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Tokyo fashion goes furry with genuinely animalistic hoodies!

Now, doesn't this Wiimote use for live music creation have some seriously fun possibilities?

The second, rather grandiose, trailer for Doctor Who season "four". ^_^

So, I thought I'd see what this chain pub's claim to a beer festival was like - and remarkably, it turned out to yield some real finds. First up, Tokyo Black, a Japanese imperial stout, reminiscent of Rasputin's, but not as phenomenally massive - a good thing if you're planning on eating or drinking anything else that day. =:) Then, Orkney Brewing's Dark Island, a distinctive heavy ale - somewhat sweet, quite smokey, and heavily malted. Finally, Nethergate Brewing's April Fool, a surprisingly hoppy ale, more golden and somewhat lighter bodied, but still unmistakably an ale, not a lager. ^_^ (Far be it for be to disparage any such, of course - I'll happily quaff Aecht Schlenkerler Rauchbier or Pilsner Urquell!) 'Course, by "lighter bodied", bear in mind the context - I'd compare this to something like Magnolia Cafe's Proving Ground IPA. :-9
When I first read that, I saw "it turned out to yield some real friends. First up, Tokyo Black, a Japanese imperial stout." What's that, some kind of Mastiff? Hmm. Sounds like the name for a doggy fursuit!
*giggle* If I were into canid suiting, I'd so be swiping that name, you know. =:D

(How about a Japanese bulldog? That might have something of an interesting back story..)

Those furry hoodies are stunning ^^ Kinda gives new meaning to the Saskatchewan term for hoodies, "Bunny Hug"!!
They're surprisingly good, ne? I can imagine they'll (at least initially) be horribly expensive to import, but the way the net is, you know someone will be selling them. ^_^

I suppose it was no surprise furriness would eventually go mainstream, but damn, this degree of flair is positively gratifying. Now, if we can only work on getting tails out there.. =:D (Ever had one out and about locally, or maybe even a full 'suit?)

I've very much looking forward to Dr Who season 4. But then i know some stuff that isn't common knowledge, but I have to keep my muzzle shut. Not that it isn't available on the ususal places :) But you need to read between the lines.
Ooooh. We can but wonder.. ^_^ I did notice something about Martha perhaps taking over Torchwood, but that'd seem a bit of a major shift - would Jack simply be gone, or maybe (eeee!) be the Doctor's companion? Only time will tell. Maybe I need to go nosing around doctorwho - I've not had much time to look around there lately, or much of LJ, so I didn't really seek out the details.

And then there's the question of whether DT will be returning after 2009, of course. He's been very good for the show, no question about that, but still, I sometimes playfully envision Patrick Stewart.. =:D

Interesting hoodies - the bunny costume in the middle on the second pic is nice -, but it's just a fashion show, of course; I'll be more impressed when they actually turn up on the streets. :)

Fashion, like most kinds of modern art, unfortunately often seems to be little more than the reality-impaired wankery of a small group that thinks itself the pinnacle of society and/or civilisation and doesn't realise that most of the rest of the world doesn't care, so I usually pay little attention to fashion shows myself. You occasionally see interesting things there, but it's relatively rare, and hardly anything presented there is practical, anyway.
It's an avenue of art, basically. Like any art, some will hit one's mark, much may miss entirely, perhaps just by a little, sometimes inhabiting a world entirely separate to one's own. I don't really pay attention to fashion happenings, but like this, there are moments that make my ears swivel. =:)

Mostly, haute couture just exists in some parallel dimension for me, but there are times when I can feel a certain playfulness from some of the big names, like Jean-Paul Gaultier, responsible for the costume design work on La Cité des Enfants Perdus and The Fifth Element. There's no need for clothing not to be fun, after all. ^_^ (Not to mention shiny..)

Yes, some is definitely nice, but a lot is definitely uninspired rubbish, too - stuff that is neither interesting nor wearable nor, well, anything but novel (or rather, desperately attempting to be novel in a histrionic sort of way).

Ah well. :) At least that bunny costume is nice, though. ;)
Not related, but perhaps of interest:


This time I am willing to ship worldwide. We'll see how things go. ^^
Duly passed along to loganberrybunny. ^_^ (And enteirah, I think, but I'm not sure if the address I've got for him is current)

It might well be worth finding a WD community and posting there, of course - owsla comes to mind - unless you're open to the notion of someone like Loganberry arranging a price outside eBay. (I've absolutely no idea what a good cel like that might fetch)

That's a mainstream fashion show?!

Noooo! We've been exposed! They know about us!
Well, it is Japan. ^_^ I wouldn't be at all surprised if the first RL furries come from Japanese research - they'd probably have the easiest time of being accepted into society at large. Not to mention cyborgs and androids.. ooh, shiny. =:D