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Liquid skies and deceased dictators

I am, briefly, a{ r^2=(x^2)+(y^2) }. And courtesy of a newly discovered socket at the aforementioned Chapter, in possession of Infinite Power. Muahahahahaaa! My lithium ions are inexhaustible!

I've noticed that on the walls of the bedroom I currently inhabit (home is where the heart is, except I don't have one there. Well, no, I've at least a ventricle or two where I am, and surely the aorta too) is a poster with pictures of various animals - including, of course, an entry for "rabbit". It's appropriately fluffy, and the publisher even chose a white one - except, it appears to be an albino, and thus comes with the slightly unnerving rich pink eyes. ^_^;

Egad.. noticing someone on usenet asking after an R1 DVD of Liquid Sky, I decided to look it up.. and Amazon has "(Out of stock) 3 used & new from $89.95". Um. Maybe I should respond to said posting, though the case for said DVD is some distance away from me. Weird. Usually, when I buy a DVD or laserdisc, it's on sale within a few months, as with Get Shorty and Tank Girl. (Just follow what I'm interested in, and you're sure to find bargains later!)

There's an ongoing debate on the matter of gay marriage in, with a surprising amount of reason. The (quite substantial) thread tree begins at Message-ID: <>, though there's also a fair amount of circular logic after a while. The overwhelmingly civil tone to it was quite impressive. (Amusing.. one of the Google sponsored links from above was "the first amendment issues of the Do Not Call list". *cough*)

Pity OmniWeb's "Save to PDF" (presumably achievable in any other browser as well, simply by printing to PDF) doesn't embed link URLs as well.. still, it's a handy way of preserving the entire contents of a page in a wholly portable format. (FWIW, 5.0b2 does indeed rock; its tabs implementation is especially nifty. Not rock-solid yet, but usable for routine browsing, if still inferior to iCab in that regard)

I experienced the misfortune of catching the first few minutes of BBC2's "Fur TV", billed as "adult comedy set in a world of puppets". Sounded moderately promising, until I saw they were basically going for out-and-out raunchiness with deformed muppets. (That said, "Meet the Feebles" might well be worth seeing sometime - Peter Jackson has/had a wonderfully playful sense of humor, as evidenced by Brain Dead, and to a rather lesser extent, his first Hollywood production, The Frighteners. Quite why he's got a bee in his bonnet about remaking King Kong.. can't someone persuade him to make Spellsinger or A Fire Upon the Deep? Any Kiwis reading this? ^_^)

I suppose it goes without saying that on Friday, I eschewed seeing Kitchen Stories (a gentle Swedish/Norwegian character comedy) in favor of seeing what everyone here had been up to. ^_^ Hardly as good as actually going out with friends, but not such a bad substitute. Oh, and looking around the usual sites for potential employment.

So, no Oscar for Whale Rider, but the lead actress' performance was certainly highly deserving of its nomination; I'm keen to see how her career - if she indeed opts to continue in acting - develops in the future. Similarly, Finding Nemo prevailed against Belleville, but, no great shame in losing to perhaps Pixar's most sparkling screenplay and voice acting. Maybe I'll even get around to seeing that "Return of the King" thingie someday, too..

Speaking of movies, and usenet, there was a particularly insightful review of the dark German comedy Goodbye Lenin! posted to, by Louis Proyect, on Wed, 14 Jan 2004; it explores both the film and its recent historical context.

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