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drhoz remembered that the creator of that music video I pointed out last time, I Lived on the Moon, is also responsible for a wonderfully odd little short, Krapooyo. Perfectly work safe, though people will wonder what you're watching..

On the much fluffier side of cuteness, though, marko_the_rat recently came upon a new Optus ad featuring some wonderful raccoons - check it out! (29s, 3.7MB. There's no audio, but that doesn't detract from the adorability. ^_^ The schtick is they're spying on people to find out what they really want from a telco)

relee might want to make time for this clip that ristin found.. someone waking up to find they're a teddy bear. ^_^ (His purple bunny is rather sweet as well, though I'm not sure about that outfit)

Churches ad hoc is an amusingly irreverent collection of photos and captions. Recommended to those for whom a Stephen Fry alarm clock would be a welcome gift.

A look at the ongoing troubles of the US subprime and Alt A mortgage markets, and the knock-on effects. "The big chill gripping global credit markets has caused 46 leveraged financing deals around the world to be pulled since June 22, representing more than $60 billion in funding that companies had planned for mergers and acquisitions. The number of deals pulled last year: zero." "According to people who took part in the conference call, Jochen Sanio, head of Germany's financial regulator, is said to have warned of the worst banking crisis since 1931."

If you're in need of more hare in your life, try dailybunny. ^_^

Inch resting. There's a new LJ directory search, currently available to plus/paid/perm members. (If you can't reach it, this is what it looks like)

Was it tilton who's especially fond of fine pens? Pharyngula recently pointed out a quite gorgeously eccentric example: Jules, designed after a squid. ("Available in solid sterling silver, solid 18k gold, and solid platinum". Funnily enough, no prices are listed)

And now for something completely different: Gus Visser and His Singing Duck (1m32s, 5.2MB).

But that's not all! Select audio channel two for commentary by Donald Crafton, Chairman of the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame.
Absolutely adore the racccoon commercial! :)
If you're sufficiently driven, I'd love to know whose work that is - some really nice animation and modelling there! (More lapinity would've helped, but I suppose we have the Lacklustre Video series for that =:)

Clever to notice the dual meanings in churches like that.

Let's give Gus Visser and His Singing Duck a round of applause and *QUACK!*s.
I did notice, however, that the commentary failed to make note of the duck's later career - though it did remark on his lineage.

I can't help but wonder if Terry Gilliam is what happens if you let a young child watch too many such shorts.
Well said! I would love to know how the surreal, absurd, fantastical, irreverent ideas popped into the minds of such gifted people.
I've totally seen that before. XD

It was posted to a Trapped in Fursuit YahooGroup I'm a member of.
Ohh, that! I recall a certain dino mentioning that, but I never quite got around to subscribing to it. Perhaps I should remedy that. ^_^;

Will you be posting some of your own by the end of the year, mayhaps?
Some of my own? I don't even own a Fursuit. ^.^;;

I didn't post much while the list owner was alive, and the group is struggling to survive his passing.
Ah, that's something you must remedy, in that case. ^_^ Making one isn't as gargantuan a challenge - or as expensive - as one might think, especially if you're contemplating something toony. And it is every bit as much fun as it looks..

Eep! That's unfortunate to hear, on both counts. I wish I had something to contribute.. ah well, all in the fullness of time. Next summer, hopefully.
Ahh, I actually have a few costume bits, but I feel uncomfortable wearing them around my parents, and they're rather restricting for the things I do normally; mostly playing video games. I don't think I could enjoy a fursuit without someone else to be with while wearing it, and I'm quite sadly alone.
Ah, true. Much as I love being Red, it's a little impractical to be online that way, given the somewhat restrained vision, and the inability of trackpads to see a gloved hand. The latter I could perhaps fix with a drop of silver (as in the metal, not just the color) paint, to form enough conduction between me and the pad. The vision.. hm. With lipstick video cameras and viewfinder LCDs as cheap as they are now, maybe I could try that.. best, of course, would be a mask design, as patch_bunny uses, so the eyes have completely unrestricted field of vision, other than the (adorable lapine) muzzle.

Still, maybe you'd consider a little furred photo shoot? ^_^
You should. ^^ The group isn't very active, but it's got some nice pictures and stuff. ^_^
I think I shall. First, though, secondary caffeination. (The primary's already underway - an own brand "stimulation drink". Nice stuff - very convenient for times when I'm not really in the mood for coffee, or want assistance getting to the point where I can safely make some =:)

Any more video along those lines, too? Con photos are one thing, but video lets a fur come to life - not to mention a setting like that permits them to be more.. expressive. ^_^
I'm not sure if there's more videos; if there are, I don't think I've seen them, but I'm not good at remembering these things. c.c
Hm! Tried locating the group a short while ago, and it doesn't seem to be there - perhaps it's seen those public information films on how not to be seen?

But I did get around to actually watching the teddy bear clip, or most of it. Oh my. Buttons not merely pushed, but flattened. ^_^
Hmm. Try http://groups.yahoo.com/group/trappedinourfursuits/ ? That works for me. (BTW, there's also a backup group used for extra storage space at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/trappedinourfurrysuits/ ).

*chuckles* Good to hear you enjoyed the clip, though. ^^
Wow.. 484 members? And I was thinking it'd be some subgenre niche along the lines of cybernetic transformations.. ^_^ (Don't suppose you know of anywhere with such stories? About the only places that I know of are the LTBSA, very rarely, and the MC Stories Archive, where they're somewhat less scarce)

Most Yahoo groups seem to have a lot of members - I'm never quite sure why, though, and 99% aren't ever active, either. But there's a bunch of pictures and stuff, at least. ^^

As for stories... sorry, no, no idea. I've heard the term "clunky" (and "clunkies") as an analogue of "furry" for people who're into robots, so Googling for that might yield interesting things, but I've never really looked into that myself..
Poop! I can't seem to find it. Perhaps it's not exposed to public view?
Oh, but the Jules pen prices are listed, with one exception. Hover your pointer over the "Limited Edition" link.

Think I'll be sticking with my Bic, personally.
Ah, so they are!

Thing is, when you've got the world media following on your every word as you announce your diabolical plans for the fate of all nations, you really need a pen that looks the part - a Bic just wouldn't maintain the moment.

Of course, you could always buy out Bic as part of your preparations, and have them introduce some more imaginative designs. As the sage once remarked, "Does all-powerful have to mean over budget?"
*downloads Krapooyo* Hmm. Sites that needlessly use Flash for *everything* should be taken out and shot. c.c

Tommy Raccoon's suits are great, though, aren't they? ^^ Lockable one-piece fursuits are just murry.

dailybunnies, strangely enough, does not seem to exist: "The username dailybunnies is not currently registered." (This is different from the message you'd get for a deleted, purged or suspended journal, too...)

The Gus Visser video was interesting, too, but I wonder just what he was actually doing to that duck to make it quack. c.c
Oh, OK, so it's dailybunny - I probably didn't reload your post after you edited it. ^^
At least there it doesn't add much to the load time, and looks cool. ^_^ So many official movie sites seem to snuggle up tightly with Flash, though - and a fair few other corporate ones, too. So annoying.. for one thing, very few bother to provide any means of linking to a specific page, so you're stuck having to give (often fairly abstract) navigation from the front page. And if you want to copy text? Time to transcribe, or just take a screenshot. :-P

The short itself I really enjoyed - whereas a lot of CG animation strives for a certain toony realism, that went for something truly different. Hm. Wonder if the Beanworld creator's thought of trying a Flash animation..

I do like the idea of a lockable suit, definitely - especially one that's very toy-like in appearance, as with the teddy, as that plays right into my love of transformations. (Another excellent example, which I linked to a while ago, is this teddy from somewhere on M*S*ace, a fairground prize stuffed with a human instead of expanded polystyrene beads)

I wonder if I could do something along those lines with Red.. a bit tricky, as the neck fur extends from the body, tucked into the head. Still, something to ponder when I make my bunny. Or maybe even one of them.. perhaps one more realistic, like patch_bunny, and one more toony.

Indeed, I noticed the link was showing up with a user icon, rather than the community or feed icon. Hastily corrected, the better to ensure people aren't deprived of sufficient lapinity in their lives. ^_^

*noddles* Yeah, I just watched the short earlier, and it was really rather cute. :) As for the website, I'm not a fan of using Flash for complete sites because it locks out blind or otherwise vision-impaired people; HTML and CSS exist for a reason, and it just bugs me when content and presentation are fused so profusely as is the case in Flash for no reason at all. (I'm certainly not opposed to Flash in general, but creating an entire website in Flash makes it about as navigable to a blind person as using one huge image with clickable regions for the entire site.)

Ah well. :)

But yeah, I agree about lockable suits. ^_^ I rather like the idea of being locked up or sewn into a fursuit in general, but plushie-like suits lend themselves to this quite naturally - they're an obvious choice. ^.^

That other video is quite nice, too, BTW, although I probably would've removed the head myself, if possible. :) I'm not sure it still would've been large enough to wear then, but there's other manufacturers that make huge plushies; http://bigplush.com/ for example has an 8 foot bear, and in the past at least, they also used to offer unstuffed plushie "skins" (which should not only be much easier and less expensive to ship but also lend themselves quite naturally to being turned into plush suits). :)

Personally, I'd still add fibrefill to provide further confinement before lock the suit or sewing it shut, of course. ;) The only thing left to do then is figure out a way to prolong the period of time you can spend that way...

Who's Red? ^^