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Wow. Anyone with an interest in old Japan really should take a peek at this recreation of Edo - plainly, an exceptional level of care has been put into its creation, spanning twelve sims.

I'm also going to have to pay a visit to the Popcha sim - that looks about as subdued a visual concoction as Yellow Submarine after being given the Gantz Graf treatment. What's not to love? ^_^

Amazingly, merik noticed that Tiny Toon Adventures is finally coming to DVD, with the first season - 35 episodes - on four discs, due on July 29. =:D Definitely a welcome event, given how much fun TTA was, not to mention it being the show that led to me falling in love. ^_^

Music for the day: The Diaphanoids: Escape from Martius 42. Just so funkeh.

If I get an opportunity to design my own kitchen, I want this gas range. Sounds eminently practical, with attention paid to simmering capability, but also a doddle to clean, with the pan supports and burner retracting when not in use. =:D

Call me geeky, but I found this discussion about the definition of "a couple of.." quite interesting. It seems to confirm the ambiguity I've witnessed, apparently without much basis in nationality or region - some regard it to mean "a small number", whilst others regard the term to be precisely two, with fuzzy exceptions. (I'm in the former group - "a couple grommits" could mean anything from two to four, maybe five, but not only two)

Quite a remarkable announcement on the SL front - IBM will be hosting sims. That is, they'll be hosting the sims themselves, not Linden Lab, with the explicit intent of offering them for corporate use. Nothing special, you might think - true, this is a somewhat geeky matter - but the key point is that for the first time, SL grids will need to genuinely interoperate between organisations, working as a platform, rather than merely an end product. This is the difference between the heterogeneous web we have now, with servers and clients of all varieties, and the strictly walled garden of the AOL of old. I'd imagine this will be a good opportunity for both parties to sort out any issues involved (though already, LL sims are split between hosting in the City, and somewhere in Texas) in distinct sim operations, before attempting to release the server code to the unwashed masses. Which, as far as I can gauge, remains the intent, but one frought with technical and legal obstacles - optimistically, perhaps we might see something by the end of 2008, quite likely into 2009.

I haven't had a chance to check them out yet, but this series, Usavich piqued my interest - miniature CG episodes of furry life in a Russian prison, from Japan. (Each collection of five is barely eight minutes long, so don't worry about the length)

Forgiving their claim that "unlike conventional mice limited to movement on two flat planes, a 3D mouse lets you move effortlessly in all dimensions", Logitech's 3D mouse for SL could be quite nice.

As rabitguy noticed, if you're running Safari, this Surfin' Safari entry has the devteam showing off some neat little geegaws. ^_^ They intend to try introducing the new attributes to the CSS standard. (It'll only show in a recent Safari, as OmniWeb 5.7b2 doesn't appear to have a sufficiently shiny WebKit build)

And I'm up with the morning bunnies again, in yet another new nook of the world to me - Sussex, in the UK, with Eastbourne, Brighton, and London quite readily accessible. ^_^ And thus another adventure begins, with a particularly cool coworker (yep, "a" - I'm only the second full-time programmer, making for quite a cozy office, given it's just us and the boss) with a million stories. With an offer letter in my paws - or, to be strictly accurate, The Bag Of Wonders - and keys to the office, it looks like there's quite a bit of professional fun ahead, of an interestingly embedded nature. It's going to be a very busy April (and more, I'm sure =:), but it'll be rewarding, being instrumental in the completion of a project that'll set the foundation for the future of the company. I get the impression they'll throw money at me occasionally, which I shan't protest. =:) And there do seem to be some fun acts at the Brighton Fringe Festival, too.. ^_^

Sadly, this has been responsible for the recent lack of dinner postings, but I was quite pleased with tonight's visit to a local Indian restaurant, where I plumped for a lamb vindaloo, sag aloo, and keema naan. :-9 It's not the same experience as I enjoyed after a day at Orban, when we'd sometimes head up to Scenic India, but still nummy, despite the lack of company. I feel sushi must figure into things before long - London seems like the best bet, but where to try? (Preferably a bar rather than boat - I love requesting particular rolls and watching them being made in a tenth of the time I'm able to =:)

I was about to recommend Little Tokyo for Sushi, but it'sall the way up here in Leeds. Some find it's food a little stogy, but I've liked it in the times I've eaten there. You're nearer the Capital though, which I can assure you will have a much better selection.
Stodgy sushi? Band name! =:D Main thing, of course, is good fish - what sort of varieties do UK sushi places tend to offer? If I can find hamachi and some good otoro, I'll be happy.. :-9 (One favorite a friend and I used to order from one of the sushi bars near Orban was a roll I thought might work well, and did: salmon, yellowtail, white tuna, cream cheese, and asparagus)
Look here for a guide:

Ohh, it's going to be difficult resisting heading for a sushi joint on the morrow, but I shouldn't - still a fair bit needing to be done on the current project. Of course, I do need to hop along to a laundromat at some point - I wouldn't mind combining the two. ^_^

I do like the idea of adding rocket to a soft shell crab hand roll - that could work very well. And the hamachi ceviche sounds gorgeous. :-9

I can recommend the Salmon and Avacado hand roll. You have to order that most of the time though.
Ooh, definitely - a classic combination. Mind you, avocados are wonderful things anyway - so good in salads, or in a good panini, maybe along with some tasty turkey, tomatoes, ground pepper, and Dijon mustard.

Marinading can work wonders as well - you can make dill marinated salmon quite easily at home, putting some good salmon fillets into a mix of water, soy sauce, vinegar (rice vinegar's ideal, but anything will do), and plenty of chopped dill. The combination needs to be moderately sour, to work properly with the salmon, but not too strong - it's a matter of experimentation. Then just leave it in the fridge for a day or so, slice, and munch. :-9
(Deleted comment)
I've also not really seen enough of Freakazoid to make much of a call on it myself, but the few eps I've caught were fun - one was something of a Crawling Eye parody, f'rex. =:D Now, if there were only some prospect of being able to pick them up as downloads for half the DVD price, that'd be even better - I definitely don't need yet more physical media and packaging around the place than necessary. Still, any format's better than none - it's quite a relief to see Warner finally understanding that people would like to give them money. =:)

Hopes WB releases Road Rovers sometime
Hey Por! You're good at finding stuff related to Second Life. I have a sudden need to make skins and objects with latex shine; a disturbingly difficult process. It's also difficult to find information on how others do it, since latex clothes and skin makers guard their secrets jealously.

If you could find a guide for making rubbery skins or even better, an open-skin I could copy the shiney bits from, I'd really appreciate it!
*grin* I did actually go searching around on just that topic a couple months back, but I don't think I've got any bookmarks left. It seemed to come down to a repetitive technique of applying the bright highlight and blurring/smoothing it out, essentially - there are some good, free clothing templates around, thankfully, with the body contours/meshes in quite high resolution, to avoid too much of a mismatch around the torso join. I'll see if I can dig that URL up tomorrow, though it's probably going to be a busy day.

And I also just noticed this pic..
I really appreciate it Por. *huggles ya all over*

My experiments so far are just frustrating. It was so much easier doing flat toon colouring and letting SL handle the shading...
Aha! Here's the general-purpose "creating clothing" tutorial after all. It links to Robin Wood's template files, which would seem to be an ideal basis for ensuring symmetricality, or measured asymmetry. =:)

There doesn't seem to be something for latex specifically, but TutorialKit offers a pile of miscellaneous tutorials for achieving various effects. (Plastic Wrap seems like it could be useful in moderation, ne?)

I do recall some hints about achieving suitable highlights, but they're elusive at the moment. :-P Of course, plenty can be left to the imagination - the freebie diveskin from Jump's Dive Shack in FN Aqua is relatively simple, but still looks lovely. ^_^

BTW, isn't this SL pic very easy on the eyes? ^_^
Hee hee, not bad.
Thanks Por. I already know how to make clothes, and I use Chip Midnights templates...

But the advice earlier about making the shine then blurring it sounds good, I'll try that next.
not to mention it being the show that led to me falling in love. ^_^

Now I just know there's some sort of story behind a statement like that... If you don't mind curious kittens prying too much, of course...
*giggle* Actually quite a simple story, at least to begin with - I was reading alt.tv.tiny-toons, and I read a posting of someone winning a Furrball plush in a local radio phone-in competition. I was curious as to how large and how on-model said kitty was, and we just sorta started conversing, quite regularly, exchanging email once or twice a day, sometimes quite lengthy. We were both on FurryMUCK, too, which helped things along, of course, until eventually, some eight months after we first "met", I was quite sure I was feeling something quite new and utterly wonderful - so, I popped onto FM, said "I think I love you", and logged off immediately.

Which was followed by FM going down for much of the rest of the day. ^_^; But he replied one way or another with "I think I love you too".. ah, I was virtually floating two feet off the ground all weekend. Four months later, we'd actually meet RL, at JFK airport. I spent the two hour drive back to his place almost in tears with joy. ^_^;

Sadly, it wasn't to be - things gradually cooled, until two years later, we were apart. In a good way, at least, or at least as good as such a time can ever be, no bitterness or acrimony, just a terrible sense of loss. Thankfully, by then, I was at Trilobyte, which kept me from falling into too much of a funk, as there was just so much to get done, and in quite a unique atmosphere.

Giros built me a new SL comp out of a old IMB [Which I called HAL 9000 ^^]
IMB? What GPU has it got now?

I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up a successor to Hyzenthlay sometime this year - a 17" MacBook Pro with the high definition screen option, most likely. I've loved the screen space I get with the 17" display, and more pixels never hurt. It'll probably be a little while before that can happen, of course, by which time maybe there'll have been another nudge upwards in spec, hopefully with something shiny and new in the GPU department.

For now, H manages quite comfortably in SL, even on the current cellular connection. ^_^

Hmm, a 3D mouse... that sounds interesting. I wish these folks wouldn't use an embedded WMV file for the video, though; somebody should tell them that the 90s called and want their technology back. ^.^
That's going to be one of the key changes in virtual worlds in the coming few years - better input methods, more physically suited to the task. Puppeteering will be a perfect opportunity for such manufacturers and hackers - so rather than having to make do with pre-designed animations for things like offering a hug, you'll be able to actually guide your av's arms.

Ew, WMV! Still, at least OS X doesn't have the flaky plague of WMP to suffer any longer - the originator realised they'd be better off leaving it to a third party, so now Telestream makes the Flip4Mac plugin, which works surprisingly well. No DRM support - that remains strictly Windows-only - but that's not the greatest loss in the world. =:) I wonder if VLC or Mplayer offer browser plugin support.. still, Flash video can work very well, but only if the vendor's taken the time to sort out buffering well; not even YouTube can claim that, happily starting playback immediately on receiving any data at all. Meanwhile, the plugin happily slurps all the processor time it can, given the simple nature of the API means it has to be polled frequently, not to mention Flash's lousy code efficiency.

Eventually, the world will also be free of sites that just fail silently if you don't have everything enabled, like cookies.
I think VLC may support being run as a browser plugin, but for some reason, WMP still handles WMV files for me in Seamonkey, despite the fact that I tried pretty much everything to stop that (short of uninstalling WMP entirely, which I will likely do some time). :P But yeah, I wish they'd just use Flash video.

And yeah, sites like that need to go. The worst, though are sites that fail silently without cookies and then don't work if you turn them on again because they tried to set cookies from various other subdomains you won't normally see (so you'll have to manually grep through your hostperms file to find all those).