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Had you heard of The Last Starfighter: The Musical? O.o;

Any Infected Mushroom cognoscenti around? I'm wondering about the track containing the Volcano sample "There are at least 1500 active volcanoes that we know about.. and at least one.. that we don't" - what are the opening samples from? (And what are they saying? =:) Here's the track in question, apparently one of their unreleased noodlings; and another, just for the fun of it - a particular favorite, Deepongi.

So, apparently there's going to be a World of Warcraft movie in 2009. 'Legendary Pictures' Thomas Tull described the movie as "big," with a budget of over $100 million. "We're not gonna make some cheesy little.. I don't even know what a good example is," he said. Shouts of "Doom" erupted from the crowd. "I'm not gonna give any examples," Tull said after a laugh.'

The Little Mermaid was never quite like this, from the Looking For Group comic..

I can think of a few furs I know who might find this entry on the nature of platformers, 2D, and 3D worth a read. It's a thoughtful musing: 'For one thing, I do not think the platform game was meant to work in 3D. Ever. The essence of the platformer is the simplicity of its graphics and controls, and the allowance through that for a precision that 3D platformers lack. That precision in general is in fact an advantage lost to 3D; with sprites, a truly skilled gamer can time and align moves to the literal pixel. It's unrealistic - a "digital" approach to gaming, not an attempt to emulate the analogue feel of the physical world - but no one said gaming environments had to be realistic.'

I suppose it was inevitable.. a native NES emulator for the iPhone. =:D It's still under development, so there's no sound, and they're working on the control side of things, currently implemented as a touch version of an original controller. But it works!

The ultimate in iPod theft prevention. =:) I want to see someone make it for real, and leave it on a peg in an Apple Store..

Are you sleeping too well? Try The Smile, an Israeli student short about a casual visit for some coffee. Chris Cunningham would be so proud.

I don't generally follow 2's rantings, but this one is a delightful polemic. No, not at all worksafe, except perhaps in New York.

The official iPhone paperclip. =:D (Scroll down a bit to HydraMac's second posting for the perfect coda)

foofers might enjoy thrifthorror, a community dedicated to the *cough* gems of thrift stores. I particularly like the clown macrame; or there's a book someone found, Final Exam, published in 1991.. be sure to look closely. And I'd love this hat.. =:D

Nice to see some lack of hysteria - "A German court has refused to order ISPs to hand over user details to the music industry. The incident is not the first in Germany, and follows the opinion of a European Court of Justice Advocate-General backing the stance." "If European authorities begin to refuse to order the hand over of subscriber details in civil cases it will severely hamper the music industry's attempts to take civil action against file sharers. In most European countries, including the UK, copyright infringement is only a criminal offence when conducted on a commercial scale. Most individual file-sharing would be unlikely to count as a criminal offence."

Could be worth keeping an eye on: Amazon's launching a payments system, and Google's on board. Even small amounts are catered for: "FPS also handles micro-payments (via Amazon Payment accounts), letting sellers collect payments as small as a single cent. For any payment under five cents, Amazon takes a 20 per cent cut, with a minimum fee of one quarter of one cent." Could be ideal for webcomics, for example.

If you're using a cellphone in the EU outside the provider's home turf, new caps on roaming fees now apply: "Mobile network operators in Europe had until July 30 to offer the new Eurotariff to their customers, and they've got until the August 30 to activate it, but many operators have decided to offer rates even lower than the 0.49€ outgoing 0.24€ incoming maximum allowed under the new rules."

ducktapeddonkey spotted this neat clip of Für Elise being played on two guitars. By one person. =:D His FF Chocobo Theme is rather cool, too.
Wow.. I have to see the last starfighter musical now! XD
It's so frustrating, when a play comes and goes, leaving no means of really enjoying it, beyond perhaps its soundtrack - I'd love to see more productions make an official video recording at some point, maybe releasing it only once the production had closed, if they were really skittish about losing seats. TLS especially - that sounds like quite a challenge to pull off on a stage, but, it's amazing what a good prop designer can do, filling the need to make an illusion come true, whilst not truly being able to render more than maybe a few select items to contain the magic.

Such a pity, of course, Robert Preston was long gone by then - rarely does an actor fit a role quite so perfectly. (True, there was a lot of The Music Man in there, but that just fit. And TMM also gave us The Monorail Song =:)

BTW, is it "more correct" to say "New York" or "New York City", when referring to the city, not the state (worthy as it surely is) - does either sound wrong, in the same way "San Fran" is an accepted cause to be introduced to the Bay in a literal manner? =:)

*chuckles* Well.. up-staters might get offended by this, but no, to a city dweller, either is fine, and both are interchangeable. ^.^
KickAss post!

Haven't had a chance to play the Infected Mushroom tune yet. But it's unlikely I'll know where the sample is from. (Although strange things do often happen around me for some reason)

The Slaughter Your World and Smile links were great. Thrift Shop Horrors is great too. I should bring my camera with me when we're out "hunting" for weirdness next time.
Who knows? The title as received was "mtv", so it may well be from said channel, but it's difficult to tell - IM seem to turn out a fair bit of work that's not officially theirs, in the course of DJ appearances, remixes, collaborations, and the like. (Sounds like "Viennese cinnamon", and something in Spanish, ne?)

Oh, definitely! I only wish I'd had a camera when I was local to Darth Paul. ^_^ (So named for their paint job a few years ago, with a distinctly black theme) It's impressive how good amateur animation (as in, amateur budget, not talent) can be; gods know, Flash imposes its own sets of restrictions, but still, it does work, at the end of it all - just look at Everyone Else Is Having More Sex Than Me, Drum Machine, or Cerberus' animations. I'm sure foofers could dig up a photo, but Google Images is fixated on Darth Maul, Tater, Cheney, and Ron Paul. =:)

OH MY GOSH! The cover on the Final Exam book! WTF!? Friggin' CREEPY!

I wonder if the author had that, "OH shit, did I do that?!" feeling?
Pretty damned creepy, indeed. ^_^;; Where does the name come from originally, I wonder? Presumably common enough that it inspired the artist (and author? Not always do covers actually mesh with what the story holds =:) - a regional thing, maybe. Still.. *brr*

(And it's no less disturbing that after it all, it seems no lessons were really learned regarding bullying, alienation, or the like - just a notch more paranoia)

Speaking of one person acts, I saw this when I got back to work and immediately thought of you... you absolutely must check this guy out!

That LFG video was really quite great. :)

Interesting entry about platformers, too, although I'll note there's room for different kinds of games in the world. "Stylised" games have their merits, but "realistic" games do, too; as always, there is no One True Way™.

The hide-a-pod is a neat idea, too, although I doubt it'd work: small, easy-to-conceal electronic gadgets will always be stolen, no matter whether they're ipods or zunes or something else entirely, and whether they will get stolen depends mostly on opportunity, not on the model. No thief is going to say "I'd have an opportunity to steal that now, but it's just a zune, not an ipod, so I'm going to pass" - if they want to steal, and if there's an opportunity, they will.

"The Smile" was pretty good, too. :) If that's a university project, he sure deserves a good grade for it.

2 pretty much hits the nail on the head again, although I've got to admit I find those videos a bit difficult to actually listen to. Ranting is fine (and fun), but for my taste, he's overdoing it sometimes - not because he's going too far (not at all), but because it's just difficult to watch and listen to. Ah well - at least it thoroughly cleaned "The Smile" out of my brain. ;)

That book ("Final Exam") is also great. ^^ It took me a moment to notice, but... :)
"The Smile" was sort of freaky from a language standpoint. These guys were obviously a generation at most away from Russia (the CCCP track shirt is kind of a giveaway). I kept trying to parse what they were saying as Russian and couldn't get anywhere right up to the moment someone said "please" in Hebrew, and then I started getting a lot more of it.
I've seen The Last Starfighter in movie form, but not the musical.

I think TLS is one of those movies that tends to be underrated by many... a cult thing.