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What the world needs is bunny pocky.

Encouragingly, a federal judge has overturned Bush's waiver on high-power sonar restrictions. "Environmental campaign groups led by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRCD) say whale strandings and deaths are associated with sonar blasts, which are also thought to damage the brains and ears of marine mammals. Judge Cooper ruled that there was no reason to exempt the navy from a court injunction barring the use of powerful submarine-detecting radar in a 12-mile zone off southern California, which is a habitat for dolphins, whales and other animals."

El Reg recently pointed out rather a wonderful little Flash ad for a Dutch retailer. Very silly. Perhaps even moreso than this Sesame Street clip that orona_red stumbled upon. =:D

Jamie Hewlett's (Tank Girl, Gorillaz) new sitcom/drama pilot, Phoo Action - "London 2012. Based on the Jamie Hewlett comic strip, Get The Freebies. Super hero Whitey Action joins together with tough gay Buddhist kung-fu cop Terry Phoo, to thwart the crimes of The Freebies Gang." - finally debuts on BBC3 this coming Wednesday, 10.45pm. (And if you're watching Torchwood, note that it's showing in its 9pm BBC2 slot, followed immediately afterwards by the next episode, but on BBC3, where it'll apparently remain)

Pakistani rock group Junoon in SL, in preparation for the forthcoming US Islamic World Forum in Doha, in Qatar. ^_^

Here are a couple tracks that have particularly caught me recently - perhaps they'll do something for you too. ^_^

First up: Dengue Fever - Tiger Phone Card, from their "Venus on Earth" - imagine 60s rock had come from India. The album as a whole is a fascinating blend of Indian-inspired vocal stylings, atop bright guitars reminiscent of surf rock at times.

Next, the coiled up power within an unknown track by The Tanukis, a Denver-based trio. All acoustic, traditional instruments (primarily piano, violin, and guitar), headed by a Russian gypsy singer - they'd surely be one hell of an act to experience live. Furiously energetic.

Finally, the opposite - an entirely synthetic track, with highly processed vocals: Freezepop - Less Talk More Rock. No deep meaning here, just a very polished track to enjoy at good volume.

If you've been wondering about the unusual situation developing with multiple seabed data cables being cut lately, you can find a detailed set of analyses courtesy of Renesys: part 1, part 2, and part 3, which also looks at who's been able to make up the losses most effectively, and what providers have been the winners (including BT, surprisingly enough, and VSNL) and losers (Verizon especially). As for why, nobody knows - Egypt's confirmed it wasn't shipping traffic. Repairs are due to get underway this weekend. Favorite comment: "I, for one, welcome our new cable cutting overlords!"

Meanwhile, this article in the Guardian has quite a neat (and large) graphic, showing the layout and capacities of undersea data cabling. And if you really want the whole poop on undersea cables, try this Wired article from 1996, by Neal Stephenson.

I admit, I often just ignore ads, even those from Project Wonderful - not through browser filtering, in their case, just simply barely noticing the ad banners in the first place. Yet, they do tend to be genuinely relevant, if you're interested in comic strips and the art form - a couple I stumbled upon this way just now are Welcome to Pixelton, an 8-bit inspired strip, and Comixology, a handy reference for what's coming out when from a variety of indie publishers.

It's from January 2007, but this interview with Chris Bentley, head of ATI/AMD's Mac 3D driver group since 1996, is quite an interesting insight into how the two companies mesh. Cute is this bit of the exchange:

AFR: Let's get to the big question many people are thinking about. You are no longer ATI, you are AMD -- even the sign outside says AMD. Is anything different? Are there any changes or will there be any changes with your commitment to Apple now that you guys are AMD?

CB: There is absolutely no change in our relationship with Apple. We
offer the same level of support, from the same people, with the same engagement with Apple and the Mac software companies. In fact, we may be able to offer more solutions to Mac users because we have more resources now.

AFR: Maybe able to offer more....?

CB: Obviously AMD hopes to sell Apple more AMD products.

AFR: Like main processors -- chips?

CB: [....smiles] We can't comment on that.

Hm. Supposedly the new Windlight release comes with voice turned on by default? :-P (Interesting to see how few people, overall, have gone for voice. It's not something I find compatible with SL, but then, I'm not much for phones either)

Only xkcd could exceed this lolcat in layered geekiness.

Here's a music video I like - quite a simple concept, but fits the music well. Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy. As they say, that first step's a doozy.


So, now, if someone asks if you have the time on you, you can say you do - literally. ^_^ (The clock is fully functional, and also offers a stopwatch function)

A handy collection for SL tourists: top 10 spots in SL Japan, including Touji Pagoda, Himeji Castle, Niseko Hirafu Ski Resort, and more. Of course, Tokyo Tower's there, even if it's hardly complete without gigantic stompiness.

Somewhere I should visit, perhaps: the Star Trek Museum of Science. ^_^ And if you're looking for a few L$, an Australian SL designer's holding their island opening on Sat/Sun (9pm Sat SL, 5am Sun GMT, 3pm Sun AEST/4pm Sun AEDT), with various freebies and a L$10,000 grand prize, along with fireworks and DJing.


As recommended by ducktapeddonkey, check out "Kite Fight" by Sweet Thing, an indie act from Toronto. Good stuff. This other track by way of CBC's regular "Track of the Day" is well worth a listen, for the tight guitar work especially.

Bah. No sign of SFM's 960x528 release of Torchwood this week, so I'll have to settle for 640x352. Maybe I'll fetch a 720p release if it turns out to be a good episode - Catherine Tregenna showed strong promise in season one. It'd only be an extra gig or so, but I can't actually play most 720p H.264 files on Hyzenthlay - too much bus bandwidth, and too high a processor load. 'Tis a tough life. s02e03 "To the Last Man" was a particularly good episode, though again, I found myself disappointed by the ultimately fatalistic ending - I'd like to see more narratives eschewing the ordained expectations, instead forging their own way instead, defying the fate others had set out. Nice to see Toshiko developing as a real character, rather than merely tech cypher - even Owen's mellowed remarkably, compared to his original bastardry, following the events later in season one.

So, Apple's pulled out of NAB.. interesting, but not so surprising. For large companies, expos have been diminishing in relevance for several years - far simpler to just hold their own press events whenever they want. For small companies, though, there's still some merit - they're much less able to grab column inches independently, but may feature in many show reports.

Regarding the curious Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo, one analyst offers some novel speculation: it's a trap, aimed at keeping Yahoo from snuggling up with Amazon. I'd be surprised if US regulators objected, though it might happen - the EU might be a bit more difficult to satisfy. Prima facie, I don't understand the rationale at all. Ballmer can claim what a wonderful match this would be for all he likes, but the corporate cultures could scarcely be more different. If Microsoft embarked on a Hotmail style purging of non-MS technology - Yahoo's all FreeBSD, Apache, et al - Yahoo's stability would hardly seem assured, let alone their freedom to sprout off in new directions, as with Flickr. Then the bottom line comes to mind, with the proposed purchase exceeding Microsoft's cash reserves (twice those of Apple), necessitating borrowing, for what doesn't readily appear to be a commensurately enhanced revenue stream.

Fight Club: The Musical seems likely - with music by Trent Reznor. ^_^
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