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The ultimate bunny binkying clip (FLV). This is a happy bunny. ^_^

An intriguing little story on the hare trinity motif, apparently found in ancient locations as separate as England, Iran, and China.

Osprey Therian of SL Games is running a little photography contest, with the theme being previous contests. Submissions close on 1 Feb 2008, with "cash prizes" on offer. I wouldn't expect to be able to buy a MacBook Pro on the proceeds, but it could be fun.

Car geeks might like to see the new Lancia Delta unveiled in SL first, in March, then 24 hours later in RL at the Geneva Motor Show.

On the musical front, Feb 1 sees the launch of Journey's island, with a band meet'n'greet.

Short for the day: Loon Dreaming. A sort of surrealist travelogue, with a particularly good organic electronica soundtrack.

MACBOOK ORGY (with hot interplatform action too).

I need to see this sometime for myself someday, over in Cardiff Bay - a neat little.. well, not really illusion, so much as just a matter of carefully painted patterns that appear quite different from a particular angle.

Torchwood s02e02 "Sleeper" - quite good, overall, blemished by some godawful camerawork in a few spots, and a disagreeably fatalistic ending. One of the show's better episodes, definitely.

"A group of teenage car thieves took a joy ride to a court-ordered counseling program aimed to keep them away from stealing cars, Winnipeg police said on Tuesday."

Google TiSP may actually become reality, with H2O's pilot program, rolling out data cables in town sewers; first up will be one of Bournemouth, Dundee, or Northampton. It'll take into 2010 to complete, but then offer a minimum of 100Mbit/s access. :-9

As loganberrybunny noticed, we're apparently coming to the end of National Rabbit Week. ^_^

I enjoy finding little nooks and crannies in life. They make exploring cities that much more savory, whether it's the rural lanes outside Wadebridge, the hidden pathways of High Wycombe, the alleys of San Francisco, or a mysterious spot on a map for an island I've never visited before, even if it does turn out to be badly misrepresented, so instead of being a large town as indicated, it's barely a village.. which perhaps we could've deduced from the way the road gradually tapered off from nicely paved and busy, to rather rocky, to a sandy excavation in the mountainside, without any barriers. ^_^; (When the auto stabilisation of the camcorder doesn't suffice for a road surface, you know things are getting interesting =:)

Sometimes even shops work that way - like the pub attached to the Abdij de St Sixtus, near Westvleteren. It's only subtly signposted, and you need to know where to be aiming in the first place, and even then, it helps if you know just where you're heading. A few minutes later, in the middle of the fields of Flanders, you'll find yourself at the single location where you can buy the abbey's superlative beers, notably Abt.12. (The photo is accurate - their bottles have no labels. Their only distinguishing marks are the caps. What need to broadcast that which the drinker already knows, after all? It's what's inside that counts)

And then there are the fabulous little art nooks along Valencia and thereabouts, quietly concealing (until everything lights up) weird and wonderful electronica and high experimental audio weirdness. From the outside, all perfectly routine, nothing to look at. =:) Or just little nooks like along the 28's route north to the Golden Gate Bridge, tucked away on a road not many people bother with, yet with such a wondrous view. It's moments and discoveries like those which I treasure.
rolling out data cables in town sewers

90% of what one finds on the internet is crap anyway. :-P

Though reading the FAQ and installation guide sounds interesting...

"How can Google offer this service for free?
We believe that all users deserve free, fast and sanitary online access. To offset the cost of providing the TiSP service, we use information gathered by discreet DNA sequencing of your personal bodily output to display online ads that are contextually relevant to your culinary preferences, current health status and likelihood of developing particular medical conditions going forward."
Though it does make one wonder just how long it'll be until such analysis actually does become a mandated reality.. my, the paranoid fantasies that are possible. ^_^

I wish more companies had a corporate sense of humor - Google's all too rare in that, and their April Fools pranks are always lovingly crafted. Why does business feel the need to be so damned serious anyway? Must be those ties throttling the brain. Mercifully, such devices aren't commonly in use in programming, though I did actually have to wear one during my internship, working on accountancy software - the leadership was relatively traditional, so they felt everyone had to be Presentable™, even though we'd only see visitors maybe once a month. Still, I suppose everyone needs a mask of some sort - suits are no less a disguise than anonymity, yet they're held to be some symbol of respectability, even as besuited figures hoard their billions and prop up murderous regimes worldwide, often claiming righteousness in the name of a molecule-thick veneer of democracy.