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Could be interesting.. Never Belongs to Me: "We're still not sure what this movie is about but it may or may not involve a woman who has been raped by a tiger, giving birth to a Ron Perlman looking tiger-man who lives in a junk yard. He has a reunion with his family (after giving up his goal to “have sex with every being on the planet”) and he and his half-brother, Gun-tae, turn to crime to make their oppressed mom happy.

Crime doesn't work out so well for them, and they run afoul of a latex-clad femizon cyborg hooker, a horny school teacher, and Dr. Hell who gives Gun-tae a penis gun that fires bullets instead of sperm (although he can only get it up when looking at posters of ballet dancers). An art film from Planet Freaky this low budget video oddity delivers 500 beats per minute of weirdness involving gimp suits, gallons of high pressure blood spray and unauthorized (and ill-advised) surgical procedures, blended with hysterical dialogue from a lost 1960's German art film delivered with a ridiculously straight face. An inscrutable art object that turns into an exploitation film in the final 30 minutes that makes Tarantino and Rodriguez’s Grindhouse look tame by comparison, this flick proves that you don’t need a big budget to deliver big crazy."

orona_red points out that Transport for London are well-equipped to deal with the recent rain.

Need OONTZ? Have a peek at hybridized.org, with a large collection of live sets by several DJs, including Hybrid, amongst others, such as live at Fluid, Philadelphia, from 2002. Plain http downloads, no torrenting required.

Here's a rather good animated Russian short from 1973: Лиса и Заяц (Lisa i Zayats), about a hare cruelly ejected from his home, and those who help him. The narration's in Russian, without subtitles, but it's easy enough to follow along. He's introduced quite briefly, yet so well - his plight strikes home so strongly.

Ooh, new Vector Lovers, "Afterglow" (even if shown with the wrong album cover there - the actual cover's shown here, just). Delicious.

Another reason to try venturing into Comic Con again: the Too Much Coffee Man opera is seeing five performances on Friday and Saturday, to coincide with the event, three of them free to Comic Con members.

Good to see Channel Four's embracing online distribution - I was a little surprised to find them responsible for providing Google Video's copies of The God Delusion and The Virus of Faith, a two-part documentary by Richard Dawkins, broadcast in January 2006. (And which still languishes in my video pile, unwatched - but that goes for around three quarters of what's within. As brilliant as some of the movies may be - such as Béla Tarr's quiet epic Sátántangó - I keep finding myself drawn here instead, where I can chat and converse, rather than having to force myself into the purely passive role of viewer.

As circuit_four so fondly and rightfully hopes, this service is - please - surely just a joke..
That picture from London is funny. :)

Hmm, I'm not sure about the receipt service; the Paypal link for paying for the receipts is genuine, although I naturally didn't actually place an order.

As for Dawkins' documentary, I'll have to download that some time. :)
It seems like a very British thing to do. ^_^ Can't imagine BART ever putting something like that up - such a staid organisation, such austere stations. I could never understand why the board doesn't promote more trade in the stations, though I suppose in many of them, it'd be horribly expensive to retrofit them to add retail space. That's something that struck me as a very cool idea on the Sydney underground - some of the central stations had mini-malls attached, including small supermarkets. Very convenient!

I'm betting they actually do sell some - after all, the overheads have to be tiny, so it's almost all pure profit. There've got to be enough people out there, given people still fall for 419 scams and other phishing operations, however horribly spelled.

I can't help but feel US politics would be a lot better off if candidates, when asked about their religious views, told the enquiring party that was none of their business. Speaking of documentaries I really need to get around to finishing, Rob Newman's History of Oil looked like one to make a point of - plenty of snark, amidst a great deal of historical context regarding the formation of Iraq, early last century, and the multitudinous political forces at play. (Channel Four may have sunk into the Big Brother mire, but now and then, they do commission some noteworthy programming)
*noddles* Yeah, they probably do sell some, but that was just the question, right? :) From what I can tell at least, that site is not just a joke...

And yeah, religion shouldn't matter in politics, but politicians are a spineless bunch - and necessarily so. If voters will not vote for someone who's, say, an atheist, then no politician will leave any doubt that he is a devout christian (or maybe jew; other religions would likely fare less well). Or, more precisely, those who will stand up to that kind of bullying will not actually get elected, so we just do end up with the spineless ones being in charge.

I think in a way, it's the prisoners' dilemma again. Evidently, all politicians could gain something by not proclaiming their religiousness (and religion), but as long as people still care about irrelevant things like this, any defector would be able to gain an edge by - well - defecting and talking about it, anyway. So unless people start being more sensible, we will be stuck with this kind of politicians.