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In need of Big Stompy Scalies on the big screen? rigelkitty passed on this trailer for D-War. Doesn't look like there's much of a story, just lots of RAR and BOOM.

I imagine everyone's safely there already, but in case you've not noticed, FA is at furaffinity.info until the usual domain's pointed to the new server's IP. [Edit: everything's back to normal]

Apparently, the citations listed in the online OED for its draft entry for "crunk" are from rec.music.hip-hop. We live in exciting linguistic times, people.

A good posting, and one with which I'd largely agree, on the nature of crime and legislation - the various main categories, and their roots. The issue of medical licensing seems to conflate unrelated issues. The author's comment at #39 makes more precise assertions with regard to psychoactives, with which I'd particularly concur.

Something unusual I came across the other day, of perhaps some interest to a few folks: the Devo Print Archive, comprising some 300 pages of scans of newsletters, magazine articles, and other Devolutionist miscellenea.

As pointed out by relee, I think I need to check out Happy Kitty Bunny Pony: A Saccharine Mouthful of Super Cute. Perhaps the library can get a copy in. ^_^

Found by hawthorn - not quite worksafe, but so adorable..

I thought ysengrin might be interested in the curiously fascinating origin of "CPR Annie", the world-famous rescucitation training mannequin.

The Simpsons Movie - worth seeing. ^_^ As others have remarked, it does feel somewhat like a long TV episode, but that's not such a bad thing - the pacing's not always even, but there's a very good "hit" rate for the jokes. (Favorite line? You can probably guess =:)
Maybe they don't give them that much priority... but the Simpsons are reasonably popular, and in any case, it still would not explain the outright— well, not just sloppiness, but *stupidity*. :P

Speaking of voice acting, BTW, that's usually OK for the main characters at least; minor characters unfortunately sometimes change their voices (and the new voices aren't even close to the old ones!), which is VERY distracting, to say the least. I suppose it's another example of "money, money über alles" - it's not as if people have a choice (there's just one Simpsons dub, after all), so why bother with quality?

But yeah, that song IS a classic. ^.^ I've got a collection of Simpsons Soundclips somewhere (songs that are being sung on the show, that is), and some are really quite good. And there's also a bunch that are just weird, like Groundskeeper Willy performing "I'm a maniac" as a one-man band. ("I'm a maniac, maniac, that's fer shoorr... and I'm dancin' like I've never danced befoorre!" ^^)