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Feisty installations

What flavor of Linux (or even *BSD) would you recommend for a simple home computing box? I've got a junker PC kicking around, originally purchased to act as an XP host for an uncommon PCI card (Blackfin JTAG ICE, superceded by its USB2 counterpart), which would be perfect for handing over to the family. As I'm no Windows guru, and have no aspirations thereto, it seems much simpler to avoid the whole joy of viruses and spyware by loading it up with another OS. (OS X is out, given it's a 500MHz AMD inside - I'm guessing the OSX86 hacks wouldn't work too well on something that low on the SIMD ladder) Any suggestions for a suitable WiFi card/adaptor? An internal card might be slightly preferable - fewer things outside the box to get fiddled with, disconnected, and/or lost - but USB would be an option, assuming the USB card works.

merik brings word that - at long last - Sam & Max: Freelance Police is coming to DVD, as a three disc set. ^_^

The front fell off a tanker.

The Second Life Community Convention 2007 (Chicago, Aug 24-26; Friday to Sunday) tracks - Social, Machinima, Education, and Business - will be broadcast live online, as noted here. Naturally, there'll be in-world events as well.

Found by mycroftb. NSFW!

Dancing robots (FLV), starring a particularly cute little yellow guy, Keepon. And if you're near LA, you'll soon have a chance to see the duo live. ^_^

Here's a handy tutorial for baking textures for SL in Maya.

"Tests with robotic squirrels confirmed that a warmed squirrel tail made rattlesnakes more likely to act defensively, say Rundus and Owings."

Another SL award: the Thinkerer Challenge, that aims "to identify and encourage the development of creative products and services that use Second Life capabilities to enrich or empower experiences in Real Life. The first Award recipient will be made known at the end of September, 2007. Recipients of the Thinkerer Challenge Award will receive 30,000 Lindens - the currency of Second Life - and the use of a parcel of virtual land (or an equivalent arrangement) for one year."

It's interesting to see how some games involving money have survived the recent (and regrettably, characteristically abrupt) Linden Lab ban on gambling in SL. Essentially, those involving skill, such as Tringo, are safe, under the current rules; others have simply shifted the emphasis from playing to win L$ by making the cost of entry whatever you want to donate. Personally, I'd love to see more of a shift towards skill-based games, providing more of an intellectual challenge than provided by mere randomness. Of course, the problem comes in deciding how random a given game is, and what the level of skill is - there's a lot of randomness (hopefully) in poker, f'rex, but I doubt any poker players (not including myself, I should note) would accept there's no skill involved. Similarly backgammon, where a game can easily turn either way on a particularly timely roll, but there are certainly many elements of strategy and style one may employ.

"The War on Democracy: A Film by John Pilger", as broadcast on Monday night by ITV in the UK, should be good, taking a detailed look at the CIA's past role in Central and South America, such as deposing Allende in Chile, to make way for Pinochet; quite a few of the figures responsible then remain active now. You can catch a trailer/intro for it here.

Feral has a con hotel? I thought it was strictly campgrounds (and associated huttery). Still, sounds like a con I might enjoy sometime. Only trouble is, of course, I'd need at at least some net.access once a day, or I'd get twitchy. A full con without access would probably require a wheelchair by the end of it. Nah, that's being silly. I'd just make sure a satellite data provider sponsored me for network resale during the event. =:)

Mmm. I do like the bassline in Anima Sound System's Po Drom, from Gipsy Sound Clash.. works beautifully on these headphones, at any rate. They're a group well worth checking out, if the idea of downtempo/dub/breakbeat/house (sometimes on the same track) of an Eastern European nature appeals to you. And Moby's reworking of God Bless the Child is fantastic stuff, courtesy of the soundtrack EP for Bioshock; the reworking of Beyond the Sea is well worth listening to, as well. I've no idea what the game itself is like (I'll think about that when I've got something I could play it on), but the producer's taste in music bodes well.

Salt & pepper shakers! Via thrifthorror.
otter3 noticed that Patrick Leahy, one of the rare Democrats-with-spine, and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has a cameo in the next Batman movie. =:D 'The longtime Batman fan would reveal little about his role other than that he is called the "distinguished gentleman."'

kurtmrufa found a detailed article on the US housing market, originally from Harper's. Well worth the time, as it's glistening with marrow-filled facts. (I do find the graphic for point 13 quite amusing, in a H2G2 way)

One person's own account of life in a pseudomilitary "boot camp", a gift from their parents. Not easy reading.

Good track: Fountain Hughes, available there - entirely free - as a Reason RPS file, and MP3.

You may recall Bush has insisted that he'll listen to "the generals on the ground" (and then cycle them out if they disagree with him), most recently culminating in the anticipation of Gen. Petraeus' report in September on how well the escalation has fared in Iraq. Apparently, they're taking the less risky road this time: "Despite Bush's repeated statements that the report will reflect evaluations by Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, administration officials said it would actually be written by the White House, with inputs from officials throughout the government."

Cool going - if you've got an old Rabbit vibrator that's in need of being recycled, the maker will take it back themselves, and give you half off a new one.
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