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mycroftb noticed the ultimate action figures: from The Big Lebowski. Nothing can surpass these. And we mustn't overlook He-Man's Fabulous Secret Powers. =:D

Quite a cool entry appeared in the Linden Lab weblog: 10 debug options you should know about, including options like slow motion animations, and rebake textures.

loganberrybunny highlighted the Red Cross National Floods Appeal, if you're wanting to make a donation; and also that one rail company is running a daily bottled water train from Scotland down to Gloucestershire, taking advantage of the colossal haulage capacity of freight rail.

A preview of the Family Guy: Star Wars Special, airing in September. ^_^

'German police called to investigate unusual noises in the garden of a Bremen house late on Monday were surprised to find that a pair of amorous hedgehogs were to blame. After illuminating the garden with spotlights, officers discovered the animals making love beside the pond. "The pair were loudly engaged in ensuring the continuity of their species," said Bremen police spokesman Ronald Walther.'

So, you're stuck in a Very Very White mall in Michigan with a couple friends. What do you do? It's a brilliant little tale of freaks in suburbia. I'm so pleased I can think of most of my flist belonging in that group. ^_^

Worried your eyes aren't bleeding? Try stereoscopic Tetris, as drhoz found. There, much better.

Oh, nomnomnom.. with the house empty on Wednesday afternoon, I felt like some cooking. So, needing to go out anyway, I wandered along a bit further to the nearby supermarket, and picked up a few useful bits for a Thai-inspired curry. Instant soup mix and boiling water, then two large hot peppers, three sliced garlic cloves, some basil, smoked hot paprika, and a couple chopped anchovies, making up the base. Then, for the meat, most of a small package of ground turkey I'd just bought, snipped into tiny meatballs; all left to seeth and fume amidst itself for a couple hours. Then, just when I was ready to eat, I added the vegetables: green beans, baby corn, and mangetout, and a few chopped crabsticks, and left it to steam away for a few minutes, leaving them nicely crunchy. Half of that plus some brown rice - most acceptable. ^_^
The 'Magic Eye' stereoscopic effect is one thing I've never been able to make work in my life- it was a recurring source of aggravation for me when they proliferated in the mid to late '90s, when every other person was offering them to me like it was some kind of treat, and that was the only gag I could really identify with from Kevin Smith's weak Mallrats movie.

That curry sounds lovely. Get down here and cook for me at once.

The UK flooding is painful to witness, as it reminds me directly of the '93 floods which sunk much of my own city, and left us all without running water for two weeks. My sympathies to those affected...