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As pointed out by hawthorn, Friday Night Live from FC2008 is also available for your torrential approval over here, as 870MB of lovingly prepared, succulent, prime 720x480 H.264ness.

And as ducktapeddonkey notes, it's also available as a direct download courtesy of timduru here.
Oh, most cool! Especially handy for folks without good uplink bandwidth. Gods only know how much data Timduru shifts each month.. well, I suppose he might know too. =:)
I downloaded this from the torrent but QuickTime complains it's corrupted. :(...
It's because whomever compressed it did it in a format that cannot play on anything but the top-of-the-line machines. QT cannot play it, DIVX cannot play it, VLC cannot play it. I would like for someone to re-compress it in a more friendly format. I don't care if it's not HD. I don't care if it's not gazillion pixels wide. 640x480 MPEG is fine.

Ah, these cetaceans.. I'll bet he inadvertently went with High Profile rather than Main. (And for unknown reasons, rendered what looks like a 4:3 image at 720x480, and with letterboxing bars) RRather irksome QT doesn't report something a little more meaningful, but so it goes. VLC 0.8.6b is fine with it, in any event.
In Timduru's site, you can download it in three ways: the original file, as a low bitrate flv or a medium bitrate divx.
You can see the downloads options somewhere under the preview window to the right :)
I miss a certain sweet fur who once fell asleep on my foot when we met at a confurence...