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If you have a few shekels to spare, consider helping out the good people of Rabbit Rescue in Ontario, who suddenly have 300 bunnies rescued from a wretched fate. Unsurprisingly, this has put a huge strain on their resources. "Since March 12th, Rabbit Rescue has been working overtime struggling to save hundreds of rabbits that have been surrendered. We have been able to help save 150 so far, but our foster homes are bursting at the seams. We need more fosters, rabbit food and hay, litter, supplies, cages and most of all, money! Our medical costs are sky rocketing for all the spay, neuters and medical care required. If you can spare anything to help us give these rabbits the help they all desperately need, please contact us or donate now!" (Many, many thanks to momentrabbit)

Also via Daily Bunny, a twenty second clip quite easily justified: ear washing. Is cute.

Meanwhile, here's one bun not in need of any rescuing. ^_^ Even for Zen, this is an outstandingly adorable piece. (And it's even worksafe!)

And it's been confirmed: Doctor Who returns to the air on Saturday, April 5 2008. And here's the trailer (1m30, 720x400, 11.3MB) for season "four". (Quotation marks for the fact it's not really the fourth season of DW, but it's a convenient shorthand) As for Torchwood, I'm almost caught up - not helped by the fact there were two episodes this week. "From Out of the Rain" was a curious piece of work, I felt - some superbly atmospheric scenes, especially the opening of the circus, yet with so much left completely unexplained, such as the need for the "last breaths". I suppose much of that can be understood upon realising the writer was also the creator of Sapphire & Steel. (If you've not seen any of it, you might want to give it a try)

Reading through this commentary, I was positively tickled by the idea of having the Ying Tong Song played at a funeral. That's a pretty good way to be bidden farewell. ^_^ But then, the humor of the Goons appealed to me from early on, as one commenter illustrated:

Moriarty: Where's Eccles?
Seagoon: The gunpowder was a bit damp, so he's drying it out by the fire.
Uncle Thingy: That's the last thing he should do!
Bluebottle: It will be..
[sfx] *BOOM*

So, orona_red just had to note he'd never seen any Nibbler (Futurama) porn.. ^_^;

jirris_midvale happened upon this superb ad for milk, "One Gallon Axe", fairly clearly inspired by Spinal Tap. =:D
I guess I'm going to get murdered by the Death Of A Thousand Nibbles if I suggest sending the 300 bunnies to an ethical meat-farm?

Or, I can't help thinking, sending them out to face the invading hordes of Eurasian voles...
I'm afraid that would indeed be in exceptionally poor taste, yes.
In this company, yes, I suppose. *sigh* Fundamental difference of opinion. I won't raise the matter again.
No harm done. We do have different priorities and those we'll defend to the utmost, but that needn't be a bigger issue.
(Deleted comment)
*grin* Thankee. ^_^

Actually, that reminds me - with the hectic nature of the past week or two, I've completely missed out on checking for lapine representatives in the local supermarkets. Seen any particularly cuddly examples? Maybe I can do some online window shopping, given everything's going to be closed today.
The only place I've seen anything that caught my eye this year was at Walgreens, which I posted about somewhere a week or two ago. Saturday I was in a Walgreens, and they still had a few left. There really doesn't seem to be much good easter plush the last few years.
Happy bunnies everywhere day to you!

I disagree, I think Zen's bunny is in dire need of rescuing... *dashes off heroically with him*

Really though I'm quite pleased he redid this one... the original was still amazing, but I think it just looks a lot better with a more "furry" looking face... plus I think the facial expression is that much cuter in this one.

Honestly though I think this pic captures everything I so love (physically anyway) about bunnies... long ears, gorgeous paws, and really sexy... er... tails. Yes.

Didja see his sci-fi Joshua pic? It had me all excited... I had to go finish playing Wing Commander ;)

I'd ask if there's any news on when CBC might be picking up this season of Doctor Who but I've given up on them... Almost done Torchwood though, though I didn't know last week had two episodes! Thanks for letting me know, or I'd probably be sitting here waiting until Wednesday!
Weeellll.. I'd place that more in the realm of assistance. Depends if I reach him first.. I'm happy to share, though. ^_^

I'd agree, I think. I was not much less struck by the original, as mycroftb so kindly pointed out, but I'd concur - the shift towards more of a muzzle suits him even better. I wonder if Zen would be interested in going towards the other extreme, of a much more animalistic look - that's not really where his past belongs, but perhaps he'd enjoy the experiment.. maybe I'll try dropping him a line.

But yes, it's easily a new entrant for me in the top favorites, that select little grouping of images that I'll return to time after time, holding something special for me. (Like quite a few other faves, I've considered it in the context of a transformation - he's made his choice, and seems quite satisfied with the outcome. Would that I could follow.. ^_^)

Oh, gods, yes.. that's another I'd rate quite highly amongst his work - of course, he has a particular talent with feline representations, but that doesn't seem to preclude genuinely awe-inspiring lapines as well. =:) I've no idea what his commissions status is like, but maybe you should enquire.. !

Mm, Torchwood's schedule's been quite funky, though interestingly, that doesn't seem to've hurt the ratings greatly - maybe folks are just accustomed to online TV guides automagically latching onto things? BitTorrent and usenet in my case - the ultimate DVR. I've not actually seen a peep about CBC on the usual channels, curiously - they've tended to be good about things, so maybe the continued uncertainty's more a result of the BBC delaying the announcement until just a day or two ago. (Under a fortnight to go!)

That'll definitely be on the shopping list, if the coming week works out well for all - a proper TV for the family. Probably can't be that large, given it wouldn't really belong in the lounge, but something 26" or so would be quite a pleasant bump up, and I wouldn't be worrying about whether it'd be well used.. ^_^

BTW, if you're amenable to anime, you might want to give Ghost Hound a try. It's an awkward one to summarise well, though the AnimeSuki Forum thread might help. Suffice to say, perhaps, that there's some Serial Experiments Lain folk closely involved - think of the "unseen world" as something along the lines of an afterlife existence, add in some psychological trauma at an early age as the result of a kidnapping the sister of one of the lead characters didn't survive, a nearby laboratory working on cutting edge neurological research, out of body experiences, and some outstanding sound design. If you've got a multichannel setup and a suitably beefy computer, the HD torrents are well worth the modest additional download. (I'm stuck with just the SD stereo versions, which are impressive enough)
Mmmm, you better share, that would just be selfish otherwise ;P

I'm not sure what Zen's commission status is, if it is at all... I get the impression that between his job and Icelyon he's too busy to take any on. I'll keep an eye out though... if I ever got the chance, I'd jump on that so fast, as I'm sure you could imagine.

Heh, somewhere I have a coil notebook with stories ideas I've been tossinsg around and one of them does have a tiger space-pilot named Joshua, which I admitted to him was inspired by his rambling love of sci-fi and space sims. He didn't seem to mind though... and now I have picture to go off of if I ever get back to writing...

Ghost Hound looks interesting... I'll see if I can slot it in there between 24, Babylon 5, Farscape, Heroes, the last little bit of Torchwood, and then soon Bones and Doctor Who :P So much TV to catch up on...

I'm on and off on anime though. Some of it I absolutely love, other's I'm kinda eh about. Gundam Wing for example was like orgasmic, and I also really enjoyed Gravitation and Fruits Basket. I can't really describe what it is I look for in a series though... usually I like a good dose of seriousness, for the characters to take the show seriously, which I think is why I loved Gundam Wing so much. But obviously with the other two I mentioned there's lots of room for exception there... it also helps if I know what the hell is going on (unlike say Akira o_O).

As for shopping, Chris and I are hoping to class up in our TV as well... but of course that also means upgrading the cables of everything we plug into our tv! But the idea of enjoying our PS3 in HD is quite appealing... though I think I'd rather wait until we've moved into a slightly better neighborhood...
(Deleted comment)
Now, if I said "don't think about cows", would that be evil? =:)

I sort of wonder if that guitar will be popping up on eBay sometime.. after all, electric guitars aren't particularly contrained by acoustics and resonance, so it could easily work - might have to be fairly diligent about rinsing it out after performances, though. ^_^;

Then again, it could double up for duty for the California Cheese Council if not. =:D

That earwashing video was very cute indeed. :) The Ying Tong song video, on the other hand, simply refused to load at all.
Who can't love such elegant ears? ^_^ Even if they do necessarily require a fair degree of attention to look and feel their best, but, so it goes.

Odd with the Goons track - if you try again, it should work; it did just now for me, so I'd guess it was just a YouTube hiccup, or possibly some routing malfunction.
Yeah, a certain amount of care is probably required, but they seem to be worth it. ^^ Of course, I still do prefer my own wolf ears, but floppy bunny ears would be nice, too. :)

Hmm, and I'll try again. The youtube page loaded fine, FWIW, but the movie itself didn't - not a single byte. Weird.
The pic may technically be worksafe, but I don't think I'd really want to be caught opening it at work. =;)
Oh, the others are more into vulpines than lapines? =:)
Yay for Sapphire and Steel! =^_^= You don't mean P.J. Hammond wrote a "Torchwood" episode? They haven't shown that spinoff series here yet. I never used to watch the "classic" Dr. Who programmes, but I've (more or less) followed the recent incarnation. Now if they'd just start airing the next season...
Indeed, "From Out of the Rain", season 2, episode 10, was written by PJH. ^_^ I'll be most interested to see if he returns for another episode or two next season - the show itself seems to've been gaining quite respectable viewing figures, so I'd expect it'll be around for a little while to come. You should be able to find it available over BitTorrent easily enough, or indeed, usenet, assuming a reasonable data allowance per month, if the ISP imposes any limits - seems to vary a lot around the world, with Australia and New Zealand folks often quite hard hit, and many peeps in the US unaware of the existence of any traffic caps. ^_^;

I'm positively itching for the next season of DW, needless to say. =:D Even when an episode misfires, it's still almost always a lot of fun anyway - of course, when it does hit the mark, as with Blink, The Girl in the Fireplace, Human Nature, or The Doctor Dances, it's quite an experience.

I do still wish Eccleston hadn't left quite so early on, but, that apparently was the deal - one season, leaving him free for other projects, and without the danger of being forever more thought of primarily as the Doctor. Still, Tennant's acquitted himself very well indeed, and episodes like Human Nature/The Family of Blood just wouldn't really have fit with Eccles, whereas DT's much better able to express tenderness, or even frailty.

Tis a variety of landmarks for The Often Good Often Not Doctor this year--this is the 30th series and will feature the 200th story (counting Shada but not Dimensions In Time, The Enemy Within, the Christmas specials, or webcasts), not to mention the 45th anniversary of the first series in 1963.

Quite a year; bleeding shame we're getting more Daleks (bleh) and 2009 is going to be the Amended Season as Mr. Tennant does his best shake at that Hamlet chap.
Indeed, it's been quite an astonishing run, even if with that wretched hiatus - but, maybe a break was something the Doctor needed, especially with the revolution in modest budget sfx that took place in the early 90s. Not that the recent series has been made on quite the lean budget of the originals.. ^_^

Mmm, I'm fine with Daleks - certainly, wonderfully menacing, and terribly iconic - but frankly, I'd enjoy seeing more new adversaries and allies. 'Course, that said, I do enjoy the similar prevalence of Cybermen. (But why, when Age of Steel wound up with the mind control broken, did none of them actually enjoy their new forms? But then, I do have a soft spot for cybernetic TFs, not to mention furry TFs, of course, or anything shiny.. =:)

2009's going to be a bit of a lean year. *sigh* Still, I've been enjoying Torchwood, more or less, and there are always entirely disparate diversions to be found, like new Pterry adaptations, such as the recent Colour of Magic, or rather nifty anime like Ghost Hound, with some of the Serial Experiments Lain people behind it.