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Official 2008 Further Confusion Masquerade Download Torrent

792 furry megs of 1280x720 goodness. ^_^
Ah, neat. *grabs* :)
Seems to be coming in well, too - it's been hitting the 200K/s cap I impose in Azureus, so as to leave a little breathing room for other incoming traffic, though it's down around 150K/s at the moment.

As he notes, anyone's free to mirror it if they like - suitable for your space, maybe? I may try hosting it on mine, though I'd have to split it into 50MB RAR chunks. But the torrent seems to be working nicely, so it's not a priority.

Maybe I'll be able to add to the lapinity of next year's. It's been too long since I last went out and about in the fur.. ^_^
I'm getting a little more than 300 KB/s at the moment - not bad, although it could be higher, of course. :)

And no, I won't be able to mirror it. My hoster hasn't adjusted their offers in quite a while, so I still have 2 GB of webspace and 200 GB of monthly traffic, and an 800 MB file could pose a problem for both. I wouldn't mind if I had an unlimited switchport of my own, but I don't. (And yeah, I know, there's other hoster who offer that sort of stuff for a price that's more than comparable to what I'm paying. But on the other hand, my hoster regularly gets the highest praise in tests and the like, and I've also found them extremely helpful every single time I contacted their support, so.)

And you should! Mmm, I didn't know you had a fursuit - got any pictures? ^^
Mm, more bandwidth is always a good thing, but I'm still fairly content with the 2048/256 I currently have. More uplink bandwidth would be nice, but this seems to be about the best I can get, unless I go with a megacorp, and all the customer service joy that inevitably brings. This bunch deliver a clean, unfiltered pipe, with no catches, and only the single restriction of a maximum of 100GB in per month. I've only ever needed to contact them.. once, really, other than for moving, when one of the telco's RADIUS servers went poof and rendered me unable to authenticate from about 5am-3pm a few Saturdays ago. I called up, said the router was giving LCP auth errors, and the guy immediately said they were aware of the problem in a specific server, and that the telco was working on it as a matter of priority. Who needs multilayered tech support and hour-long wait times when you can have this? ^_^

200GB/mo? That's pretty reasonable. Who's that with? I'm looking around for some simple hosting - the catch is I'd want to be able to serve files like this, including being able to stream them. Don't suppose you're a wiz with streaming server configuration to make a file appear as a live stream? (So if someone pauses for a minute, they resume at the same point everyone else is watching, one minute on)

Maybe you've seen this pic already?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Vicky Rabbit, Red the Panda (me), rcking's Marylen fox, Ian (nicodemusrat), and Chairo (chairoraccoon, and not chairo =:), at Duckon several years back.
*noddles and smiles* Sounds like a decent ISP, yes. I would've said the same about mine until recently, but after the adventure last autumn... eh, I still get 6000/768 with truly unlimited bandwidth (no soft caps or anything; I regularly uploaded over 4 GB per day on BitTorrent, every day, for a long time without ever hearing anything from them, and as far as I know, that's the norm here, too) for a decent price, so I'm not really complaining.

Hosting's provided by DomainFactory - http://df.eu/ . I've got the "ManagedHosting M" package, in essence, although I think mine's still called "VirtualServer Standard" - an older name for the same offering. You only start to get unlimited traffic at the XXL variant, though, which costs considerably more. (Also, I'm not sure, but I think you don't necessarily get a 100 MB/s switchport there; the "ManagedServer" packages, at least, specifically mention that particular perk, though, so I suppose it's not included here.)

Anyhow, I'm quite happy with them really, and do recommend them. *smiles*

Oh, and yeah, I know that pic and that suit. ^^ I just thought that you had a bunny suit by now as well. :)

(EDIT: Oh, and regarding streaming stuff, they do offer that, too, but I've never tried it, and streaming webspace and traffic are counted separately from the "regular" variety, so if you want that, it'd likely be better to look into another hoster - I imagine it might get expensive using df.)

Edited at 2008-02-16 09:54 pm (UTC)
I could probably have mirrored it on my dedicated box, were it not for the fact it'd take forever to download it and reupload it on there. =:P

One of these days I might get over to America, but it's taken me this long just to get to Europe. =;)
I just think of the connections some Koreans can get.. not just 100Mbps, but gigabit's supposedly quite easily (and cheaply) obtained. The real netheads can go for 10Gbps, though. =:D

So, the complete Glastonbury 2007 BBC footage, at 25GB or so, would take around half a minute to transfer. ^_^;

I'd suggest Australia, but they've got a bit of a thing about lapines - Queensland doesn't even allow us! :-P
I'm seeding!
Wow, already? =:)
Wow! Do you think somebody will do the same thing for FNL? I'd love to see high quality video of the skits I was in (and the other skits, which I'd missed by virture of being back stage).
Ooh, good point! Worth checking in furcon, I'd say, or with Kiteless directly. I'd love to see what went on, too! Especially HD, of course. I may not be able to play full 1080 resolution files, but even 528/576/720p is so much nicer, let alone being able to enjoy such files in their full glory while in the bath. ^_^

Not HD, but the whole FNL is already out.. check this furcon entry:
*yoink!* Very cool! I'm on that torrent now. ^_^
Iota put a torrent client/server on my Xserve at 365 Main. But, but, but... Remotely controlling such a thing is tedious, and I have to open the firewall, and I don't want to annoy my cololord who's not charging me any rent, and I don't even know if there is such a thing other than the kludgy way of installing an app there and then using VNC to run it remotely. That's too much like work. So I started it on my DSL at home.

Hee! Indeed, that's by far the simpler path. Simple is good. Ommm. (Insert Sinfest imagery of Buddha on his cloud)

BT in a firewall's actually quite easy - as a bare minimum, it's just one TCP port. If you want to be able to use Azureus' distributed tracker, that requires a UDP opening, and that's it. Not that Azureus is exactly the most lightweight client around, but it works well, and runs on anything Java-capable, supporting nice additions like transport encryption, and a billion other configuration options - not too dissimilar to VNC in that regard, but Azureus' prefs actually make sense. =:)

365 Main? Isn't that where much of Second Life is housed, along with some Texan colo? ISTR there being several flavors of fun a few months back when power failed, and the backup generators didn't generate, despite a successful test quite soon before.
Everybody is at 365 Main. They have so many tenants that they don't care about customer service or sales any more. I think the test a few months before was not successful. My server has suffered two power outages in the couple of years it's been there. The server's not used for much; it's just cool to have an Xserve at a colo. (It's already paid for by Google ad revenue.) Maybe I can find something useful to do with it.

The Land of Bozos bought a three-thousand dollar license for a linux email server; they would have been better served, so to speak, with an Xserve and an Unlimited License of OS X Server two generations old bought on eBay. But then I was only "acting" IT guy and three different people IMHO less qualified than I questioned every decision I made.
(It Is is what it's an abbreviation of, yes?)
Got this downloaded overnight. While it's nice of them to present it in 720p, it seems almost pointless to compress it as much as they have. Huge compression artefacts in every frame pretty much. They need to do a version which is more like 4gb, not 700mb!