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To compensate for the recent LJ outage, paid members can claim three days of paid time here. (Unfortunately, this doesn't include the userpics addon. It's a very welcome gesture all the same, given the outage wasn't due to any fault of 6A)

dronon found a fighting game with a bit of a difference.. not so much fighting, really, as catfighting. In Rose & Camellia, battles are conducted by means of face-slapping..

You've probably seen those Japanese cat costumes - here's the logical outcome: one based on Hello Kitty.

And razzlfraz found (purely accidentally, of course) a curiously fascinating look at Adult Treasure Expo 2007, a Tokyo sex toys convention. Technology naturally plays a prominent role, but so does a passionate eye for aesthetics, sometimes resulting in quite mysterious devices, and some less mysterious. ^_^

Very good CG animated short for a music video: I Lived on the Moon, in a style reminiscent of Tim Burton.

At ComicCon this year, Lea Hernandez related the spectacularly clueless line "In explaining the [Bratz movie], [Avi Arad] insisted that Bratz are 'X-Men for girls' — it's just that their superpowers are singing, fashion, soccer and cheerleading." - and from that, the question "Golly, I wonder which one is Wolverine?" sprang forth. So here's Wolviebratz. =:D

The first new Futurama DVD arrives on Nov 28 2007. ^_^

A good posting on the tepid support the Democratic presidential candidates are offering for gay marriage.

An electric car worth a look: the Think City.

atomicat spotted this superb riff on American anti-drug TV commercials, and includes a helpful guide.

Lunch: a relatively light and very simple affair. Just some grilled chicken nuggets, a small pile of collard greens, and some quartered mushrooms, steamed in the microwave with a little garlic salt. (And the messy splurts: ranch dressing, tomato ketchup, and balsamic mustard with chili oil)

Engadget readers note that FairUse4WM strips iPlayer downloads' DRM. Of course, you still need a Windows system to get the files in the first place. Annoyingly, iPlayer appears to be another P2P app, so if you're already using your outbound bandwidth, that'll be competing for it.

OpenLeft seems to be establishing itself as a good venue for serious leftward political discussion - take this entry, on some possible future geopolitical scenarios, or this one on the varied voices pushing for and against the impeachment and trial of Bush and Cheney. The comments are particularly well considered, whether one agrees with their suppositions or not.

Meanwhile, in Alaska, the FBI and IRS investigation into Ted "Tubes" Stevens took a brilliantly ironic twist: "Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, whose home back in Alaska was raided by federal investigators Monday in a wide-ranging corruption investigation, has threatened to place a hold on the Democratic-drafted ethics legislation just passed by the House and expected on the Senate floor by week's end."

And it looks like my notifications have gone missing again. Please feed them if you see them around. (Curiously, it all seems to be working normally for replies in others' journals, but not mine)
I really MUST stop looking at the pictures you post at work. Lapines are just too sexy, and I cannot leave my desk now for at least a few minutes. :D
Ah, 'tis a heavy burden we shoulder. =:D

I'll have to remember not to repost either of these, I suppose.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Mf...and now I am running out of hard drive space. :D
A good posting on the tepid support the Democratic presidential candidates are offering for gay marriage.

It lists year 2004 references for what each of the front 3 candidates opinions are on the matter. I'd be more interested in hearing what their views are now. (though from what I have heard, gay marriage is the issue to duck)
Mm, good catch! Might be something for me to try researching. I've certainly not seen the subject given much visibility, so I can imagine there being some serious digging required, unless they've thought to clearly illustrate their positions on their sites. (Why yes, I am basically an optimist, even if that's not exactly always born out =:)

I'd also like to see what Gore's position is - another in the lukewarm camp, I vaguely recall. I do hope he does eventually enter; I'm reasonably hopeful he will, comparatively late (but still a damn year or so from polling), somewhere around October or November.
Good stuff! ^.^
I'm tempted to wonder if you're referring to the Tokyo exhibition, but then again, I'm not sure you'd be so coy. =:)

(Wish I could say I've just moved successfully. ^_^ The packing's a bit of a pain, but I love the unboxing..)
That electric car looks interesting, but they really need to work on making it cheaper. Ah well, they probably are.

The political articles from dKos and Open Left were also interesting, although I'm too tired to really appreciate them. x.x
Mm, battery tech's always the critical point for electric cars, at this point.. there's a lot of work going on to that end, of course, but production batteries still seem to be basically lithium ion, AIUI. Presumably that's what underlies the company's strategy in merely leasing the batteries - once they can be replaced with something superior, the old units can be shuffled into other duties, until such time as recycling's the only sensible option.

True, politics is (are?) meant to be more for an hour where they can intrigue and inspire, rather than confuse. ^_^ I come across the syndrome on LJ too, occasionally, running into well thought out postings at just the wrong time, when the brain's already well on its way to bed with a mug of cocoa. I should try coming up with some kind of bookmark assistant for such occasions - more advanced than just adding to a browser's regular bookmarks, or dragging the URL to a particular region on the desktop.

You could try http://del.icio.us, or another social bookmarking site. :) I use delicious myself; I'm not sure I'd really recommend it based on its own merits (it certainly doesn't seem to stand out the way that Flickr does, for example - overall, I'd give it a C or so), but I don't know how others compare, and I've been too lazy to check out. :) In any case, it's still MUCH better than using your browser's bookmarks (which, unless yours uses a prodigal, radically new system, would probably get an E from me, being totally unsuitable for either long-term bookmark keeping or having larger numbers of bookmarks).

As for batteries... yes, that makes sense. I still hope there's going to be some sort of breakthrough at some point in battery technology; something that actually holds a lot of power while at the same time being small and light. It'd be great not only for electric cars but also for cell phones and the like.
Holy ****! i spent weeks trying to rediscover that Krapayoo video a year or two back! thanks!!!!
And now I've finally seen it too! Quite wonderful. ^_^ It's almost tempting to submit it to cuteoverload, but they've never taken an interest in the bunnies I've submitted - but this is so ugly it's adorable. =:D

I need to look into what else the guy's done. Sounds like it's all the work of one person? Egad. Is he well-known and I've simply not heard of him before?
*nods* I believe he's from somewhere in Europe.