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Well, this is one dinner nobody's walking away from without paying..

A sly reply to the eternal query of how many record execs does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

Bunny O' Jam: Luck of the Hareish, SF, March 22, 8pm-4am. ^_^ Bit late notice, true, but I'm afraid I've been seconded for duty bashing away at keyboards in exchange for rabbit food. As such, I've unfortunately had no time to read anything on LJ (or, indeed, FA, save for a highly welcome care package sent by mycroftb =:) since about Tuesday last week, the 11th. I do, however, bring joyous news, courtesy of someone less normal than I (just in different ways), who thankfully happens to be the guy introducing me to the weird and wonderful ways of USB, raw flash access, and animatronic deer; namely, the culinary revelation that is a Jaffa cake with peanut butter slathered on top. Yes, I'm serious. Or about as much as I ever am. ^_^

If anyone reading this goes along to the Bunnyjam this year, I'd really enjoy seeing any video footage you might be able to take - stills are one thing, but for an event like that, you really need to see and hear the motion and the beat. Bit surprising there's no LondonFurs equivalent, but then, is there much of a guerrilla art scene there, or indeed, in Sydney? So much of plunderphonics seems to orbit San Francisco exclusively. What gives?

Now this does look like fun.. iPhone LEGO. =:D Follow the link for an excellent YouTube trailer, 45s long.

Dusan Writer's holding another competition, this time with a tribal/cargo cult theme. Entries to be submitted by Mar 29, with prizes of L$60k, L$25k, L$15k, and 22 more of L$1k.

Also via DW, a cornucopia of visualisation tech. rabitguy especially might find this brain-tickling.

It's sort of odd, almost, seeing a large corporation actually appearing to understand how they can play an active part in a virtual world like SL, rather than the rather more common "build it and they will come" expectations - but, Orange Island seems to be quite active, and in decidedly un-stuffy ways.

The shoulder dragon mentioned over here ("He sits on your shoulder, looks around, blinks, smiles, pulls out oranges and tosses them in the air and catches them in his mouth to eat, he leans over to nuzzle your neck and occasionally jumps off your shoulder to fly around you.") made me wonder what a pocket version of Scabrous would get up to. =:)

Via worthyadvisor, news of a great day for Pastafarians everywhere: the installation of the FSM at the Cumberland County Courthouse lawn, in Crossville, Tennessee.

"Oh, passion's for teens and immigrants." - Marge Simpson
"made me wonder what a pocket version of Scabrous would get up to. =:)"

He would fart in your ear then giv you a rose.

*giggle* I'm seriously tempted to try bringing that into (virtual) reality. =:)

Such a pity the net doesn't yet support odor transfer, though.

What she said. 'Cept I'm not so sure about the rose.
http://www.dinnerinthesky.com/ ???

Got a camcorder or webcam? I'd love to see that delivered in Dr Emmett Brown style. =:D

I'd have to think quite a bit about accepting such an invitation, I admit - I'm not always entirely accepting of heights (I appreciate they exist and don't require my consent to have adverse affects, however), but it would be quite an unconventional dining experience. (That said, I'd be really quite upset if the food didn't measure up to the wonder of the setting)
Thanks for the BJ props. Have you tried searching "Bunny Jam" on youtube? There's a ton of stuff there.
Oh, finestkind! I'll have to snag those, assuming clive is behaving again - it's a little fiddlier extracting via KeepVid, one by one. Oh, I wish I could be along.. still, if things finally reach a positive state of commitment (currently threatening to exceed the last gig in duration between interviewing and signing), as I feel inclined they will, at least I'll be able to make plans to be along, in full lapinity. ^_^

Yanno, it could be quite a bit of fun having a shared reality link between the Jam and a Bunny Rabbit Alliance bash in SL..
I'm spinning again this year. 2:30 - 4:00 so, if whomever is going they should stay late. :)
So, I'm eager to find out what happened - how'd it all go? I really wish I could've been there.. ah well. If things go well this week, I should be in a perfect position to make it next year, at least. Perhaps I can help spawn similar events elsewhere in the world, too. ^_^

The party was pretty rad. The crowd was a bit different from previous years. It wasn't as crowded and there were less hoochie bunnies than before. Although they wanted "in-theme" music, they booked a lot of more mainstream-styled DJs. I was the last to go on and I had to rescue the dancefloor from someone who dropped a bomb of noise and distortion on them and then walked away leaving the place empty. Yay. I started with Deodato's disco remake of Also Sprach Zarathustra and took everyone by storm from there on out. It certainly was not the set I had planned out and I was pleased to be so well received by all my bunny pals and I hope to get invited back for another round of rockin' the bunny house.
That dinner looks interesting, but since I've got a bit of high anxiety, I'll pass. c.c

The "iPhone LEGO" thing is also interesting, but totally misses the point of LEGO and the reason why it's actually fun to use/build with/play with.

The shoulder dragon is cute, in any case. Pity it's just for SL.

The visualisation stuff is definitely interesting. :) Too much to try it all right now, but definitely a very save-worthy link. ^^