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Gus Visser and His Singing Duck

drhoz remembered that the creator of that music video I pointed out last time, I Lived on the Moon, is also responsible for a wonderfully odd little short, Krapooyo. Perfectly work safe, though people will wonder what you're watching..

On the much fluffier side of cuteness, though, marko_the_rat recently came upon a new Optus ad featuring some wonderful raccoons - check it out! (29s, 3.7MB. There's no audio, but that doesn't detract from the adorability. ^_^ The schtick is they're spying on people to find out what they really want from a telco)

relee might want to make time for this clip that ristin found.. someone waking up to find they're a teddy bear. ^_^ (His purple bunny is rather sweet as well, though I'm not sure about that outfit)

Churches ad hoc is an amusingly irreverent collection of photos and captions. Recommended to those for whom a Stephen Fry alarm clock would be a welcome gift.

A look at the ongoing troubles of the US subprime and Alt A mortgage markets, and the knock-on effects. "The big chill gripping global credit markets has caused 46 leveraged financing deals around the world to be pulled since June 22, representing more than $60 billion in funding that companies had planned for mergers and acquisitions. The number of deals pulled last year: zero." "According to people who took part in the conference call, Jochen Sanio, head of Germany's financial regulator, is said to have warned of the worst banking crisis since 1931."

If you're in need of more hare in your life, try dailybunny. ^_^

Inch resting. There's a new LJ directory search, currently available to plus/paid/perm members. (If you can't reach it, this is what it looks like)

Was it tilton who's especially fond of fine pens? Pharyngula recently pointed out a quite gorgeously eccentric example: Jules, designed after a squid. ("Available in solid sterling silver, solid 18k gold, and solid platinum". Funnily enough, no prices are listed)

And now for something completely different: Gus Visser and His Singing Duck (1m32s, 5.2MB).

But that's not all! Select audio channel two for commentary by Donald Crafton, Chairman of the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame.
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