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Can miso paste be canned (successfully)? Seems it'd be that much simpler to shuffle around the world, without any need to keep it cool en route. It's just been a bit too long since I enjoyed the simple delight of miso soup, or miso glazed salmon.. :-9 Mmm, salmon. Maybe I'll pick some good fillets up tomorrow and marinate it in a soy/vinegar/dill/water mix for a day or two - quite simple, and so tasty. And no cooking required!

One of the coming days' adventures will be getting Debian installed on a Linksys NSLU2 (more affectionately known as SLUGs =:), graciously donated by roohbear. Its original purpose was just to serve USB-connected HDs over a LAN, using a very lightweight Linux - inevitably, the hackers descended upon it, bringing with them a dizzying array of hacks and ports. (It's proven popular enough that it's officially supported by Debian) I'll be using it with an old 60GB drive, formerly within Bunny, until its PMU gave up the ghost. Hmm. I could even add a WiFi adaptor on the other USB socket, and set it up as a bridge downstairs, to offer full-strength connectivity to the bathroom.. and it's all tiny enough it could be tucked away from curious paws. (File under "Famous Last Words")

Now there's a surprise.. a few animation afficionados may recall Siawase Apartment's Okojo-san, a particularly cute anime (which ran for 51 episodes) about a wild sort-of-weasel who was inadvertantly trapped in the wild, winding up in an apartment, where he's determined to show his independence of humans. Three episodes were fansubbed a few years back, but just as an experiment on the part of the translator, rather than an ongoing project. It seems Alopex and SS-Anime have now picked it up, hopefully until the final episode. ^_^ Here's the first opening theme.

I'd urge anyone with a spare ear to give Kaada a try; he writes quite eerily complex music with perhaps a sense of melancholy, yet aethereal delight as well.

I do like these examples of Ashanti LeShelle's SL photography, as highlighted in NPIRL by Bettina Tizzy.

I'd never even heard of the Lighter Evenings (Experiment) Bill of 2006, which apparently passed the House of Lords, effectively putting the UK on Western European Time. It wouldn't have killed summer time, unfortunately, which commences in the UK on Mar 30, and in the US on Mar 9.

dronon noticed this clip, demonstrating what happens when Bollywood and furriness are combined. ^_^;

If you've a yen to learn Japanese, I noticed NHK offers online audio lessons courtesy of its shortwave service, in a variety of languages.

Amongst the effects global warming is having is a set of changes in grape harvesting in wine growing regions of the world, with harvests arriving some ten days earlier. With faster maturity, however, comes a difference in the final grapes - "'higher concentrations of sugar, lower acidity and a higher pH level,' said Fernando Zamora of the oenology faculty at the University of Tarragona in Spain." France could be particularly affected, with the optimal climate for some varieties shifting to England. "'There are Champagne producers who have bought land in Sussex and Kent,' said Pancho Campos, the president of the Wine Academy of Spain."

While it's still disappointing to see the BBC clinging to DRM, forcing automatic deletion of files after a preset period of time, it's still a positive move that they're aiming to bring iPlayer to more platforms, including AppleTV and Virgin Cable.

SL tourism can bring you to many real and purely imaginary places, but I can't say I've see a tour around a testis offered before, courtesy of Dr Doug Danforth of Ohio State University. ^_^ A similar ovarian exhibit is planned shortly.

I'm not much for hockey, but SL Hockey does look remarkably well organised. I'd imagine it'll need a beast of a machine for the action to be slick, though.

Dusan Writer's holding a bug competition. ^_^ Top prizes are L$50,000, L$20,000, and L$10,000, plus 22 runners-up of L$1,000. You retain all rights, but grant him the unlimited use of your design within his builds. Up to 20cm on a side, no scripting, and a maximum of 25 prims.

And for the photographically inclined, three L$20,000 prizes are on offer here, if you sign up with the sponsoring site: "What does mean "Exotic" in your Second Life? Maybe Exotic is a beach under the sun or a sensual dancer in a sexy club. Exotic could be a landscape manipulated with Windlight or just your avatar with extravagant hair! This Contest is about the concept of Exotic in Second Life! Don't be shy, tell us what Exotic is for you and submit your photos!" Closes on Mar 6, up to two entries per person.

Interesting little piece: virtual worlds and enterprise.

Not a bad price - for anyone in the UK, Singapore, or Malaysia, Maplin's got a mains socket power meter for £10, displaying power, current, voltage, VA, frequency, or power factor when the appliance is plugged in. So, it's trivial to find out just how much power any device actually draws, and thus, how much it's costing to keep on, or just idle.

Dinner was a simple affair - the centerpiece being some green beans and baby corn sauteed in an ad hoc mix of lemon juice, soy sauce, hot sauce, pepper, and sesame oil, with some Bolognese style tomato sauce added at the end, plus ten grilled chicken nuggets. Easy, quick, and tasty. ^_^
The photography reminds me of Ora's art
I'm going to have to take a proper look at those galleries, I can see. The style reminds me somewhat of part of Dalí's work, particularly as in The Rose. Ah, to visit the museum in Figueras someday.. we actually passed right by it once, but that was well into the evening - but all the same, the exterior lighting showed up the glorious array of croissants along the walls, capped by giant eggs at the top.

I can see owning a house might be quite an expensive and time-consuming process for me. =:)

Ora's stuff, unless it's actually an original and not a print, tends not to be TOO expensive. I adore it, though a lot of times her color choices don't lend them to my decorating style. I do have a copy of "Royal Flush" though.
Ah, where's that one to be found?

Quite a different kind of style, but you might enjoy perusing NightPhaser's gallery, too. Wouldn't Eroscopy v.1 make a fantastic poster?

Royal Flush. I realized after I posted the comment that a link to it might be nice *grin*

You're right, there's some lovely stuff there and not just the usual sorts of art you see on FA (of which I'm just as at fault for, I suppose *grin*)
(Deleted comment)
I'd imagine that's just to keep the size of the unit down - it's only slightly taller than a toilet roll, and a bit shallower. If you need more than two sockets, of course, a hub's cheap enough - not the most elegant solution, but not a terrible compromise between lightweight server duty and multi-TB fileserver. It's a bit of a pity the ethernet interface is only 100Base-T, though - that cuts down the throughput from even the slowest HD.

Still, it's a couple years old now, so maybe there's something gig-E equipped now. Wish modem/router manufacturers would get with the program, though.. gig-E's hardly rare and exotic stuff now.

(Deleted comment)
Easy enough - a pair of 1TB drives. ^_^ Or a hub and four 1TB. Won't be as fast as something more general purpose in nature, but even 100Base-TX makes short work of a gig or two, and this way, it's all in a matchbox taking a couple watts (plus the drives).

Going a much higher up the scale, Drobo looks like a rather good little box. 'Course, there are much cheaper (and less featured) NAS boxes too, but that's a pretty good way of getting it right commercially.

If I needed to serve data, I'd be tempted by an old, cheap PowerBook with FireWire 800, and add a few mirrored drive pairs there. Though if speed weren't a top concern (movies rather than sample libraries, say), a couple cheap FW400/USB2 cases on an even older PowerBook would be fine. More than enough CPU to keep things ticking along, easy to maintain, compact, and minimal power consumption.
for anyone in the UK, Singapore, or Malaysia

Not enough countries use our plugs! I've always liked the chunky plugs we have here; the US ones look so flimsy and easy to knock out of the socket. =:P
It's quite delightfully chunky, ne? ^_^ Perfect for heavy applications like washing machines, too, which tend to require special 220V circuits in the US, with yet another connector design. But yes, according to this page, it's "mainly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong".

Mind, it's impressive just how many various ways national authorities have deemed to be standard for the delivery of high voltage, looking down the photos. ^_^

The nice thing with US plugs is the converse, of course - if you do want to pull something out of the wall, it's just a little tug and you're off, rather than having to engage in combat with the thing.

Now, if we could only see an end to the proliferation of wall warts, e'er so good at occupying two or three sockets on a power strip, not to mention their thirstiness even when their device is idle or off..

Do you have a good miso soup recipe or two floating around? I've improvised with veggie stock and light miso a few times.. struck out finding bunnytoe flakes around here, although I suppose I could always make my own.
Actually, I just wing it. I've even been known not to use stock. ^_^ I wonder if Thai fish sauce might also work, as a very lazy alternative? Wonderful stuff, though usually fairly potent.. I can only wonder what the factories smell like. ^_^;

And I shall henceforth always think of the traditional base ingredient in those terms. =:D

Come to think of it, it feels like miso might make a very palatable base for a hearty vegetable soup, too, with a pile of cubed root vegetables. Given how little things like carrots need cooking, some or all of them could probably be added just before serving, preserving their wondrous crunch. Guests might want to be forewarned, I suppose.

What meat would work in something like that? Chicken seems too light.. might be able to get away with pork, perhaps, but I'm feeling beef might be the best of the common options - best, though, could be duck or goose.

Maybe I'll drop the deli in town a line sometime, and see if they do have miso, or might be able to locate some - they have quite a wonderful variety of cans and jars of savory and sweet goodness, often at quite reasonable prices, putting the supermarkets to shame. No Japanese population in the area, but there's a small Chinese contingent - fairly sure I've seen one or two East Asian shops in one part of town. Ah well - I should get off my tail and flog some eBay sundries to finance such an expedition, if it's not to be merely a matter of reconnaissance. ^_^

Can miso paste be canned (successfully)?

I don't know about canned, but the Japanese market here sells several varieties of miso paste in plastic tubs. Also a dried powdered miso that's surprisingly good.
Mm, the fresh stuff's just wonderful - lasts a good while in the fridge, too, which is just as well when it comes by the pound. ^_^ I think I might even have seen the dried stuff around, but it's always been in those single-serving sachets for instant soup - perfectly good, but obviously, way more expensive than any other form.

I wonder if I could make a request for it at the good deli in town.. they're well acquainted with weird and wonderful stuff from around the world. At the very least, I should be able to pick up some wasabi from them, and hopefully some nori. (Maybe it's just me, but I find just the seaweed by itself delicious. ^_^ A friend once returned from Hong Kong with some packs of variously flavored nori, such as teriyaki)

Synchronously enough, I just returned from the kitchen with a mug of miso soup to find your reply. We've got the flavoured nori here as well, although I generally get the plain roasted in strips. It's an excellent snack by itself, although not too filling.
But please know that I ***secured her permission to reprint her photography***, and as my blog Not Possible IRL http://npirl.blogspot.com clearly states, you may share its content, ON THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS.

1) Attribution. You must attribute this work to Bettina Tizzy (with link).
2) Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
3) No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

In other words, you are in violation of the Creative Commons license, and seeing as I have often admired your highlights, I'm frankly quite disappointed in you.

Rather than delete your post, why not do the right thing?

Bettina Tizzy
An unexpected visitation indeed! Welcome. ^_^

As I read that, then, the missing component was your name? I've added that; the link was already there, ensuring people know who's responsible, and where they might find more along such lines.

Hi Porsupah, no, lol, I was not seeking the addition of my name, although that is actually required under the CCA, and always a considerate thing to do. The correct procedure is to either contact the photographer and secure her permission to reprint her photographs, or reprint my entire blogpost within yours, but you cannot take a part of it only, as you have, especially when the photographer in question has defined her copyright as *all rights reserved*. So double trouble. Not seeking problems... but I do want to respect Ashanti's IP rights. Thanks, Bett