new growth forecasts, putting the global figure at 3.7%, down from 4.95% last year, with a danger of global depression if that falls below 3%. More specifically, national figures are put at 0.5% US, 1.4% Europe, and 1.6% UK. Unsurprisingly, the worst effects will be in the US, its primary trading partners, and economies with currencies linked to the USD.

Did you know oil revenues contribute 40% of Mexico's federal income?

I did have to chuckle at the news of one future guest star on Doctor Who: Richard Dawkins. Heh! (Be warned, there's a modest spoiler at the end of the article, regarding episode six, giving away its title)

Of course, I'd first carefully made sure to forget the camera back in the office, but I was quietly pleased by the sight of a wild grey rabbit while on a lunchtime stroll around the trail nearby.

.. don't suppose anyone's thinking of indulging in some varied embedded fun in the wilds of Sussex, are they? C/C++ would be very useful, electronics fearlessness a definite plus (SMD, yay!). There's plenty to be done, and we could easily use at least one more good sort on board.
Did you know oil revenues contribute 40% of Mexico's federal income?

yeah, tell me about it. And we import 45% of our gasoline too. So, the price of a gallon there is the equivalent of $2.60 US.

That sounds like cheap, but in Mexico, the minimum wage is $5.5 US Dollars.... a day.
Not that it'll be getting better, of course - Pemex may say they need the freedom to invest in new technology to make improve extraction efficiency, but oil fields only have - surprisingly - finite capacities, as even the fun folks in the UAE and Saudi Arabia quietly understand. None of which spells much hope for food prices to come back down, pushed upwards by fuel costs, and in Mexico, by the decision to hand over wondrous subsidies to the oh-so-fragile economies of the agriculture corporations to turn corn into fuel, sending corn prices spiralling upwards.
The 40% figure for Mexico doesn't surprise me at all. Canada and Mexico are two of the biggest suppliers of oil to the US.

On a near totally unrelated note:

Now that could be some good speech writing. I wonder if there was a side guarantee to form a Department of Silly Walks for this. :D
I want to see Obama in the Ministry of Silly Walks. =:D (Though I'd settle for a spot of Basil Fawlty, especially the goose-step from the Germans episode, easily amongst my favorites of the show. Besides, it'd get all the right people in a tizzy =:)

I wonder if Stephen Fry's going to be lending any of the contenders a hand.. JC's speechwriting I'm largely unfamiliar with, but SF's quite prolific and erudite a writer of various guises.

Reminds me, I really should get around to watching the rest of Absolute Power sometime, the BBC TV (and radio) production with him as co-chief of a prominent PR agency. Each week, they'd be presented with a seemingly hopeless situation, yet manage to turn it around, all too plausibly - very sharply written indeed. ^_^

I'm actually mildly surprised that Dawkins hasn't been asked before, given that he's married to ex-Companion Lalla Ward. I'm looking forward to his appearance. =:)
Hee! Okay, that is a neat little loopback. ^_^ (But really, can any companion surpass Sarah Jane? So good to see her return in SJA, needless to say. The "children kidnapped to fight in an alien war" story was terribly cheesy, but, the Medusa tale was a jolly good yarn, with their encounters with the explorer's widow especially touching, and the finale wound up on quite an impressive note, I felt)

Completely outside the realm of the article - admittedly I utterly detest Dawkins - er, why does the Doctor need that as a plot development? That's just a crummy story idea. Doctor Who needs that less than he needs a hot Sontaran babe as a companion.
Probably for the same reason that Catherine Tate is (allegedly. I shall probably catch the first episode tomorrow night) The Doctor's new companion (BTW, is it "the Doctor" or "The Doctor". I'm obviously assuming the latter). Doctor Who is sci-fi it's not supposed to be fashionable or zeitgeist or anything. I mean, look at where doing that sort of thing got Mission Impossible. ISTR the guy who drives the Eurostar in that was mildly fashionable at the time. Shortly before the movie was released he vanished into obscurity. Now if only Ms Tate could do the same.
Actually, I was quite pleased with how she turned out. ^_^ I'm not familiar with her outside of Doctor Who, but I'd readily accept she was rather brash, if not screechy at times, in her first appearance - this, I felt, was a markedly more mature version of the character. A lightweight storyline, but nicely done all the same.

Wow... I don't know what Youtube did, but I only get a "you haven't got javascript enabled, or your flash version is out of date" message in Mozilla. (Needless to say, neither is true.) Opera still works, at least...

Anyhow, werewolf Sonic looks more like blue gorilla Sonic to me, to be honest. c.c If that's supposed to be a werewolf, they really to work on him a bit more (or fire their "artists"). c.c *wiggles her ears*

Nice to see the Dawk get more recognition, though. :)
Hm! Wonder if they're (intentionally or accidentally) requiring the very latest version? Strange..

Blue gorilla Sonic? O.o (I've been behind with the series for an age and a half) Reminds me, someday I should set about actually completing Sonic Spinball. =:D

I thought they might, initially, and upgraded to the very latest (despite just having upgraded a few days ago - it seems Macromedia/Adobe is really churning them out these days), but still, no go.

Regarding Sonic Spinball, there's a TAS run on the NESvideos site for it... not sure if you've seen that yet, but it might be interesting. ^^