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My interest is officially piqued in a forthcoming MMO world, Lila Dreams: "According to designer Jason McIntosh, the game takes place in the imagination of an eleven-year-old girl, where "darkness... surrounds the world, constantly encroaching inward and eating away the landscape. But there is also going to be an array of strange creatures from Lila's thoughts and nightmares with which to contend and befriend."

I love a good geek collision.. here's one between Bruce Schneier and the Bunny comic. ^_^

Rarely do memes catch my eye, but this one did - but the guy answered it so well that I'd really have little to add. So, you're god. What would you do? eg:
1) Hobnob with the hoi polloi.
If I'm gonna be god, I'm gonna hang with my peeps. Being that I am god, I can potentially hang with any number of them at once. I think if I'm going to create a world and fill it with people, I kind of owe it to them to be visible. I want to draw an analogy to how absentee bosses are totally lame while bosses who are open and make themselves seen by their employees are much better to work for, except I wouldn't be like the boss. I'd just be around, having a good time, playing We Love Katamari with some Japanese dude named Shoichi in Hokkaido at the same time I was turning water into wine (and funk) at a party in London. It goes with my one general rule of morality for myself and the rest of my world: "Don't be a dick. Seriously."

AM Radio's "The Far Away" American gothic wheatfield project's now raised enough - US$2000 - from sales of the build to purchase four cows through Heifer International. To celebrate, he's holding a writing/photography competition, closing on March 7 2008, with a prize of L$10,000, an Eton FR250 radio, and placement of the winning entry in situ for eight weeks.

Definitely somewhere to explore: SpellCaster abutting Primula Rasa. "You have been selected, if you so choose, to participate, as much as you wish, in an epic experiment and you will be asked to make a selection…choosing either the side of science (Prototypers- lead by Timeless Prototype or the Chevalians- lead by Corwin Chevalier)- these are actual avatars who also serve as character archetypes. The experience is ongoing and will span four sims or more during an unknown length of time.

The project is still under beta build status now. At this point you need take no action, but if you choose just let either individual General or their aids of your interest. This is a primarily non-violent simulation, in real-time, using symbols, song, art and immersion to model different ways educators and businesses can utilize 3D worlds. Goals are to study system dynamics, micro transactions and other immersive aspects of 3D media."

Next time you're on the road, remember, you may be sharing it with some of these people. ^_^;

If you've got a good idea for a game to be implemented in SL, Deutsche Telekom's Gamesload wants to help: "The Gamesload jury will select the most beautiful ideas to be turned into games. Afterwards, prims and building space at the Gamesload Tower will be allocated. Have fun joining us and let the games begin!" The T&C seem to indicate they're genuinely just providing sim space, rather than taking your rights to the game in exchange.

atomicat spotted a rather cute music video, Critters Have Feelings, apparently included as a bonus on the Hoodwinked DVD. (Well worth a try, if you've not seen it. The CG's deliberately simple, as there wasn't much of a budget, but the writing easily makes up for that, along with some particularly good voice casting - Patrick Warburton as the Wolf especially; I see from his IMDb entry he'll soon be voicing a new Leisure Suit Larry title)

Phoo Action - one of the most wonderfully insane comic cultural mashups ever to come out of the BBC, where Jamie Hewlett combines camp kung-fu, mutants, and a good dose of 60s Batman sensibility. For now, it's only a single pilot episode, but I'd love to see more. Meanwhile, the pilot for the sitcom Being Human ("When a werewolf and a vampire move in together, they find the house is haunted by a ghost, and the three outsiders soon form a close friendship.") airs Monday Feb 18, 9pm, also on BBC 3.

Now there's an unlikely combination: "While I’m DJing, H&R Block will have 2 tax advisors answering your questions with free tax advice!" - unfortunately, that was Tuesday evening, but there's something oddly cute about a tax party. =:D

The gentle art of ice hockey, as illustrated by inaliak.

As of next month, you'll be able to buy dildos in Texas. ^_^ (The comments following the story are either to be savored or avoided.. =:)

Quite a neat little promo: Apple's running a drawing for tickets for iTunes Live: London Sessions, 11 days of recordings at AIR Studios from Feb 21 - Mar 2, with a fairly diverse spread of artists, including KT Tunstall, Bill Bragg, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Roísín Murphy, Spiritualized, and the Mystery Jets. Given the sponsorship, an iTunes account is required for the drawing ("competition" hardly seems accurate, when there's no skill involved). 25 pairs of tickets are available in all per date, but you can only enter for one date out of the eleven. (One of which has both acts listed as yet to be announced =:)

Is good, energetic, layered techno inspired by System Shock: A.I. Gone Mad.

Well, finally, the external 320GB has its own case, rather than usurping the DVD writer's - works perfectly, thankfully. The fan's virtually silent (or doesn't work, but the sides remained barely warmer than room temperature after a day, so either way, I'm fine. Unless the fan coil burns out and erupts in a flaming fireball), and the USB bridge works flawlessly. The DVR-108, meanwhile, gets its FW400/USB2 case back again.

Handy. Pioneer, being pikers, only supply their DVD writer firmware updates as Windows executables - or rather, the firmware file itself, and the flasher utility. Thankfully, there are alternatives, such as DVRFlash from the good folks at rpc1.org, which comes in flavors for OS X, Linux x86, DOS, and Windows - just give it the data, and follow the instructions. (There's a FlashIt kit available as well, adding a GUI) So now my DVR-108 sports the shiny new (as of 2005 =:) v1.20 firmware, up from its previous 1.14. Still region locked - or rather, unset - but I seldom play physical DVDs any more anyway, when it's that much more convenient to play a rip, or more usually, a much more compact transcoding. Yay H.264! And lookie here, a region-free version of Hyzenthlay's UJ-846 firmware, version FAAG. ^_^

I spotted this remarkable lamp while snuffling around LJ. I'm so pleased I can think of so many on my flist who might be interested in giving it a new home. =:D

A rather good SL artist's got her weblog up: Charlot's Web. Not much up yet, of course, but Morris Vig highlights a few examples of her work here, as an indication of what's in store.

Torchwood s02e04 "Meat" - true, I'm a little behind with the show. ^_^; A passable story, with a couple glaring plot holes, notably that nobody en route to the warehouse spotted they were being followed, despite the distance almost amounting to tailgating, and Rhys' disbelief in aliens, when he'd just seen something that was fairly positively not just a big cow. (BTW, could we please lay off the Dramatic ShakyCam™? Those HD cameras are upwards of £50k a pop, and all the director wants to do is force you to look away from the screen?) Still, quite an entertaining tale regardless. Perfect topping by Captain Jack to Rhys' little outburst, too. =:D The outcome felt a little unprompted, rather needless, more as if they'd suddenly realised the CG budget had been exhausted than following on from the rest of the story. To the writer's credit, though, I did appreciate our hero's refusal to follow through with her order, which would thereby have extinguished the new wonders revealed.

While looking around for the physical dimensions of 3.5" floppies, I noticed this (genuine? Apocryphal?) anecdote about the origin of the 5.25" form factor: "In 1976 two of Shugart Associates’s employees, Jim Adkisson and Don Massaro, were approached by An Wang of Wang Laboratories, who felt that the 8-inch format was simply too large for the desktop word processing machines he was developing at the time. After meeting in a bar in Boston, Adkisson asked Wang what size he thought the disks should be, and Wang pointed to a napkin and said “about that size”. Adkisson took the napkin back to California, found it to be 5¼ inches (13⅓ cm) wide, and developed a new drive of this size storing 98.5 KB later increased to 110 KB by adding 5 tracks."

Well, it didn't actually catch fire, thankfully, but something in the phone socket was distinctly - and odiferously - amiss, judging by the scorching and marginal functionality. So now that's back on the original faceplate and DSL filter, which work, but whose contacts seem to be flavor of the month for the local mold spores.

Dinner: some marked down beef & chianti ravioli I picked up a while back, with some hot sauce and Worcs sauce added to the water for additional tang, and some spare asparagus and spinach. After draining them, I tossed in some Bolognese style tomato sauce from a jar (I'm not above cheating, especially when it's just sitting unloved in the fridge), tore up three slices of bacon, and added a little smoked hot paprika and rosemary, and tossed that around for a bit. It worked nicely. :-9 (And there's even a little left. Yay easy lunch!)

Six word autobiographies. The best:

"Must remember: people, gadgets. That order. -- Brian Lam"
(Deleted comment)
Mmm, I've heard some good whisperings about "Adam" especially. I might try both eps tonight, but I'll probably wind up spending hours just catching up with today and yesterday's LJ happenings. And then there's this flick I just came across, which suggested it could be nicely askew. ^_^

Yay Martha! I'd really like to see more of the original Martha, though - not that she became any bimbo, far from it, but the emphasis did shift heavily towards her pluckiness rather than her medical background and inclination, not to mention winding up rather googly-eyed at the Doctor, though who amongst us could blame her? =:)

Hmm. That said, I think I'd be more inclined to pounce Jack. Let's see them both battle it out in a ballroom blitz. =:D

(Deleted comment)
Oh, that's wonderful! I've been fearing we've seen RTD slipping into the flaws of the past, being disinclined to let the assistant be shown to have real intelligence, especially if female.

Now, if only Jack could encounter some perilous situation that absolutely required the use of a perfectly form-fitting catsuit. So as not to have any loose fabric that might snag on lethal traps, you understand.

(Deleted comment)
Hmm. Have we ever seen Jack with a hat? A not-quite-but-pretty-much-SO back in Oregon had a lovely black leather fedora which suited him so well. He was a little tall, too, so he managed to carry it off quite stylishly. But would a fedora suit Jack? (The Doctor I can see in a beatnik beret quite easily =:)

Definitely, Jack was meant for that kind of long coat. Neo cut a fine form in it too, but that was purely visual, just an appearance. Might be fun to see them meet, though. *grin*

Oh, I wish I could encounter a situation that required a perfectly form-fitting catsuit.

The closest I get is when I play hockey, and a perfectly form-fitting catsuit is my underwear. (It has kevlar in the collar to avoid a Malarchuk/Sednik incident and a pocket in front for a certain piece of personal armor to avoid a Vienna Boys Choir incident.) Or when I ride a motorcycle, when I wear a perfectly form-fitting catsuit under my red and black motorcycle leathers which I will now be compelled to post a picture of.

Loganberrybunny, I was also wondering that. When I Porsupah joined me in the Land of Bozos a couple of years ago, he had just missed a person with that name by about a year.
I may very possibly be the only person reading this whose first thought about that last line was, "Who in the name of Frith is Brian Lam?" =:P
Not to worry - I don't often remember names, even when I'm inclined to, so that one didn't ring any bells with me either. I simple adored the entry. Though I think I'd have cooked up a few tabs between "people" and "gadgets". The latter can undeniably be a load of fun - gods know, I don't make a little use of Hyzenthlay, for everything a laptop can be cajoled into performing - but friends are always so greatly more important.

I suppose it's that socialisation of sorts (not the same as being able to meet up in person, but still highly welcome) that helps keep me from watching more films and TV - watching Torchwood is purely a passive exercise, other than maybe nattering about it on doctorwho and suchlike. But LJ, SL, FA - it's all so much more real; we're not just onlookers.

(Deleted comment)
Aaah! That's tragic, yet at least convenient - private screening! Sadly, I missed out on Hoodwinked theatrically, but then, I've seen terribly little on the big screen in the past few years. Your experience reminded me immediately of the time I saw Cats Don't Dance cinematically, though - I think there may have been another couple folks in the auditorium, but more or less, we were the only people there, about a week in after release, at an oddly timed 10pm screening. Again, really a very underrated feature, with some lovely sense of actual animation, and a remarkable use of color in some scenes, such as Darla's "Bigger and Louder" reprise, and the first animal jam.

I was quite surprised by Glenn Close, I'll admit - so often, big names get signed up for animation just for the star power (hello Dreamworks!), without understanding how different voice acting is from their usual field. She did well. ^_^

I still need to see both versions (well, either, so far) of the recent Magic Roundabout - I admit, I couldn't quite understand the apparent need to dub a feature in English into English, but, Hollywood has some quite odd sensibilities at times. AFAICT, it wasn't especially great a production, but severing its origins surely can't have helped US audiences understand WTH was going on.

BTW, I see there's a Hoodwinked 2 on the way. ^_^ I'm not huge on sequels and franchises, but I'll be looking forward to this one. It won't beat out Ratatouille for graphic excellence, and frankly, I'd probably find it a little jarring for the style to be all that different anyway, but the original had such a sense of fun to it.. maybe people will give it more of a chance this time around?

(Reminds me, I wonder what Brad Bird's up to next.. such a phenomenally talented sort. Animator, writer, and director.. and supposedly a very personable sort too)

As for singing, that was something else which caught my attention with CDD - Scott Bakula performed his own songs, too. (AIUI, there was never a musical episode of Enterprise)

Ooooh, six word autobiographies! We had to come up with a bunch of them in our creative writing class last week, actually! It was a lot of fun...

"Nine cups of coffee too many" -Me ^^

Also, that hockey player must be Canadian ;P Although it kinda reminds me of our lacrosse... what the rest of the world seems to consider this silly little sport that pretentious private school boys play, we seemed to have turned into some brutal gladiatorial bloodbath o_o I remember at least three people on my younger brother's team were hospitalized for broken bones and James himself always came home covered in bruises.

I need to get around to actually watching the new Torchwood season... I haven't seen any of it yet, but I keep meaning to track it down.

Have you considered making journal entries just devoted to your dinners? I'd like to borrow some of your recipes, they sound really good ^^
It goes with my one general rule of morality for myself and the rest of my world: "Don't be a dick. Seriously.

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