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Track for the day: Schrödinger's Dog - Kyoto Midnight Garden, by electricdog.

A bunny vessel spotted by worthyadvisor, at the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston; made around 200BC!

sockscatt's posting the occasional SL travelogue pic in socks_on_sl - well worth adding, with images as diverse as a Japanese car promo and a recreation of the aftermath of Chernobyl.

Courtesy of Bremner, Bird, and Fortune, the financial crisis explained. =:)

plushlover pointed out some particularly good Disney-style fan artwork over here, including some good sketches of Brer Rabbit. ^_^

Political weblog of the day, both for its breadth and quality of writing: James Kunstler's Clusterfuck Nation. On a more serene note, Docudharma is well worth a look as well. One worthy quote from a front page posting:

"Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies - or else? The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars - must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.
-- Martin Luther King, Jr."

"Biblical science" versus science, in an exhilarating YouTube clip. This is how wonderful the universe is. And we've only just begun to explore.

The Mediterranean is rising. Bear in mind also that the IPCC forecasts have, over the past five years or so, been shown to err on the conservative side - that is, the actual outcomes have been subsequently measured to be greater than predicted.

Meanwhile, Nature reports that something I've pondered for a while may be in danger of occurring: a trade war between the EU and US over greenhouse gas emissions.

An enquiry is now underway into a gruesome part of the turbulent times for the Inuit between the 1950s and 1970s: "Some elders have even alleged the RCMP - either acting alone or with the federal government - deliberately murdered up to 20,000 of their sled dogs to help officials control the Inuit and speed up the process of assimilation. For centuries, sled dogs - qimmiit in Inuktitut - had been the Inuit's main source of transportation and a direct link to the land and their food supply. Some elders have tearfully told stories about travelling into a settlement to buy supplies and upon leaving a store, coming across Mounties shooting their harnessed dogs."

I don't pay a great deal of attention to the Oscars, but it struck me that there's some actual competition in the Animated Feature category this year: Ratatouille (simply excellent) and Persepolis (trailer here), the autobiographical story of a young girl growing up as the Shah's deposed to make way for the current Republic. So extraordinarily different.

Good little slideshow on copyright, public domain, and how they eternally collide in modern culture: The Pirate's Dilemma.

Encouragingly, it looks like the new mobile Penryn CPUs will offer a modest boost in battery life, on the order of 10% or so, despite somewhat improved throughput. Of course, you do pay for the tech - a 2.6GHz T9500 will run $530 in lots of 1000, while nudging the speed down to 2.5GHz drops the tag to $316 each.

As paka noticed, the Bush administration is also unhealthy for whales.

Anyone of a feline disposition might like this new leather tiger file from bob_basset. Gorgeous work, as always.

Unusually for a Mac-centric site, RoughlyDrafted took on Muni the other day. The comments are worth reading also, with a few other readers chiming in with their municipal experiences.

Via ugly_crap, the baby lamp. Perfect nightmare fuel. And if you'd like a real miniature human spud, but aren't heterosexually inclined, "the European Court of Human Rights said Tuesday that the exclusion of individuals to adopt children simply because of their sexual orientation is discriminatory and in breach of the European Convention of Human Rights."

"The ruling noted that France, like a number of other European countries, allows single people to adopt. The court also noted that there was nothing to indicate that E.B. would be an unfit parent except for France's objection on the grounds of her sexuality. 'Henceforth, France will no longer be able to refuse approval to an unmarried person on the grounds of their homosexuality,' Mecary said in a statement to the media. 'The same thing will be true for other member countries of the Council of Europe which allow adoption by unmarried people.'"

Also via Joe. My. God., a little report from Mid-Atlantic Leather, which tickled me happily. ^_^ "The list of theme parties over the weekend is long and varied, but so far I've mostly been hanging out in the lobby of the host hotel and watching the shenanigans. Yesterday's schedule featured a 'puppy play party' in the hotel bar, where a dozen men in rubber body suits and doggie masks rolled around on the carpet, sniffed each other's butts, and growled and fought over chew toys while their masters stood to one side and chatted about leash training. I love my people."

Music video for the day: It's All Because (The Gays Are Getting Married). ^_^

So, it appears the target for introducing Mono on the grid is Jan 31, initially on the beta grid. ^_^ To start with, the idea remains just shifting the back end to run on Mono, with the longer term goal of opening the way to other more general purpose languages than only LSL. So there won't be a great shift for now, other than the sims spending much less time processing scripts (the wiki notes the new approach runs around 70x faster), of which there can be a surprisingly large number active on a typical region.

So, as His Steveness demonstrated, the MacBook Air fits nicely into a manila envelope. But, once you've got one yourself, what kind of sleeve do you want for it? Cue the AirMail - an envelope made of upholstery vinyl, lined with fuzzy fleece. =:D

Having watered down The Golden Compass so as not to cause any fundamentalist offense, it doesn't do very good business. Funny how that happens.. as a result, the other books will not be filmed.

Oog. Not sure I'd be very content with the German dub of Doctor Who.. that voice might work for Tennant, but not Eccles.

As anyone who knows me professionally is aware, I'm quite fond of the ARM architecture (shush at the back there, pyesetz =:) - a simple, clean design, with niceties like the barrel shifter (eg add r0,r1,r4,lsl #2 is equivalent to r0 = r1 + r4<<2, with that left shift adding nothing to the timing), and almost all instructions being conditionally executed. So, I quite enjoyed reading one ARM tidbit: they (or rather, their partners) currently shift almost three billion processors a year. That's a staggering number, and that's not even including the rest of the embedded market, such as PIC, Atmel, and other microcontrollers, and PowerPC cores.

Torchwood s2e1 - not as bad as I'd feared. For me, the highlight was seeing the old Jack back; the guest star was rather wasted in the role, but their cuddling was so nice to see on the screen. ^_^ The story itself was disposable and riddled through with plot holes, but that's Chris Chibnall's style - throw lots of action in and don't worry how much sense it makes.

In an ugly development, the co-creator of DTrace, a profiling utility recently ported into OS X from Sun's open source efforts, has discovered that certain processes - tagged with the P_LNOATTACH flag - are prohibited from reporting to DTrace. One such application happens to be iTunes. This just may be associated with the fact that iTunes Store music is delivered unprotected, with the FairPlay DRM added by the user's copy of iTunes, rather than performed server-side. It's probably not too difficult to overcome, and only affects such concealed processes - ie quit them before going tracing to avoid contaminated results - but a diagnostic/debugging tool should never, ever tell anything but the entire truth.

If you saw the excellent Watch the Worlds, but wished you'd been able to visit the build before it vanished, Robbie Dingo made a sort of outtakes extra, exploring the village a little: Watch the Worlds Revisited. (And if you haven't seen it, here you go. Highly recommended. If bandwidth isn't a big matter, go for the best resolution version, as there's a lot of detail involved)

No big surprises on Apple's quarterly results, but still most pleasant - 2,319,000 Macs, 44% up on the year-ago quarter, with the bottom line of a profit of $9.6b ($1.76/diluted share), compared to year-ago results of $7.1b ($1.14).

This hare doormat's cute, but it's the dish rack that really appeals to me. ^_^

And just in case you've not seen it.. the Star Trek XI teaser. It could be quite good. ^_^

I love picking up delicious marked-down Stuff™ at the local supermarkets. Tuesday's dinner was an unusually good example - caramelised onion and goat's cheese ravioli, which I cooked in some capsaicin-laced water, plus some dolcelatte & rocket sauce, augmented with a nice pile of thick honey ham, sliced into short ribbons, mangetout, a dash of lemon juice, a good scraping of black pepper, and completely missing the chargrilled artichokes I'd originally intended, as they apparently got pushed off the stack by the thought of the ham. A creamy, lively sauce for some surprisingly tangy ravioli, plus the crunchiness of the mangetout.. yes, that worked.

Astonishingly, it seems as if - perhaps - peace has finally arrived in the DR Congo.
The Golden Compass ... the other books will not be filmed.

I can't find a single news site that is saying this. The only sources of information saying the sequels have been cencelled seem to be blogs linking to other blogs.

Even if they did pre-sell the foreign rights to the film, shouldn't whether they made a profit or not depend on HOW MUCH they sold them for? The blogs seem to assume they sold them for $0, when in actual fact, it was probably considerably more than that.
Who knows? Hollywood works in strange ways, as Kevin Smith appreciates. =:) It would be a positive sign if the other films did go ahead after all, in light of the unusual weighting of US/worldwide revenues, assuming that subsidiary rights sale only applied to the first movie, as that might encourage the screenwriters to pursue more of the original tone of the books.
I do wish the other books to go to film somehow.
Meanwhile, some Catholic school boards are realizing that banning the books was an over-reaction they should correct:
That "'biblical science' vs. science" clip was good; I just saw it on Pharyngula earlier today and liked it a lot. *s*

Mmm, I'll still have to watch Persepolis some day. I did like the comics, but I don't think the movie's been in any cinemas here - at least none where I noticed it.

Hmm, how can the executive just override the judiciary - doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a judiciary in the first place? (Of course, just because I imagine me asking that might trigger a certain Pavlovian reaction in some (not you) reading this, I've long since suspected that the whole "checks and balances" in the USA, well-intentioned as it may have been, is mostly just a carte blanche for the executive to do whatever it damn well pleases.)

The lamp is definitely creepy, even more so than the waste that Anne Geddes produces. But then, so's all human spawn. :P

I admit I'd probably have chopped the "biblical science" bit, though - the body of the clip's just so wonderful. But, I suppose it can't hurt, when school boards in Florida and elsewhere are busily trying to declare creationism an "alternative theory". Pharyngula's a good weblog, definitely. Sometimes there's a bit much dogpiling on the lamentable ID bobbleheads, but when matters tend more towards the scientific, it's quite impressive seeing the depth of knowledge thereabouts.

Persepolis appears to be out on DVD already in France, and seems to even have English subtitles. Perhaps a good movie to pick up for when kalogrenant (hm. Journal seems a mite dusty =:) next visits?

Well, Bush has been happily making all those "executive statements" on laws he's signed - traditionally just footnotes, but with his friends, it's been shifted into the "unitary executive" realm. I might have expected some of the Democrats to make some noise about that, but they seem mostly as quiet on that as impeachment, let alone uttering the words "war crimes".

Ooog. Mercifully, that "baby in furry costume" plush trend seemed to die away reasonably quickly. Would be nice to see the return of lovingly detailed, genuinely furry plush, though. Ah well. Maybe I can keep an eye out around Eastertime, and see if there are any noteworthy buns in need of a new home.. I don't really have the space, but I'd love to have a few more rabbits to keep my Dance-with-Me bun company. ^_^

*noddles* My main dislike about Pharyngula is the amount of posts - sometimes, it just emphasises quantity too much at the expensive of quality, especially when it comes to Youtube videos. I'm generally not a fan of swamping people with videos, since unlike with texts, you can't glance them over to figure out whether they're actually worth your time, so more often than not, I tend not to watch videos at all; unfortunately, though, this also means I miss the rare gem that gets posted.

Mmm, yeah, might do that. :) I talked to kalogrenant about it the last time he visited, though, and he mentioned he didn't like the comics at all, so I suppose he wouldn't like the movie, either. (And yeah, he isn't really using that journal; the main reason he's got it is so he can read my locked posts.)

Yeah, the democrats seem pretty spineless, unfortunately... with the exception of some (Kucinich seems like a decent fellow, for example, although I can't really speak with certainty there, not having looked into him enough), of course, but for the most part, they're just as much part of the political establishment as the republicans are. :|

Hmm, I'm not going to click on a link leading to Anne Geddes' site; that way must surely lie madness. c.c Seriously, she's about the only person who's ever made me think that there might be cases where iconoclasm might be justified - and a good thing, in fact. The world really would be a better place if we could get rid of her and all the... disgusting drivel she's coming up with entirely. >_<

Oh well. At least there's still cute husky pups to look at.
A bunny vessel

Ooh, very neat. It took me a moment to spot the bunniness of it (the ear is a bit hard to see in that picture), but then I did, and it was very cool. It would be worth driving up there, just for that.

"Biblical science" versus science, in an exhilarating YouTube clip.

That one is good, isn't it? I saw it when it was first posted, and I greatly enjoyed it. The music by itself is as cool as the rest of the video, but all of it together is even better. The rest of their videos are pretty spiffy, too.
I've asked worthyadvisor if she's got a high-res version of the pic - it's from a recent Boston trip (maybe I should track down some good examples of the local accent. That's something California lacks, in a way, given what a cultural soup SF and LA are - there's no particular one accent, so much as an entire parade of them on every bus =:). I'd like to know more about it, though I suppose we're always limited in what we can know about many archeological finds - was this an uncommon item, and how did the local culture see rabbits? Ah, for a TARDIS.. ^_^

Pharyngula's a good weblog, definitely, even if inevitably with provisos (as above). Maybe I should include that as a poll question sometime - I'd imagine BoingBoing's more widely read, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a good showing for that as well.

Oh! I'll have to check out their other works. That one does make its point beautifully - it's literally awesome just how much understanding we've gained about ourselves, the world, and the nature of reality, in what's really quite a ridiculously brief slice of time, let alone the way the pace of scientific understanding continues to accelerate, with so much accomplished just in the past two hundred years or so, going from the discovery of the relationship between electricity and magnetism, to processors with features a fraction of the wavelength of light, for instance. Providing we don't cock it all up in the process, or enter some authoritarian dystopia, the next few hundred years are going to be a phenomenal era..

(Deleted comment)
Oh, certainly! I suppose there's not that much more detail to be seen, but it's as close as I'll get for a while, unless someone abducts me to the uncharted eastern territories. ^_^

Hmm. I wonder if the cat and dog are suitable for icanhascheezburger.com treatment.. =:)
**sees he's on the list**

**braces for impact....** :)
What, you mean people read this? =:)

BTW, who did you say you got that kitty av from? I'm sure you mentioned it at the time..

It's just an average run-of-the-mill Luskwood stock tuxedo cat. It's the closest I've seen to "Socks" without modification.
Hold on - Mono as in the open source version of .Net???

If so, any hope of them mapping LSL to a namespace so you can program in C# of any of the other .Net languages?
This guy seems to think so, yes. =:)

Of course, before anything like that happens, there's got to be a successful deployment to the main grid, with as few howls of anguish over broken LSL in the process, but the possibilities are tremendous. (ISTR OpenSim has greater scripting support in that regard already, but I've not yet played with it much)
This could easily get me back on SL and actually programming stuff there... :)