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Here's a particularly good account of Asperger's Syndrome - like everything that makes up one's personality, there's unquestionably a broad (multidimensional!) spectrum involved - one might exhibit such traits profoundly, or only mild tendencies in some ways. All part of the peculiarity of these weird grey blobs most of us carry around. (Surprisingly high in cholesterol, though)

One of the slightly odder comics you'll find.. remember the myriad "OS-tan" manga girls representing different OS' characteristics? Say hello to Afuganisu-tan and friends, including Pakisu-tan, Kyrgyz-tan, and Meriken. The strips themselves follow the characters' adventures, whilst the accompanying text adds historical information about the countries, the international agents, and the various factions. (Conveniently, the site design is such that you can simply perform a "save all linked images" to retrieve all the character sheets and strips)

Caution: bad pun alert. ^_^;

ZOMG! ibneko alerted me to the existence of Petz Bunnyz, a virtual rabbit for the DS. ^_^

* Pick the perfect bunny buddy and choose from five bunny breeds, including the American Fuzzy Lop and English Angora.
* Customize your bunny’s environment and unlock decorating items such as toys, wallpaper and flowers.
* Your bunny likes to be brushed and cleaned -- and that includes his cage.
* Feed your bunny her favorite foods and she will love you for it.

* Teach your bunny to recognize greetings and phrases using the DS touchpad.
* Care for, pet and play with your bunnies regularly to keep them happy, unlock new items and more.
Interesting comic - the end is really a bit silly in its naive optimism (I hope things will start looking up for the folks living in that region, of course, but I'll believe it when I see it), but still, interesting. And Turkmenis-tan looks cute. :)
Ah? I've not read to the end yet. It's certainly very difficult to see what will happen there - historically, Afghanistan's been more a coalition of tribes than a single, cohesive nation, though I suppose there's a lot of fuzziness in that line, leading into devolution, states' rights, unification, independence, local autonomy, and so forth. They've never been conquered, given the rugged terrain, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

Hee! Love the footnote explanation.. ^_^; Ah, that reminds me - I need to dig up Meet the Stans sometime for you.
Thanks. ^^
Hee hee.. I know Im a creep, I know its serious but I just cant help it, "Aspergers" just makes me giggle like a silly kid. Sorry, but Christ almighty they couldn't have come up with a better name than that?
I find it works best just steamed, with maybe a hint of lemon butter. =:)

Nintendo has always had a lot of virtual bunny games, they just weren't brought over from Japan.

Back during the emulation hayday I found a LOT of japanese virtual pet games, and the bunnies were by far the most popular. There were also hamsters and misc-pet games with a bunch of different ones you could choose from.

There was even a catch/raise/battle game like pokemon, but entirely made with real animals! Though, if cock fighting was bad, Cock vs. Elephant is worse...
Oh, really? I wonder how awkward they'd be to play without knowing the language.. still, I see Petz Bunnyz (aka just Bunnyz in some regions, such as Australia - oddly, that release doesn't mention the English Angora, giving four rather than the five mentioned on Amazon US' page) is readily available. ^_^

Yay lapine popularity! I've got to try snuffling around GooTube for some demo clips.

I wonder if the Wii Animal Crossing will allow players to become furs? Probably not, given the way it seems to leverage Mii avs, which (AFAIK) don't have any scope for furriness. Still.. furry TF traps would be a whole lot more fun than those peculiar pitfall seed concealed holes, ne?

Egad. Virtual pit bull fighting next? I'd imagine cock vs elephant would wind up in a conclusion quite quickly - a very flat one.
One of the things that bugs me is the self-diagnosed 'Aspergers' furries.

The problem with self-diagnoses is the people may or may not have it, but they use it as an excuse to be lame as social beings.

Most diagnosed people with aspergers aren't as mean-spirited as the ones who self-diagnose. So I started calling people who self-diagnose themselves 'ass-burgers'. And in my mind, they're tiny little round burgers that are punched out of the middle of a 'burger donut' so they're technically 'ass-burger holes'

Most of them can't tell I'm pronouncing it differently anyway and it suits my own internal sense of humor.
Oh, I don't know such merits particular attention - using something like Asperger's as an excuse for behavior is quite improper, but ultimately, that's their own look out. But if someone can - accurately or not - self-diagnose and use that as a cue to attempt to improve themselves, that'd only be a good thing. After all, even if you're correctly diagnosed, the world will continue to work as it does - it's simply an explanation about aspects of oneself.

I should note I'm not claiming AS myself, though there are some traits I can certainly empathise with, such as having an aversion to small talk - I prefer communication to have information. Or passion. =:)

Brains are, at the end of it all, exceptionally odd things - memories, behaviors, traits, all blended together, intertwined quite inseparably, though still - obviously - occupying distinct physical regions. (The regions responsible for sensation in genitalia and feet are adjacent to each other, f'rex)

But then I don't think of you as someone who would actually have Asperger's, Porsupah, I think most computer nerds just aren't in enough social situations where they can learn from non verbal queues. Think about it. At any give week, how many of your meaningful conversations are had online versus offline. When we're lonely we don't normally go down to the pub or the country club, we go online where learning from non verbal queues just doesn't happen.

About 10 years ago, I'd have diagnosed myself with Asperger's, but instead I developed social skills and learned about how to deal with people and I don't consider myself anything close to having Aspergers anymore.
are you kidding? with all the drug commercials on TV self-diagnosis is all the rage.
Do you worry?
do you sweat?
are you friendless?
is your cock small?

Then you might have Shittywicket syndrome. Go tell your doctor you have it and ask for our pill by name.

No wonder I dont watch TV anymore...Im to scared.
Ya know, that'd be a funny TV commercial parody.

"Say there, do your ears hang low? do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow? If so, you may have "flaccidears", and we can help. We make "Ear-erex" to solve your lop problems."

Hmm. Aspie, not me.

*-Tan's band-dead.
Caution: bad pun alert. ^_^;

Is there really a "good pun" out there?

Many moons ago, I took part in a competition at a sci-fi con, and won "best pun". The prize was not as much given to me as much as it was hurled at me with great force with intent to inflict damage. The "winning pun" was as follows :

"So we landed on this planet filled with giant apes. I wanted to stay, the captain said no, so I asked the medical doctor who said take two steps backwards. So I did. Went to live in the trees, found the gorilla my dreams, formed all the ape tribes together and formed our own nation with our own national anthem. 'Tarzan Tribes Forever'."

Yeah, and the prize book wasn't light!