The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit (porsupah) wrote,
The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

Free-range connectivity

mikesedge noticed the discovery of the world's oldest lapine bones, some 53 million years old, with the foot about a quarter of the length of a contemporary jackrabbit foot.

It's time to Riverdance. =:D

Quite a fascinating concept for learning languages in SL - construct a dozen or so sims, and populate them with professional actors, thereby offering an immersive environment far beyond what a potted offline program could offer.

If you can make good machinima, the Hosoi Ichiba contest offers a prize of L$50k to the winner, with entries closing on June 15. (Full rules in the article, but essentially: "We are looking for artists that can compose the Best Machinima Impression of our Hosoi Ichiba and surroundings on Virgin Island. Hosoi Ichiba is a japanese style market enclosed by walls and watch towers, overlooking a beautiful landscape. Outside the walls you will find Hosoi Yu Ch'un, a typical japanese fishing village and the farming village, "Hosoi Lung Ch'un" The sim is packed with romantic spots for you to build your story around."

How complicated could it be to find a reasonable cordless phone? :-P One of the first things I picked up over the weekend was a replacement for the warren's old one, which has a somewhat ropey recorder (digital, rather low quality), flaky trasmitter, and sticky buttons. One of the few on offer at the supermarket looked like it fit the bill and wasn't too ugly, and a good price. Except once set up, we started to notice the shortcomings - not being able to play messages back from the base station wasn't too huge a matter, but a minor complication. Worse, though, was the way it had no audible alert messages were waiting - you were expected to inspect the handset display for a flashing icon, and that's it. Not so hot. More bizarre, though, was the way to listen to messages - a primary function for a phone/answering machine, you'd think. Except, judging by the menu design, no - you had to enter the menu, then go down six options to the messages submenu, then select listening to them. Blarg. I wouldn't enjoy that, and it didn't thrill my mother, who's somewhat ill at ease with technology beyond TVs and microwaves.


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